Sarang Burung Bukit Matanoi in Keningau

Matanoi Hill Bird's Nest

Finally, someone in Sabah Borneo has created the famous man-made bird's nest for Instagram and social media photos.

The name Sarang Burung actually translates as Bird's Nest in English, and it is commonly called by the local Malay name here. 

This man-made bird's nest was created by the Matanoi Hill Crew of Keningau as a new tourist attraction, in conjunction with the Visit Keningau Year 2018, which is also part of the rural tourism plan of Sabah.

Sarang Burung Keningau
Getting photographed during the sunset at the Sarang Burung in Keningau
Sarang Burung Bukit Matanoi

This Sarang Burung in Keningau Hill was created and completed in early January 2018 and is still considered a very new tourism product. To date, there have been hundreds of locals that have visited this place.

What is so special about these man-made overly large bird's nest? Well, bird's nest attractions have been very famous throughout Indonesia due to the sharing of social media postings, namely on Instagram and Facebook. 

How visitors dress up at the Indonesian 'Sarang Burung' for photography

Several places around Indonesia have been doing this since a couple of years ago, with some of them amazingly beautiful. Locals take the initiative to bring even costumes for their photography.

Apart from the common bird's nest, some even create special themed platforms to beautify the overall photograph.

One example is the themed sunflower platform where the person sits in the middle, while it overlooks a river and ravine.

Sarang Burong Indonesia Photography Location
Different types of Sarang Burung found all over Indonesia which are very unique

Indonesia Sunflower Deck
A Sunflower Deck, that is hugely popular in Indonesia for photography

With the popularity of these gaining in Indonesia, it was a matter of time before this caught on in Malaysia.

This then resulted in bringing the 'Sarang Burung' concept into Sabah Borneo, as there are several beautiful hills with lush scenery available. 

One place that took full advantage of this is the village of Matanoi Apin-Apin, in the district of Keningau.

They already had a beautiful hill that locals used to hike up for sunsets and turned this into one of Sabah's latest rural tourism attractions.

Bukit Matanoi View Point
Matanoi Hill viewpoint made entirely out of natural bamboo

At Matanoi Hill, there is also other tourism products available, not just the bird's nest. There is a man-made lookout point which is built entirely with bamboo.

This structure is solid, but a limited number of people are allowed at any one time. 

At the foot of Bukit Matanoi, there is a visitor registration booth where data is collected and all visitors must register before proceeding inside.

Attractions in Keningau
A series of other man-made items are found around Bukit Matanoi

This is the initiative of the Bukit Matanoi people, who are working together with the local tourism council. A mini rabbit farm is also found here where this is mainly for the children and families.

Currently, a new Sarang Burung was added on 18th January 2018, bringing the total of two bird's nest available here. Both nests are built on the ground level.

Bukit Matanoi Sarang Burung
The 1st Sarang Burung at Matanoi Hill in Keningau

The second Sarang Burung at Matanoi Hill in Keningau, Sabah

1st Sarang Burung Bukit Matanoi Hill

This is the first bird's nest that was built and is the larger unit. This Sarang Burung can easily seat two adults in the nest and overlooks the hillside of Matanoi.

This has one of the best views as you can get and overall view of the hillside and even the sunset here.

2nd Sarang Burung Bukit Matanoi Hill

The second bird's nest was built on 18th January 2018 and is a smaller unit that can only seat one adult. It overlooks the opposite of the first bird's nest here.

*Note - Please exercise caution when getting in around here as they are built on a slope. Especially if you are with kids, be careful as you do not want to slip and roll down.

The entrance by the main road from Matanoi Village

How to get to Matanoi Hill in Keningau?

Bukit Matanoi Hill is located about 3.6 kilometres from Apin Apin Town. It is also about 23.6 kilometres from the city of Keningau in Sabah.

Usually, locals will self drive all the way here and park by the road where they will trek or hike up. 

There are three main gates, which are A, B, and C. During the rainy season, only Gate A and B are open due to safety reasons for the third gate. 

Address for Bukit Matanoi Hill
Off Jalan Apin-Apin Bundu Kg. Tiga,
Apin-Apin, Keningau, Sabah.

Bukit Matanoi Hill GPS Coordinates: 5°29'34"N 116°14'46"E

Photo Credits goes to;
1. Bukit Matanoi Facebook Page
2. Discover Keningau Facebook Page

Keningau Bird's Nest Matanoi Hill
A local is seen posing in the man-made bird's nest at Matanoi Hill

When is the Best Time to Visit Bukit Matanoi?

The best time to visit Bukit Matanoi is during the weekdays, as it can get really crowded on weekends and public holidays.

If you do go there during this time, expect a crowd here. This means you may need to wait for your turn to get your photographs.


This district also celebrated the Visit Keningau Year 2018 and there are many other sights and attractions found in this district. They range from adventure, nature, food and culture and history.

This Sarang Burung at Bukit Matanoi is the first of its kind in Malaysia and hopefully, there will also be other places that will take advantage of this tourism trend.

More importantly, to cater to the current social media lifestyle of the younger generation tourist and travellers.

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