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DRT Malaysia 2019 Expo

Malaysia DRT Dive Show 2019

The DRT Malaysia dive expo is back for the second time and this scuba diving expo is being held at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This year's DRT Malaysia 2019 show will take place from the 15th to 17th February, and is the 30th DRT regional show.

For this year's Malaysian dive show, a total of 150 vendors will be participating to showcase their products while many other activities are lined up.

Launch of DRT Malaysia
Press conference during the official launch of DRT Malaysia 2018

Dive Resort Travel Malaysia Show 2019

First of all, if you are new to this, the DRT stands for Dive and Resort Travel Expo, which puts focus on scuba diving, conservation and introduction of scuba related products. 

Participants include scuba diving operators, resellers, retailers, dive resorts, dive operators, NGOs, tourism boards and many more. 

The DRT dive expo is also branded as a B2B or business-to-business networking session where local and international related businesses can connect.

Participants for DRT Malaysia
International vendors at the last DRT Malaysia

While the main target is to provide a platform for scuba divers to discover new products and also learn about diving around Malaysia and even Asia, there is also an emphasis on scuba conservation and other kinds of conservation efforts. 

If you are an avid new scuba diver from Malaysia, then this is one scuba diving show that you should be attending, as there is much to see, do and learn.

After all, there are only two dive shows in Malaysia, and DRT is one of the big players that have entered the market here in Malaysia.

Tourism Philippines at DRT Malaysia
Department of Tourism Philippines at the last dive expo in Kuala Lumpur

What to Expect at DRT Malaysia Show 2019? 

While this is the second DRT show in Malaysia, several people are looking forward to the second show this year, and to see what will be offered. 

After the inaugural DRT Malaysia 2018 show, many were unaware of this expo, probably due to the timing, and also lack of marketing.

But this time around, the organizers have been quite busy with promotions since the last event, with a focus on social media, online branding and also through word of mouth.  

Malaysia DRT Dive Expo
One of the local vendors at DRT Malaysia 2018

Generally, the consumer or visitor can expect retailers and vendors selling all items related to scuba diving, free diving, and underwater photography.

There will be vendors who specialize in specific underwater niche products, namely for the latest scuba gear and also the latest gadgets for underwater photography. 

This means that if you are a new scuba diver, this would be a great place to visit, as you will be introduced to new diving equipment and so on. 

While Malaysian divers love the all-black look and feel for their dive equipment and gear, some prefer to have colour-themed equipment, and at DRT Malaysia show, you can find a lot of these being sold.

Some retailers even go the extra mile to combine complete sets in colours like pink, yellow, blue and so on.

2019 Underwater Camera Rig
One of the underwater camera rigs on display during DRT Malaysia

Underwater photographers will also be happy to know that most of the latest camera and equipment will be on display, and also sold during the DRT show here. 

The great part about attending dive expos like this is that you can talk to the retailer or vendor about product knowledge, and also get tips and tricks about the underwater cameras and equipment.

For the DRT Malaysia 2019 show, the organizers will be adding a new section called Ocean Market, which is a specialized bazaar with an ocean theme.

Ocean Market at DRT
A vendor selling handmade underwater charms made from stainless steel

Specially selected vendors will be selling handmade ocean-themed crafts or selling ready-made similar theme items during the dive expo. 

There will also be a "Be An Ocean Saver Project" where a total of 6 NGOs will be involved in this project, and you can also find out more from attending the dive expo.

For photography lovers, there is also the 100 Star underwater photo gallery, which will be on display during the dive expo. This is open to the public for viewing.

UWPC DRT Malaysia
One of the underwater photos being displayed at the last DRT Malaysia expo

Conservation and Environmental Organisations at DRT Malaysia Show

Since the first DRT Malaysia show, the organizers have provided a specially dedicated area for any conservation and environmental organization from Malaysia, and for free. 

This is part of the CSR commitment from DRT, to provide a larger area for underwater and related conservation efforts by the various NGOs in Malaysia. 

