Top 10 Cities You Should Visit In 2018

Best Cities To Visit in 2018

Travelling has changed so much over the years that people can just hop on a plane and go just about anywhere they like.

With easy access that allows both luxury and budget travel, more people are venturing to destinations that have once been considered expensive. 

Trends to have changed with this, and many travel companies have put the effort into monitoring today’s travel trends.

One of the companies that has been paying attention to travel trends is no other than Wego, who has been closely accessing what Malaysian consumers what nowadays. 

The list of top 10 cities to visit for 2018 also saw some changes compared to the previous year. With this data compiled, the company has also made it easier for travellers to highlight which cities they want to visit, and with easy access to booking the flights from Wego

Top 10 Cities You Should Visit In 2018

As 2018 is already in the second month, all you need to do is simply plan ahead and just explore these amazing cities listed below, and with their current standings compared to 2017;

Pudong, Shanghai
Shanghai’s amazing skyline. Photo Credit:

Shanghai, China (51 to 42)

Coming in at number 42, Shanghai has always and will be an acquired destination for many travellers.

No doubt it is one of the most prominent cities in all China, Shanghai comes with a mix of both modern and nostalgic old Shanghai. 

Shanghai's Bund
The Bund in Shanghai. Photo Credit:
Visitors love to explore both sides of this fascinating city where food, lifestyle, shopping, culture and art are easily sourced.

Over in the Pudong district, a barrage of modern skyscrapers will easily capture anyone’s attention. The Bund, which separates the old and new areas is probably the most visited place in all Shanghai. 

A Shanghai Lontang Area
A Longtang area in Shanghai. Photo Credit:

The Puxi area is well known as the core of culture and entertainment in Shanghai and should not be missed.

For the explorer, the Shanghai Old Quarter or Old Town Shanghai is probably the best area to get lost in.

Notable places include Danfeng and Sipai Road for its authentic architecture and also Yuyuan Gardens for the amazing architecture, food and shopping. 
  • Average Airfare to Shanghai: RM1006
  • Best Price: RM427
  • Best Time to Book: May
Nepal Kathamandu
View of Kathmandu City. Photo Credit:

Kathmandu, Nepal (67 to 35)

One of the up and coming destinations for Malaysians is no other than this city that is nestled among the mighty Himalayas of Nepal. In 2015, a massive earthquake robbed the city of much of its’ ancient lustre, and two years after that, Kathmandu continues to endure as a curiously intoxicating mix of exotic scents and heartwarming hospitality. 

Traveling to Kathmandu 2018
Swayambhunath Stupa. Photo Credit:

Whether you find yourself lost in the backpacker crowd in Thamel or marvelling at ancient monuments in Durbar Square, Kathmandu continues to awe travellers around the world – so much, in fact, the city leapfrogged from 67th place to 35th in 2017.

Khokana Mustard Fields
Mustard fields of Khokana. Photo Credit:

One of the most popular places that travellers love is Durbar Square and Swayambunath Stupa. Kathmandu is a city steeped in faith and mysticism, and one need look no further than the many coins nailed to the Toothache Tree to affirm this. 

While not in Kathmandu proper, the village of Khokana is famed for the brightly coloured fields of yellow mustard flowers.
  • Average to Airfare to Kathmandu: RM1234
  • Best Price: RM607
  • Best Time to Book: April to June
2018 Phuket Island
Island hopping in Phuket. Photo Credit:

Phuket, Thailand (37 to 33)

Coming in at 33rd place, Thailand’s world-renowned island getaway continues to captivate travellers all around the world.

Phuket’s abundance of outlying islands provides the ideal respite from toil and routine as well as opportunities for an awesome snorkelling or diving experience, while Patong offers quite the contrary experience.

Night Life in Patong
Patong Nightlife. Photo Credit:

While Patong or one of the many elephant sanctuaries in Phuket are crowd favourites, tourists wanting a glimpse into the island’s confluence of many cultures can stop by the Shrine of the Serene Light.

