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BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet Labuan

BVO Premium Outlet Labuan

With the trend of factory outlets in Malaysia soaring, a brand new concept called BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet is set to open on the island of Labuan in Malaysia in 2019. 

This will also be the first of its kind in Malaysia and will officially open its doors by mid or end of 2019. According to press releases, the target date to open the BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet is by the first quarter of 2019.  

Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan

While Labuan remains one of the lesser visit duty-free islands in Malaysia, a lot of planning is ongoing to ensure that this island turns into a major tourism hot spot in the next few years.

The BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan is also being built at a cost of RM70 million and by BVA Berhad. 

Photo of BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet
Artist impression of the BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan

This massive BVO premium outlet will consist of a two-story open-concept structure and building.

This will also be the first premium outlet in Borneo that will offer over 70 exclusive tenants on a 6.8 acre or 2.7 hectares prime land in the Kiansam area of Labuan. 

BVO Outlet also claims that they will be offering luxury products that are 30% cheaper than most other outlets due to the duty-free status of Labuan. 

Products you will find here include designer clothing, handbags, shoes, wines, alcohol, tobacco, perfumes, and cosmetics.

There will also be a special 150-meter long park in the mall that juxtaposes modern with greenery. 

For food and beverage, a series of modern restaurants, bars, bistros, and cafes will be located around the duty-free premium outlet. There is no official announcement on who the tenants are. 

BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet also plans to launch a smart delivery service system using a mobile application by providing a new shopping experience for consumers.

BVO Factory Outlet Labvuan
A model of the BVO Outlet in Labuan

What is BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet

This is a new concept where BVA Berhad is introducing a duty-free premium factory outlet concept. The first of its kind in Malaysia and possibly in Southeast Asia. 

While consumers and travellers are used to the general premium outlet shopping at places like Johor Premium Outlets or Genting Premium Outlets, the duty-free premium outlet introduces a whole new concept of travel and shopping. 

Other modern lifestyle projects to support the whole concept here include a five-star hotel, service condominiums, resorts, water theme park and commercial properties that are connected to the new esplanade. 

There is another BVO Outlet at Mitsui Outlet Park in Sepang and also at Penang Design Village, but that company is branded as Best Value Outlet or BVO. There is no direct connection to both brands from what I know. 

On a side note, a new proposed bridge from Sabah to Labuan Island is also in the plans for the Labuan Development Blueprint 2030.

This massive project will see a huge potential for tourism as it will be much easier to enter Labuan. On when it will open, there is no official news. 

New Duty Free Outlet in Labuan
What the duty-free outlet will look like when opened

When is BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet Opening

The official press release states that the Labuan BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet will open by the 1st quarter of 2019.

However, other press statements indicate a 14-18 month development time which puts the opening timeline to mid of 2019. 

Until there is official news of the opening, the current dates are just an estimate or projected date. We should hear more news about the opening of BVO Duty-Free Outlet towards the later part of 2018.

Location of BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet
The location of BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan

Where is BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan

The BVA Premium Outlet will be located near the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Labuan International Campus and just next to the Labuan International Golf Club and Kampung Beiukut. 

The exact location of the BVO Premium Outlet is also at the southwest part of Labuan Island.

You can get to Labuan which is 2 hours 30 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur, 30 minutes flight from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, and 40 minutes flight from Miri in Sarawak.

Map to BVO Duty Free Premium Outlet
Directions to BVO Premium Outlet in Labuan

How to go to BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet

The best way to get to BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet in Labuan is by driving there. It is located about 13 kilometres from the Labuan International Airport and takes around 20 minutes to drive one way. 

For visitors planning to visit this place, you need to fly into Labuan from KLIA or selected Malaysian cities. Currently, there are daily flights to Labuan via Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia only. 

BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet Information:
Address: Jalan Sungai Pagar, Kiansam, 87000 Labuan.
Landmark: Next to Labuan International Golf Club
Website: http://www.bvacorporation.com/mall.html

*Disclaimer: Photos used here are obtained from the BVA official website and Facebook Page. We use them as a reference and without negative intention.

Malaysia BVA Bhd
BVA Berhad

Who is BVA Berhad?

BVA Berhad is founded by Dato' Lawrence Low. The company is involved in diverse industries, which include property development, the Internet Of Things, digital currency and many other businesses. 

The BVA team during the launch of the BVO Premium Outlet in March 2018

They have been providing charter services for visitors from China since 2016, and currently operating four flights serving the China-Labuan route weekly. BVA Berhad also projects that by 2020, there will be up to four flights daily coming from China to Labuan and up to two cruises weekly.

Other Duty-Free Shopping in Malaysia

For those looking to do some duty-free shopping in Malaysia, there is only one other island that offers this. Many travellers also head to Langkawi for duty-free shopping as there are many smaller outlets and shops for this. 

Tioman Island is also designated as a duty-free island, but there are not many choices for shopping there. It is more of an island getaway with a lot of resorts in different villages. 

However, if you are into the whole shopping experience, I have created a complete list of factory outlets in Malaysia where you can do some serious shopping.

These places are located all over the country and depending on where you go, there may be an interesting outlet for you to visit.


BVO Duty-Free Premium Outlet is developed by BVA Development Sdn Bhd and is part of the Labuan Development Blueprint 2030. This will also be the first duty-free premium outlet in Malaysia.

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