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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Speculations in Malaysia

Malaysia Samsung Note 10 Plus

With the smartphone industry moving super-fast, there have been many interesting rumours about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone that will be launched on 8th August 2019. 

Why is everyone so excited about this you may ask, and over the last five years, smartphones have been getting a lot of attention from the mainstream and also the consumer market. 

Well, I guess it is about time that I put in my two cents about the upcoming Samsung Note 10 speculations since I am already using the Galaxy S10 Plus, I too have become curious about what will the Galaxy Note 10 offer.

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy Note
A Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and iPhone 3G which were both used by me

From Apple to Samsung - A Short Story

Before you read on, I just want to highlight that I have been a smartphone user since the launch of the Apple iPhone 1 back in the year 2007. The iPhone launched in the USA on June 29th of 2007, and I had my unit specially flown in on the 2nd of July 2007. 

Having said this, I can state that I have been a smartphone user ever since day one and that makes it a whopping 12 years for me. 

I remember back then when I first started using it, many people laughed at me, stating how big and inconvenient the smartphone was. Well, look at what happened and look at what you are using right now? 

So, I kept using Apple until iPhone 3G before making that massive switch over to Samsung Note 1 in October of 2011, and I never looked back.

Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Speculations for Malaysians 

Alright, enough with the history lesson and let us get on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 speculations that have been driving the consumers all over the world crazy, including here in Malaysia. 

While speculations will remain speculations, there have been many tech writers coming out with all kinds of information and leaks, and we all know that these are only rumours that carry a 70-30 truth ratio.

One factor is the size of the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones, where it is now said that the standard Note 10 will be similarly sized as the previous Note 9 at 6.3". But the Note 10+ will be much larger with a 6.8" inch screen.

I am guessing that with not much of a price difference, many will opt for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus due to the many cool features being offered. 

S-Pen Stylus Note 10
The S-Pen of the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Note 10 S-Pen Stylus - This is the most important part of the Galaxy Note smartphone where a lot of improvements have been done and I too am very curious about this. Apparently, they have enabled gesture control for the first time in the Note series history. 

The S-Pen allows the operation of the smartphone with gestures, without touching the screen surface, and that is pretty mind-blowing if you ask me. The new feature is also termed as "Air Actions" gestures. Seriously, I cannot wait to try this function. 

Note 10 Cameras - We can expect a triple-lens system for the new Galaxy Note series that comprises of a 12MP Dual Pixel, 16MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto, and Time-of-Flight or ToF sensors for the Note 10+. 

A 10MP Dual Pixel camera will sit inside the handset's centrally-aligned punch-hole cutout and the Smart ISO or AI-ISO is something that I am seriously looking forward to. 

The Galaxy Note 10 cameras also support three different physical aperture sizes which are f/1.5 to f/1.8 to f/2.4 to allow the best possible exposure of the photos taken with the device. As a photographer, I am pretty stoked about the aperture sizes. 

For landscape photography, there is a wide-angle sensor with 16 megapixels resolution with f/2.2 aperture, while another camera sensor in combination with a Teleoptik that provides for a double optical zoom. (Now I'm drooling about this)

As for the low light conditions, it is also rumoured that the Galaxy Note 10 will supersede the S10 series due to the all-new AI-ISO or Smart ISO features which the company trademarked. This is exciting news as it takes smartphone photography to another level.

What this translates to is that the Smart ISO or AI-ISO on the Galaxy Note 10 will be perfect for its low-light or night photography. And this is what I really want to test. 

For video recording, an optical image stabilizer helps to allow shake-free recordings which come in HDR10 + and 4K videos with 60 FPS. This also features scene recognition and various special photo modes. 