Phuket Sang Tham Temple
Sang Tham Shrine/ Photo Credit:

View from Samet Nangshe
The viewpoint of Samet Nangshe. Photo Credit:

Once a tourists’ best-kept secret, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is now one of Phuket’s most popular spots to capture panoramic views. 
  • Average Airfare to Phuket: RM339
  • Best Price: RM166
  • Best Time to Book: March to July
Sydney Sunset View
Sunset View of Sydney. Photo Credit:

Sydney, Australia (32 to 26)

Most Australian cities have a readily identifiable niche or two, but Sydney wears so many facades it’s close to impossible to pin it down to anything at all.

Vibrant and charming, the Harbour City commands not only a respectable amount of international fame but also panoramic seafront views, beautiful beaches and a strong confluence of the old and new.

Sydney’s most prominent attractions are quite impossible to miss – the pearl-hued sails of the world-renowned Opera House invite huge crowds all year round and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an imposing sight to behold as you traipse down The Rocks.

Sydney Manly Wharf Area
Manly Wharf in Sidney. Photo Credit:

If you’re looking to do Sydney like a Sydneysider, head over to Manly Wharf for great surf and great food, or take a tour of Barangaroo and marvel at the district’s many architectural masterpieces.
  • Average Airfare to Sydney: RM1572
  • Best Price: RM621
  • Best Time to Book: March
Osaka Dotonburi Area 2018
Osaka’s Dotonbori Area. Photo Credit:

Osaka, Japan (26 to 25)

Most Malaysians love visiting Japan and it is always Tokyo or Osaka that pops up as the favourite destination.

Osaka is all about hanging out with great company over awesome food with a livelier and more playful city compared to busy Tokyo or culturally reserved Kyoto. Japan’s third-largest city truly knows how to have a good time.

Downtown Minami Area
Downtown Minami in Osaka. Photo Credit:

Visitors can find the perfect balance of shopping and eating in Osaka. While the abundance of good food and dazzling lights at Dotonbori and the magnificence of Osaka Castle are inarguably Osaka’s main draws, Hozenji Yokocho (which happens to be just adjacent to Dotonbori) and Chihaya – Akasaka Mura are off-the-beaten trail spots ideal for travellers looking to experience a more traditional side of the city.
  • Average Airfare to Osaka: RM1222
  • Best Price: RM527
  • Best Time to Book: June to July
Visit Istanbul in 2018
Istanbul in Turkey. Photo Credit:

Istanbul, Turkey (28 to 17)

Turkey had an amazing year for tourism where they emerged from 28th to 17th place in 2017. Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a colourful potpourri of cultures richly blended together by antique grandeur and contemporary gleam.

Istanbul Topkapi Library
Topkapi Palace Library. Photo Credit:

While no trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sofia, intrepid travellers should give less conventional locations such as the Basilica Cistern and Sakirin Mosque a look.

Istanbul Balisica Cistern
Balisica Cistern in Istanbul. Photo Credit httpswww.ruebarue.comistanbulattractionbasilica-cistern5473559203807232

The sheer scale and astounding symmetry of the underground Basilica Cistern not only offers myriad opportunities for enterprising photographers but also a convenient respite from the summer heat.

Istanbul Sarikin Mosque
Sakirin Mosque. Photo Credit:

While mosques are a ubiquitous sight across the city, Sakirin Mosque is an architectural masterpiece of unparalleled beauty.
  • Average Airfare to Istanbul: RM2340
  • Best Price: RM1328
  • Best Time to Book: March
City of Melbourne
Melbourne City. Photo Credit:

Melbourne, Australia (27 to 13)

Melbourne is well known as a global microcosm of cultures where the city’s many districts teem with rich art-deco architecture and offer a myriad of gastronomical experiences for Malaysians.

Narrow laneways and secret alleys conceal some of the world’s best bars and epicurean experiences, as well as a wealth of street art well-deserving of greater mention. Jumping to 13th place, Melbourne’s reputation continues to hold strong in 2018.

Melbourne Southbank District
Melbourne’s Southbank Promenade. Photo Credit:

Most visitors to Melbourne will want to traipse down one of the city’s many street-art laneways or shopping arcades, with mandatory stopovers at the Royal Botanic Gardens and the ever-popular Southbank promenade. 

