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Japan Travel Fair 2018

Malaysia Japan Travel Fair 2018

It is just early January and the Japan Travel Fair 2018 is the first travel fair in Malaysia to take place this year. Held from 11-14 January and at The Starling Mall in Petaling Jaya, this mini fair is all out to promote the various destinations in Japan. 

The objective of the Japan travel fair is purely to get more awareness to the consumers, namely those living in the suburban areas of Petaling Jaya and its surroundings.

This time around, JNTO or the Japan National Tourism Organization, has selected the venue at one of the new shopping malls in Damansara Utama.

Japan Travel Fair Malaysia

Japan Travel Fair 2018 Malaysia
Travel agents at the Japan Travel Fair in Starling Mall

You can find all things Japan at the fair, meaning, all sorts of information about destinations around Japan. In total, there are 20 booths with various Japanese vendors from all over Japan and also some of the local Malaysian tour companies. 

For first-timers visiting here, you should know that commercial places in Japan are not being promoted here at the fair. This means destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Hokkaido information booths are not available.

Instead, you will see more unique destinations that are not too far from the usual popular places. Train travel is one of the main highlights as they are the best method to move from city to city in Japan.

Malaysia JNTO
The JNTO Booth at the Starling Mall in Damansara Utama

You can get travel brochures for these interesting places from the main JNTO booth at the travel fair. The main mission is to introduce other regions from around Japan to Malaysians.

If you should already know, most Malaysians have been to Japan, and to the main commercial cities.  

At this year's Japan Travel Fair, there is the main stage area just next to the JNTO main information booth.

This is where contest and performances are conducted. A beautiful photo booth is also located next to the JNTO booth.

Malaysia Yukata Photo Session
Japanese Yukata photo sessions at the travel fair

This photo booth is where you can wear the Japanese Yukata to take photos against the famous Japanese bamboo wall, which is quite nice. 

In another section, there are about 10 booths from various Japanese and Malaysian travel agents that specialize in Japan tours. This is where you can get information on the many types of packages being offered. 

Malaysia Japanese Travel Fair
Some of the Japanese travel agents

Travel Agents at Japan Travel Fair 2018
  • H.I.S Travel Malaysia
  • Japan Travel Bureau
  • Parlo Tours
  • Apple Japan
  • J-Horizons
  • Hello Holidays
  • Roystar Travel
  • Pearl Holiday Travel
  • MHTT
Some of the Japanese prefectures and businesses participating

Japanese Travel Companies at Japan Travel Fair 2018 

Also invited to participate are selected Japanese prefectures, hotels & resorts and train operators from all over Japan.

These vendors are where you can get first-hand information about the destinations, in regards to logistics, accommodations, food and places of interest.

You would also be in for a surprise as there are not one, not two but three different train companies from Japan participating at the Japan Travel Fair.

There are also some tourism prefectures taking part and they are;
  • Okinawa Tourism
  • Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Chi Hotel & Resort
  • Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Shizuoka Prefecture
  • JR East Hotels
  • JR West
  • Tokyo Metro
  • Asakusa-Ueno 
  • Visiondata
Japan Muslim Travel Packages 2018
Visitors on the first day of the Japan Travel Fair 2018

Japan Travel Fair 2018 Activities
Fun activities at the fair

Itinerary Japan Travel Fair 2018
The event itinerary for Japan Travel Fair 2018

Visitors to the travel fair can get valuable information from the above companies, and if you still need more information, you can just visit the main JNTO booth or any of the travel agents there.

There are numerous brochures available on various parts of Japan for you to take home and read. They have destinations, food, adventure, Muslim travel and more, and if you have questions, you can always ask the JNTO Malaysia staff.

Malaysia Japan Fair 2018
A section of the travel fair at The Starling Mall in PJ

The Tokyo Metro booth seems to be one of the popular vendors as there is a lot of information for anyone planning to visit Tokyo.

Namely travelling around this metropolis where the daily train passes are the most important item one needs.

And if you fill up their questionnaire, you can get a special gift from them which is quite interesting. Even I filled up a form for that unique souvenir from Tokyo Metro.

Watch the Japan Travel Fair 2018 Video

As for fun and games, visitors can have the opportunity to meet a real live Pokemon at the Japan Travel Fair 2018. This is only on the selected hours.

But there is a cute Pokemon game where anyone can play to win some cute Pokemon sticker sheets.

You can also find out the previous Japan travel fair in Malaysia as I had visited the event to see what was being promoted. The last event was held at One Utama Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya.


Overall, the Japan Travel Fair is catered to the people of Petaling Jaya and also from around the other parts of the Klang Valley.

If you are not doing anything this weekend, bring your family, friends or loved ones here as there is much to discover about the other interesting places in Japan.

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