Wow, I think I can write a dedicated article just on the camera and video for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Other Core Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus;

  • Note 10 Screen Size - Expect a 6.3in FHD+ screen. 
  • Note 10+ Screen Size - We are expecting an amazing 6.8" inch (17.27 cm) 
  • Note 10 Resolution - Dynamic OLED display, Quad HD + (3040 x 1440 pixels), 498ppi, 16 million colours, HDR 10+, Gorilla Glass 6 and a blue filter.
  • Note 10+ Processor - We are expecting either a Snapdragon 855+ or 7nm Exynos 9825 SoC, with a maximum clock speed of 2.7GHz and comes teamed with 8GB or 12GB RAM, a 4,300mAh battery and a 256GB UFS 3.0 expandable storage. 
  • Note 10 Battery - 3,500mAh battery with 25W charging support. 
  • Note 10+ Battery - 4,300mAh battery with 45W fast charging / 20W wireless charging.
  • Note 10 Smartphone Colors - While Samsung always plays it safe with the colours, we can expect the Note 10 to come in Black, Silver, and White. But there could be other colours. 
  • Micro SD Card Slot - This is only available for the Note 10+.
  • Note 10 Size and Weight - 162.3 x 77.1 x 7.9 mm, 198 g.
  • Note 10 Operating System - Android Pie with Samsung One UI.
  • Note 10 Headphone Jack - Removed/Not available
Camera for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
The camera system of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

How Many Models of Samsung Note 10 Will be Launched? 

Word out there states that there will be three models being launched which are the Note 10, Note 10 Lite, and Note 10 Plus, and those are currently just rumours. 

In Malaysia, we should expect just two models which are Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, but then again, maybe Samsung could suddenly confirm all three models?  

When is the Samsung Note 10 Launched in Malaysia? 

Officially from the Samsung Malaysia website, it is stated that the launch of Note 10 will be on the 8th of August, 2019 here in Malaysia.

The worldwide launch for the Galaxy Note 10 will be held on the 7th of August in Brooklyn, New York USA, which many people are looking forward to.

Website for Samsung Malaysia
Samsung Malaysia website announcing the launch of the Galaxy Note 10

When will the Samsung Note 10 go on sale in Malaysia? 

The most important question in this article is when will the Note 10 be on sale for the general consumers, and there is also no official date on this. 

However, it is stated that the Note 10 will go on sale in South Korea on 23 August, which is 15 days after the official worldwide launch on 7 August.

This means that we in Malaysia could see a similar sale date unless they decide on having another launch date for Malaysia and some other countries. 

What is the Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Malaysia? 

Right now, there is no official price announced, but judging from the history of the Galaxy Note series smartphones

In Malaysia, we should be expecting the Galaxy Note 10 to be around RM4,000, and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus to be priced around RM5,000 to RM5,500. 

There are also rumoured prices being shared on the internet and below are the Europe prices;

  • Samsung Note 10 - €999 or MRY4,580
  • Samsung Note 10 Plus - €1,149 or MRY5,268

Where Can I Get More Information for the Samsung Note 10 in Malaysia? 

But the best place to get accurate information about the new smartphone will be from the official Samsung Malaysia website. This applies to those who want to know more about the local launch here in Malaysia.

After the official launching, you can also visit the official Samsung retails outlets around Malaysia as they will most likely have the units on display.

This is not confirmed but it could be a few days later after the launch, and again, you can get more information from the official website or Facebook Page for Samsung Malaysia. 

Launch of Samsung Malaysia Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Malaysia's teaser for the launch of the Galaxy Note 10

Final Thoughts On The Samsung Note 10 Speculations

With all of the speculations mentioned above, we are expecting the Galaxy Note 10 to offer a much larger battery, more powerful RAM, a larger screen display, a cool S-pen stylus, and an amazing camera system. 

For me, travelling with a good smartphone nowadays is one of the top criteria I look at, and since changing to the Samsung Galaxy S10+, I have found the smartphone incredibly amazing. 

Photos are one of the top things that most people will use on their smartphones, and even for me, when I take photos with my Galaxy S10 Plus, they turn out incredibly beautiful. 

Regardless if it is for food, general or landscape, the photos to be much more superior compared to my earlier smartphones.

To be honest, I am patiently awaiting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Malaysia, and possibly even getting to test it. 

With so much technological advancement in smartphones over the years, I am sure that this will be the smartphone that many will consider upgrading to. 

Apart from the upcoming launch of the Note 10 smartphone, I am also eagerly awaiting the news of the Samsung folding phone, which is also slated for a September launch worldwide.

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