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MIDE 2018 - All You Need To Know

Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018

This year, Malaysia's pioneer scuba diving expo called MIDE 2018 will be taking place from 4-6 May, and at the regular venue of Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur.

For this year's dive expo, I have done an all you need to know about MIDE 2018 article for anyone who wants to know a little more information about this scuba diving expo held here in Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysia Dive Expo 2018
Visitors at the Malaysia International Dive Expo

Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018 (MIDE2018)

MIDE was the only Malaysian dive expo which started back in 2006, but now another world-class dive expo called DRT Malaysia had their inaugural event in Kuala Lumpur early in 2018. 

With that, there are now two major diving events which strongly favours the scuba diving community of Malaysia. Isn't that great that we have more choices? 

From a positive point of view, these two dive expos in Malaysia will provide healthy competition among both diving expos and more opportunity for divers to choose from. 

This year Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018 will see over 150 exhibitors participating at the event, compared to 133 last year. 

There will be 30 over presentations done by various professionals from the scuba diving industry, sharing valuable information, tips and tricks to the public. 

Scuba diving Expo Malaysia
Visitors shopping at MIDE

Some MIDE Facts

Below are some statistics from the previous MIDE 2017 which is quite impressive, considering that scuba diving in Malaysia is still a very niche hobby and sport.
  • MIDE 2017 generated RM8.2 million in total sales
  • 3000 Scuba Diving Courses were sold during the expo
  • A total of 133 companies took part at MIDE 2017
  • A record 12,166 visitors attended MIDE 2017 over three days
  • Visitors from 45 countries visited MIDE 2017
  • A whopping 928 international brands participated in MIDE 2017 
  • 95% of visitor had scuba diving interest
  • 80% of attendees were professional scuba divers
  • 85% of visitors had dive travel interest
  • 1,777 Non-Divers attended MIDE 2017
Dive Expo Malaysia
International vendors ate MIDE

MIDE 2018 Program

As the scuba diving industry is growing steadily in Malaysia, multiple programs have been scheduled throughout the expo. 
  • Asia Dive Conference (ADC)
  • Freediving Forum
  • Ocean Rescue Forum
  • Underwater Photography Forum
  • Speaker Presentations (Various)
  • B2B Meeting Sessions
  • Dive Diva Fan Club Presentation
  • Marine Educational Program
  • Person with Disabilities Program (PWD)
  • Purchaser Lucky Draw
  • Pool Try Dive
  • Lens Beyond Ocean Photography Competition
When is MIDE 2018? 

The Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018 takes place from the 4th to 6th May 2018. The expo usually takes place just before the fasting month of Ramadan which falls in June. 

LRT Station PWTC
The PWTC LRT Station is on the left, while Sunway Putra Mall is the colourful building

Where is MIDE 2018? 

Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018 has always been held at the Putra World Trade Center or PWTC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This venue is perfect due to the huge space and multiple halls offered. 

Kuala Lumpur is also the capital of Malaysia, making it easy for visitors, speakers and vendors to get to. The main KLIA and KLIA 2 airports are a 60-minute drive from KL or a 30-minute train ride into the city from the airport. 

How to go to MIDE 2018?

There are two main ways to get to the event, and most locals will self drive to PWTC and park there. For visitors, the best way to get to MIDE2018 is by taking the STAR LRT Train which stops at Sunway Putra Station. 

Alternatively, an easy way to go to MIDE 2018 is by taking private car services like GRAB. You can do this from anywhere in the Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, and prices are very reasonable. 

For those taking the train, your important transit station will be Masjid Jamek in KL city where other trains like the LRT and MRT stop.

Here, you need to walk over to the LRT station and head to PWTC. PWTC LRT Station (SP4 & AG4)) is served by the RapidKL Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line.

PTWC Parking Areas
Where to park near PWTC KL

Where to Park at PWTC?

If you go to MIDE 2018 early, there will be ample parking at PWTC, which charges by the hour. Alternatively, you can also park at Sunway Putra Mall, just opposite PWTC and they too charge hourly. 

The old Putra Bus Terminal car park is no longer there as some renovations are going on. For those planning to stay much longer, there are some open-air car parks outside the main road along Japan Putra. 

The open-air car park charges a flat rate of RM6 to RM10 for a full day parking, so that would be a cheap option.

But you need to walk to PWTC, which takes you about 5 minutes. This car park is in front of the Sani Hotel. 

Malaysia Dive Sales
MIDE sales are something many divers wait for

Tips for MIDE 2018

For those planning to visit the Malaysia International Dive Expo 2018 or MIDE2018, here are some tips for you, especially if you are a first-time visitor here. 
  • Hate Crowds? Go early on each day when the event opens. 
  • Pick Pockets? There are always unscrupulous people at any expo or event so be cautious.
  • Hungry or Thirsty? There are a mall opposite PWTC and a Riverside Cafe with local food.
  • Toilets? Surprisingly, the toilets at PWTC are quite clean. 
  • Lonely? Best o come with a friend or friends.
  • Scared to Spend? Don't bring your wife or girlfriend. 
  • Scared to bring Cash? Don't worry, most vendors accept debit and credit cards.
  • See Something Cheap You Like? Grab it! Don't think too long.
  • Cannot Decide What To Buy or Where To Go? Call your friends.
  • Too Much Walking Around? Wear comfortable shoes, not high heels or slippers.
  • Kiasu? Wait for the last hour of the last event day for some last-minute extra deals.
MIDE 2018 Information
Date: 2-4 May 2018
Venue: Dewan Tun Razak 1, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM
Admission: RM5.00 per person
Website: https://mide.com.my/
Phone: +6 03 7980 9902

Scuba Diver Malaysia
The writer at Lankayan Island

About the Writer

Well, after 12 years of casual scuba diving and over 1000 dives, I have decided to take a much easier hobby of bird watching rather than fish watching. Sometimes, a balance is needed in life to fully enjoy it. 

My last dive trip was at Raja Ampat, Alor Island and Komodo Island in far east Indonesia, where I did a 14 day trip in October 2017. 

Dive Package Komodo Island MIDE
The beautiful and colourful underwater landscapes at Komodo Island

That truly burned me out big time, as it was fly-van-dive-sleep-boat-fly-dive-eat and repeat. Usually, I go for 3-5 day easy dive trips, but Raja Ampat being the highlight and my major diving bucket list, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive some of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. 

You should know that I am an overall travel writer, hence I do not do much underwater photography. I have also done some articles on my experience diving there and hopefully, some of the articles like how to fly to Raja Ampat will come in handy. 

Raja Ampat Wobbegong Shark
The must-see Wobbegong Shark at Raja Ampat

While I did a live on board at Komodo, I choose to stay at the Raja Ampat Dive Resort for a more casual experience. Honestly, if you are thinking of visiting here, start saving up and do it quick. 

I also wrote about why Alor Island should be your next diving destination, as it is so untouched and beautiful. Take a look at my article, and you will see why. 

Scuba Diving Expo in Malaysia 2018
MIDE 2018 this 4-6 May at PWTC Kuala Lumpur


I hope this article on all you need to know about MIDE 2018 will come in handy for you and that you have a fantastic and productive time here. Most visitors do. 

As for me, I will hopefully be there for the first day, visiting friends and checking out the dive expo. If we know each other, don't forget to say hello and happy diving where ever you are going.

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