While you attend the dive expo here, you can also take some time to go and learn about the conservation efforts done by these NGOs.

Some of them even provide knowledge-based games, where you can participate, and walk away with various gifts.

Malaysia DRT Show 2019
Some of the interesting underwater lights for various setups

To me conservation awareness is important in today's lifestyle, with all the global warming and climate changes taking place, it is paramount that we take note of what is happening, and what better way than through events like this.

In total, there will be seven NGOs participating in this year Malaysia DRT Show, and they will be in a special area in the expo. One of them will be Reef Check Malaysia.

DRT 2019 Malaysia
All kinds of scuba diving equipment sold at the dive expo

Who Are the Speakers at DRT Malaysia? 

As at any DRT dive show, there are always speakers who will talk about their experiences, share valuable knowledge, tips and information about dive locations, and also provide underwater photography sharing. 

This segment of talks at the DRT show is much needed for the experienced speakers to share their knowledge with the new scuba divers, or even the seasoned divers. 

For DRT Malaysia 2019, the speakers are;
  1. A.B Lee from Malaysia
  2. Partick Ong from Malaysia
  3. Kenji Chow from Malaysia
  4. Ipah Uid from Malaysia
  5. Lilian Koh from Singapore
  6. Lee Kian Lie from Malaysia
  7. Julian Hyde from the United Kingdom
  8. Paul Sack from Malaysia
  9. Stacy Chee from Malaysia
  10. Nicholas Attenborough from Malaysia
  11. Azhar Hussin from Malaysia 
  12. Azua Shafii from Malaysia
  13. Emily Yong from Brunei
  14. Philip Lim from Malaysia
For those interested, you can visit the DRT Malaysia website for the complete profile and information on the list of speakers for 2019. 

Underwater Photography Contest DRT
A visitor to DRT Malaysia taking a photo

Asia Pacific Underwater Photo Challenge 2019 

This is known as one of the most prestigious underwater photography competitions in the Asia Pacific and is also known as the UWPC. The contest is open for three months from 10th October 2018 to 10th January 2019. 

The Underwater Photo Challenge 2019 is open to all classes of photographers, meaning anyone can submit their work if they think it is suitable to be entered. 

All finalists are judged by world-class and award-winning photographers, and prizes include cash, live abroad packages, dive gear and also underwater photography gear. 

When you attend DRT Malaysia, you will see all the selected underwater photographs being displayed at a  special area, and let me just say that some of them are out of this world.

DRT Malaysia Promotion Pink Scuba Set
Some of the matching scuba diving equipment sold in complete sets

Who is DRT? 

DRT or Drive, Travel Resort is the largest diving, resort and travel expo in Asia, and has been around for many years. They also operate similar shows in various countries around Asia and have a total of over 100,000 registered members. 

Cities, where DRT shows are held, include Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

DRT is also supported by many international diving associations, federations, and scuba diving clubs. The organization is also in partnership with over 30 international media publications. 

DRT Malaysia 2019 Show
Date: 15 to 17 February 2019
Venue: Hall 3, Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time: 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM, and 6.00 PM on the last day
Website: DRT Malaysia

DRT Malaysia Tickets/Entrance Fee
  • Entrance fee: RM10.00
  • Certified divers, seniors above 60 years old: RM5.00
  • Disabled and children who are under 130cm high: Free Entrance
Malaysia Trinity Scuba
Visitors checking out some of the vendors at DRT Malaysia


If you are a new scuba diver in Malaysia, this is one show that you should not miss. Just like any other scuba diving expos in Malaysia, the objective is to provide alternative platforms for consumers. 

As a seasoned diver, you may have conflicting views, but then again, having more dive shows in Malaysia opens up the possibility for the hobby or sport to grow. 

Dive tourism in Malaysia has increased over the last decade, and it is thanks to multiple dive expos like the DRT Malaysia show, which creates awareness among the community and public.

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