Melbourne Coops Tower
View of the Coops Shot Tower. Photo Credit:

If you are looking for a more eclectic experience, Coop’s Shot Tower provides a glimpse into Melbourne’s past, while The Limelight Department, an attic studio located in the Salvation Army,  pays homage to one of the world’s first movie studios.
  • Average Airfare to Melbourne: RM1539
  • Best Price: RM651
  • Best Time to Book: March
Tallest Building in Taiwan
View of Taipei 101. Photo Credit:

Taipei, Taiwan (5 to 4)

Known for the plethora of mouthwatering street food to the eclectic mix of architectural styles both traditional and modern, Taiwan’s capital feels like a cultural hotchpotch unlike any other.

And this is one of the top reasons why Malaysians love to visit Taipei, namely for food tourism and also the unique culture that spreads all over the island.

Taipei Ximending District
Ximending in Taipei

While the Taipei 101 and Ximending are obvious tourist mainstays, Taipei has many hidden secrets and lesser-known attractions that are well worth a visit.

If the summer heat in Taipei is getting you, stop by Ice Monster for their signature Taiwanese-style shaved ice. 

Taipei Longshan Temple
Longshan Temple in Taiwan. Photo Credit:

Want some hints on where your life is headed? Take a trip down to Longshan Temple and have your fortunes read by a White Javanese Sparrow.
  • Average Airfare to Taipei: RM766
  • Best Price: RM148
  • Best Time to Book: October
City View of Kota Kinabalu
KK City View. Photo Credit:

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo (4 to 3)

Kota Kinabalu makes it to number three on the list, up from 4th place in 2016. Well-known for its’ many treks around and up Mount Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu or KK is also a place of breathtaking seaside sunsets and a sanctuary where native cultures flourish alongside the perpetual progression of modernity. The city is huge on seafood, but that’s no excuse to miss out on the excellent street food scene.

Top of Mount Kinabalu Sabah
The peak of Mount Kinabalu. Photo Credit:

While KK’s biggest draws are inarguably Mount Kinabalu and Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, the city has its’ fair share of obscure spots deserving of mention too.

State mosque Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Kota Kinabalu Mosque. Photo Credit:

Rumah Terbalik Upside Down House will guarantee quite the literal topsy-turvy experience, and the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, seemingly just floating above the water, will enthral even the less architecturally – inclined.
  • Average Airfare to Kota Kinabalu: RM361
  • Best Price: RM267
  • Best Time to Book: August
Bangkok City Aerial View
Aerial view of Bangkok City. Photo Credit:

Bangkok, Thailand (Maintain at 2)

There is no doubt that Bangkok is that one place everybody probably knows at the back of their hands. Coming in at 1st place, the Thai Capital is hands down Malaysia’s favourite destination, and it is very easy enough to see why.

Bangkok local night bazaar
A local bazaar in Bangkok. Photo Credit:

Choices include great food for highly affordable prices cater to even the most curious palate, a wealth of casual and street-shopping options for even the traveller on a shoestring budget and the reputable standard of Thai hospitality and general warmth that invites casual banter even at the most unfamiliar occasion.

Bangkok travel 2018
Thai wooden boats in Bangkok. Photo Credit:

Most will agree with Chatuchak and Jatujak Green Market (otherwise known as JJGreen) are definite must-sees, and the more culturally inclined ought to include Wat Pho in the list too.

For a more interesting take, try the Bangkok Forensic Museum – a collection of the gory and grotesque, this is one place absolutely off-limits to the faint-hearted; exploring the city’s many Khlongs in a riverboat offers a unique alternative to the standard Chao Phraya river cruise. 

Alternatively, many tourist love to book the cheapest hotels from Wego and the best ones are usually along the Chao Phraya River, where they can easily access all parts of Bangkok. 
  • Average Airfare to Bangkok: RM413
  • Best Price: RM169
  • Best Time to Book: September
For anyone planning to explore and travel for this year, I hope that this list of top 10 cities to visit in 2018 will come in handy for you. Any questions, please do ask below.

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