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Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Review

Review of Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera

After testing the Samsung S10 Plus, I had the opportunity to do a Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera review here for the smartphone photography fans. 

Well, to be honest, over the last five years or so, I took a back seat from smartphone reviews to focus on other tourism destination reviews, and only in this year 2019, I became active again. 

You see, I have been a smartphone user ever since the first iPhone 1 was launched, and then switched to the Samsung Note 1 when it was also launched, hence I have the experience dating back to those days. 

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera Review

Ultra Wide Night Mode Photo Note 10 Plus
A night mode photo of the Kuching Bridge, taken with the ultra-wide lens on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus
While most people who review smartphones are from the current generation and only in the last five to seven years, I have been using and reviewing them since June of 2007. 

Since I have been traveling for the last 30 years, a smartphone has always been one of my camera choices dating back to 2007. 

So much has happened over the last 10 years in terms of technology that I now use my smartphone more frequently on my trips. 

This review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera was done in late September 2019, and I explored Kuching City in Sarawak to test out the ultra-wide and night-mode of the camera. 

You should also know that I am not one of those tech-crazy reviewers who do a technical analysis of the phone, the processors, and all of those non-layman terms. 

Bee Hoon Kolo
Foochow Kolo Beehoon in Kuching. The photo is taken with the food mode on the Galaxy Note 10.
My style of reviews is simple, straight-forward and easy for general readers to understand. I guess not everyone wants to know how many cores the processor has or how much refresh rate the screen has.

If you want to know more technical specifications of the phone, the main Samsung website or other common reviews will have them, and I am sure you have seen a ton of them online. 

So, if you are a common user like me, who just wants to know more about what kind of photography can be achieved from the Note 10 Plus, then continue reading.  

Photos from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera

Below is a series of photos from the Note 10 Plus taken during my trip to Kuching Sarawak from 27 to 30 September 2019. 

Please note that all the photos you see here are NOT EDITED at all, just resized and I added my watermark for photo theft prevention. They were taken hand-held and without any tripod as well. 

The photos are also resized to fit this article, and if you want to see them in a larger picture, head over to my Facebook post on Galaxy Note 10 Plus photos

Smartphone Photography Kuching Sarawak
The Kuching signage along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Taken with ultra-wide mode. 
Photo from Galaxy Note 10 Plus Malaysia
Sarawak DUN building in Kuching City. Ultra-wide on normal photo mode.
Malaysia Note 10 Plus Camera Review
Kuching Waterfront in the day, taken with ultra-wide on standard photo mode. 
Camera Review Galaxy Note 10 Plus
The Darul Hana Bridge over the Sarawak River. Ultra-wide on standard photo mode. 
Camera Review Note 10 Plus
Sarawak River by the Kuching Waterfront. Taken in ultra-wide mode.
Cat Statue in Kuching
The famous Kuching Cat Statue at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Ultra-wide shot. 
Photo Kuching Jazz Festival
Kuching Jazz mural at the Majestic Hotel wall. Ultra-wide shot. 
Night Mode Photos from the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Below are random photos taken using the night mode and also the ultra-wide lens on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. 

2019 Kuching Jazz Fest
Inside the Kuching Jazz Festival. Night mode and ultra-wide lens.
Jazz Festival Kuching
Ning Baizura sings at the Kuching Jazz Festival 2019. Night mode shot. 
Night Mode Photo Galaxy Note 10 Plus
The White Baruk along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Ultra-wide and night mode. 
Note 10 Ultra Wide Night Mode Photo
Kuching Parliament Building and the Darul Hana Bridge. Night mode and ultra-wide. 
Ultra-wide photo for Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Kuching Waterfront photo from the Darul Hana Bridge. Ultra-wide on night mode. 
Malaysia Galaxy Note 10 Night Photography Review
Movement shot along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg. Night mode and ultra-wide. 
Review of Galaxy Note 10 Plus Malaysia
Cat Statue in Kuching City. Ultra-wide on night mode. 
Night Shot Review for Galaxy Phones
The Kuching signage lit up at night. Ultra-wide on Night Mode. 
*Remember, all the photos above are unedited. I just resized them and added my watermark only. 


Well, to be very honest, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the Galaxy S10 Plus are equally identical with not much difference in the camera functions. 

When the Note 10 Plus officially launched, they had three ultra-wide focal lengths, while the S10 Plus had only two.

And after a major software update on October 2019 for the S10 Plus, both had similar functions for the camera. 

You can also read my camera review for the Galaxy S10 Plus, which also has unedited photos showing what that phone is capable of. 

Camera Review Note 10 Plus
Probably my favorite shot featuring the Darul Hana Bridge and Sarawak DUN Building. Ultra-wide on photo mode. 
Therefore, if you are going for casual use, I strongly recommend the Galaxy S10 Plus, and if you are using your phone for both business and leisure, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the phone to get. 

For more information, visit the official Samsung website as they have everything you need to know about the phones and other products there. 

I hope you enjoyed my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera review and if you have any comments or opinions, I would love to hear them below in the comment form. 

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