My Nature Resort Sepilok Review

Review of My Nature Resort Sepilok

For anyone planning to visit Sandakan in Sabah to explore the wildlife and nature, I have done a review for My Nature Resort Sepilok, one of the most beautiful accommodations found here. 

This high-end nature resort sits at the end of the Rainforest Discovery Center or RDC and is probably the best resort in the entire Sepilok-Kabali Forest Reserve.

Review of My Nature Resort Sepilok 

Pool at My Nature Resort Sepilok
The swimming pool at the resort

While most Asians will probably make day trips to Sepilok for the many nature-related attractions here, foreign travellers will opt to spend a few days in Sepilok. 

This is because most travellers would prefer to take their time and explore each of the attractions here without having to rush. 

And when you plan for this, you will be looking for accommodation that suits your style or travel, regardless if it is simple or elaborate. 

Over the last ten years of visiting Sandakan, I have had the luxury of staying at various resorts or lodges found here and in 2018, I was fortunate enough to stay at My Nature Resort. 

My trips to Sandakan are wildlife and nature-related; hence I visit yearly for the Borneo Bird Festival, which is held at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC). The resort also sits on a private hilly land area of 25 acres covered with lush primary rainforest. 

There are no additional special facilities like spa, gym or gift shops available except for one master restaurant that provides all-day dining. 

Room at My Nature Resort Sepilok
The king-size bedroom unit at the resort

What kind of rooms is available here? 

Only 12 semi-detached chalet units are available at My Nature Resort, making this one of the premium eco-resorts in Sandakan. 

In total, 24 rooms are eco-friendly and created to reduce carbon footprint using biodegradable products and solar panels. 

All units are made from wood and fitted with modern amenities like air-conditioning, flat-screen television with Astro satellite service and an attached bathroom with hot water showers. 

King Bed My Nature Resort Sepilok
The king-sized bed at the chalet

The rooms consist of;
  • 9 double king-size bedrooms
  • 9 twin-sharing rooms
  • 6 family rooms

The non-family rooms also come with a rainforest-viewing balcony, which means you have an unobstructed view of the Bornean rainforest. 

The balconies are also spacious, meaning you can quickly move around to observe nature and, of course, the many birds that come about in the mornings or late afternoons. 

Photos of My Nature Resort Sepilok

Below are random photos taken in and around the resort when I stayed here in December 2018 while attending the Borneo Bird Festival.

The weather was reasonably great with sudden showers, as the rainy season is from November till February. 

Entrance to My Nature Resort Sepilok
The entrance area into the private property where the resort is located.

Reception My Nature Resort Sepilok
The main reception and welcome area of the resort.

Swimming Pool at My Nature Resort Sepilok
My Nature Resort has a beautiful pool surrounded by chalet units.

Photo of My Nature Resort Sepilok
The main walkway and driveway to the chalets.

Rainforest Breakfast
I call this breakfast with a rainforest view.

Wine in Sandakan
Wine selection that guests can choose.

View with breakfast
My breakfast with a view.

Chalet at My Nature Resort Sepilok
The chalet with a rainforest view.

Room Photo of My Nature Resort
The overview of the chalet room.

Bathroom at My Nature Resort
The spacious chalet bathroom.

My Nature Resort Picture
The tastefully done room comes with modern amenities.

Photo of My Nature Resort Chalet
The sofa area in the chalet is quite large and significant as a daybed.

Where is My Nature Resort Sepilok? 

The location of this resort is at the end of Jalan Fabia Road, the main road leading to the Rainforest Discovery Center or RDC. 

The resort sits on private property, and no other accommodation is found here, making this an exclusive location for those seeking a quiet nature escape.

Map to My Nature Resort Sepilok
Map showing where My Nature Resort is located in Sepilok

How to Book a Stay at My Nature Resort? 

This resort is exclusive to package bookings, which means there is no walk-in available. You must book through the tour company that manages this resort. 

The company is SI Tours, where SI stands for Special Interest, and they are based in Sandakan City, Sabah. 

SI Tours offers various experiences that cater to nature, wildlife and even birding packages suitable for anyone who wants premium services. 

My Thoughts about Staying at My Nature Resort

I love nature, trekking, wildlife watching and bird watching; wherever I go, the accommodation is essential. 

Why, you may ask? And the answer is simple - After a day of exploring the rainforest, trekking and doing many other activities, I just want to return to a comfortable place. 

Yes, many accommodations may be on the budget side, but when you travel for many days, you want an exceptionally comfortable and spacious place. 

I do not like crowded resorts or those with many rooms as, at times, I just want peace and comfort, especially when I am up for breakfast or back for dinner. 

Well, that is just my humble opinion, and My Nature Resort is one of these places that can cater to my requirements. 

If you are planning to visit Sepilok for the Borneo Bird Festival or any other activities, this is one of the options for your stay. 

Sandakan Racket-tail Drongo
I captured this Racket-tail Drongo from my chalet balcony.


Though this may be known as one of the higher-end resorts in Sepilok, the satisfaction of quality, comfort, and peace does pay off.

So, suppose you are a single couple or small group travelling to Sabah for beautiful nature and wildlife experience. In that case, you can consider booking a package with SI Tours that offers its own accommodations.

Overall, it is not every day that one will travel to Sabah for a nature experience; most people will do this once and for numerous days.

Finally, I hope this review of My Nature Resort in Sepilok comes in handy for your decision-making. And if you have comments or questions, do ask below.

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