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Coco Cabana Miri - A New Lifestyle and Entertainment Place

Miri Cococabana

If you have been to Miri recently in 2017 and 2018, you may have already been to Miri's latest lifestyle and entertainment place called Coco Cabana. And if you have not, or plan to visit Miri soon, you should be reading this article. 

Coco Cabana is a modern seaside area where there famous Miri Seahorse Lighthouse is located at Marina Bay.

Previously, this place was known as the Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant, but it was taken over by new management in early 2017.

Coco Cabana Miri

Cococabana Miri Sarawak
The main event building at Coco Cabana. (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

The multi-purpose seaside area of Coco Cabana offers many different kinds of experiences for visitors coming here. usually on a weekend, this place comes alive with all kinds of attractions. 

Since opening in 2017, Coco Cabana has played venue to many different kinds of events and one of the well-known events in Miri is the Asia Food Festival which was held in April 2017.

Picture of Coco Cabana
The open area around the Seahorse Lighthouse in Miri. (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

Food and Entertainment at Coco Cabana

For food and entertainment, there is the Cabana Cafe, which serves some authentic local Sarawakian food. There are also other choices for fast food and drinks. 

A Sunset Bar serves drinks for those wanting to catch the beautiful Miri sunset. Choices include mocktails and alcoholic beverages.  

There is also a small art gallery and museum for the public which is open from 9.00 AM till 10.30 PM.

Coco Cabana Bazaar Market Miri
One of the bazaars being held inside the main event building here. (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

Art and Craft Market and Bazaar at Coco Cabana

On weekends, you can find the Uptown Market taking place here on a regular basis. This is one of the most successful events that bring in a lot of visitors to Coco Cabana.

A good balance of local and international food is sold while there are many other vendors selling souvenirs and other items. 

On selected months, there is also the Miri Artisan Market, a local craft and handmade bazaar that showcases some of Sarawak's handmade art and crafts.

This artisan market takes place inside the Coco Cabana main building in an indoor environment.

Events at Coco Cabana
A cultural performance being held in the event building. (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

What else is there at Coco Cabana? 

Apart from the cafe, sunset bar, events and weekend market, this place is quite well known for sunset viewing.

Most locals come here in the evenings (Around 5.45 pm) to catch the beautiful Miri Sunset. At times, it can be really amazing, and it all depends on your luck. 

On most weekends, there may be special events being held around here. It could be a bike week, car show or some other interesting event taking place.

Depending on the time you visit, it could be crowded or even quiet.

Jazz Borneo
2018 Borneo Jazz poster

Borneo Jazz Festival at Coco Cabana

For those of you who may not know, the Borneo Jazz Festival 2018 has found a new home here at Coco Cabana.

The event will take place inside Coco Cabana's main event building while the food and village mart will be on the outside area near the Seahorse Lighthouse.

For those planning to visit the jazz festival in May, please take note that the venue is now at this new location, which is a fresh new experience.

Unlike the previous venue, there are many other activities that will coincide with Borneo Jazz.

Layout of Coco Cabana in Miri
The layout of Coco Cabana at Marina Bay in Miri (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

Where is Coco Cabana Miri? 

This new lifestyle and entertainment place is located in Marina Bay Miri, which is a short drive from Miri City Center. The location is towards the end of the Miri Marina, which is about 10 minutes drive from the city.

Nearby, there is the popular Parkcity Everly Hotel at Brighton Beach and also the Miri Marriott Resort and Spa which is near the Tanjung Lobang Beach.

To get to these places, you need to drive there or take a private car service.

Coco Cabana Map
Directions to Coco Cabana in Miri

How to go to Coco Cabana in Miri? 

To get here, you can either self-drive here, use a private car service like Grab or hail a taxi from the city area. It takes about 10 minutes to drive one way from the centre of Miri City.

For those adventurous travellers who prefer to walk, it will take you about 45 minutes walk from the centre of town.

The only road that leads you into Coco Cabana is also Jalan Bandaraya when you turn off from Jalan Marina Utama.

Coco Cabana Photo
Panoramic view of Coco Cabana. (Photo - Coco Cabana FB)

Coco Cabana Miri Address and Information
Address: Lot 2260, Jalan Bandaraya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Hours: 7.00 AM to 11.00 PM
Website: http://cococabana.my/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cococabana.miri/


While you are visiting Miri, do not forget to see what are the many other things to do in Miri as there is plenty for everyone.

Miri Resort City is growing in terms of tourism and caters to all walks of life, proving a unique Sarawakian experience.

There are also a number of new tourism products here and one of them is Container City Miri which opened in October 2017.

This two-level lifestyle food haven offers some of the best local and international coffee and food culture.

With so many attractions and things to do in Miri, Coco Cabana at Marina Bay will also provide visitors with a unique experience.

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