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Miri Handicraft Center

Handicraft Center in Miri

The Miri Handicraft Center is now a brand new modern building and located in the heart of Miri City. This centre has been the heart of ethnic and cultural products of northern Sarawak since the 1990s and still continues to do so till this very day.

As I have been frequenting Miri since 2013, I have always made it a point to visit the Miri Handicraft Center to see if there was anything to purchase. This is purely due to my collection of native Sarawakian items.

Miri Handicraft Center

Miri Handicraft Centre
The Miri Handicraft Center

The new Miri Handicraft Center was built at RM1.6 million, which is quite reasonable, considering that the entire building was torn down and rebuilt. Interior wise, it has two levels and modern design for the vendors. 

The old Miri Handicraft Center was officially closed for major renovations on October 2016 and was eventually completed and then relaunched in September 2017.

Miri Craft Center
Inside the craft centre

Sliding automatic glass doors welcome visitors into the handicraft centre and an information counter is the first thing you will see to your left.

s you walk in, the beautiful colours of the ethnic crafts and products will distract your attention, luring you deeper into the vendor section. 

Once you get into the main area, you will be welcomed by a 270-degree angle of vendors selling all sorts of Sarawakian ethnic items, where 90% of them are all hand made by the different ethnic groups.

Miri Kraftangan
One of the vendors at the craft centre

The beauty of the Miri Handicraft Center is that all the products here are Sarawakian, which means that this is one of the very rare places where you actually get real native or ethnic products. 

At many handicraft centres around Malaysia, you will always see several non-Malaysian handicrafts being sold or passed off as Malaysian handicraft. 

Currently, at this centre, you will find a total of 13 different vendors selling all sorts of local Sarawakian handicraft that comes from various parts of Sarawak.

This is the old Miri Handicraft Center

The Old Miri Handicraft Center

Previously before becoming a handicraft centre, this place was known as the Miri Community Hall, where a lot of local events took place, including concerts, plays, weddings and so on. 

This community hall opened in 16th August 1958, which makes this place now 60 years old. The place was also changed to the Miri Handicraft Center in the year 2001, after serving 42 years as a local community hall. 

Handicraft Centre in Miri
Ethnic crafts sold at the Miri Handicraft Centre

What to Buy at the Miri Handicraft Center? 

The most important thing to buy for visitors are souvenirs, and the Miri Handicraft Center is one of the best places for this. There are countless items available, depending on what you want to get. The list of items you can buy from the Miri Handicraft Center is;
  • Woven Bags
  • Beaded Jewelry
  • Hand Carved Souvenirs
  • Traditional Baskets
  • Local Antiques
  • Tree Bark Hats and Vest
  • Batik Sarongs
  • Local Sarawak T-Shirts
  • Ladies Woven Clutch Bags
  • Layered Cakes (Kek Lapis)
  • Bario Salt in Cylinders
  • Ethnic Weapons
  • Woven Mats
  • Pottery

Woven Bags Miri Sarawak
Penan woven bags sold at the handicraft centre here

The above items are mainly done by the different ethnic groups of Sarawak. Some of them are made at the local villages and then sent here, while others may be made on the spot thereby the vendors. These local ethnic people from Sarawak consist of;
  • Dayak
  • Penan
  • Kayan
  • Kenyah
  • Melanau
  • Kelabit
  • Lun Bawang

How to go to Miri Handicraft Center
Map to the Miri Handicraft Center

Where is the Miri Handicraft Center? 

The handicraft centre is located at the intersection of Jalan Brooke and Jalan Merbau in the city centre. Another prominent landmark is the Bintang Megamall and Meritz Hotel.

From the other part, where Ming Cafe is located on Jalan North Yu Seng, you can just walk five minutes to the Miri Handicraft Center.

For those driving, there is ample parking available here, and you simply need to use Waze or Google Maps to get here.

Miri Kraftangan Center
The new Miri Handicraft Center

Other Facilities at Miri Handicraft Center

There is a local cafe called NarsCafe that serves drinks, cakes and some food which is all local. This cafe also provides sit down service where you can take a break and relax while you are here. 

Miri Handicraft Center Address
Address: Corner of Jalan Brooke and Jalan Merbau, Miri City, Sarawak
Hours: 8.00 M to 6.00 PM
Tel: +6085 433 501
GPS Coordinates: 4.39614, 113.99115

Business hours Miri Handicraft Center
Business hours at the craft centre in Miri

Pusat Kraftangan Miri Opening
The Miri Handicraft Centre was officiated by Datuk Lee Kim Shin

Due to the year-long renovations that took place, most of the original vendors were moved to a temporary handicraft centre at Jalan High Street in Miri.

And when the new handicraft centre re-opened, many came back, but some vendors preferred to stay back at High Street. 

This means there are now two handicraft centres in Miri for visitors to choose from. One of them is located on High Street and the original one in the city centre.

After you are done here, just take a walk over to Miri Container City for some food and drinks. This is one of the latest lifestyle, coffee and food places which is made entirely out of shipping containers.

This is also a great place to chill and unwind after a long day of walking around.

Outside the craft centre, a giant Orang Ulu mural is seen on a billboard

The Miri Handicraft Center is also the best place where you can find some unique Sarawakian souvenirs and the good thing here is that you can bargain a little from the locals when buying a lot from them.


I also wrote an article on things to do around Miri for anyone who wants more information. It generally covers the main tourist areas here and can be easily done on your own.

If you are spending a few days here, and on the weekend, do check out Coco Cabana in Miri on a weekend, namely just before sunset as this place is one of the trending lifestyle places in Miri. 

If you are visiting Miri, make sure you visit the Miri Handicraft Center as it houses a fantastic collection of ethnic products from northern Sarawak. Shortly, there will also be special cultural performances for visitors here.

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