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Zouk Genting Opening in 2018

Genting Highlands Zouk Club

News travels fast when it comes to entertainment tourism in Kuala Lumpur, and the hottest news in town is about the new Zouk Genting opening in 2018.

The top entertainment club in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is now opening in Genting Highlands, Pahang. 

Zouk Genting will be the highest club in Malaysia as Genting Highlands is located at a height of 1,865 meters or 6,118 feet above sea level.

This mountain entertainment resort is also home to the only casino in Malaysia, a series of three to five-star hotels, an entertainment hub and a soon to come world-class theme park.

In the last few years, news of the first 20th Century Fox Theme Park in Malaysia is to open in Genting Highlands by 2018. With Zouk Genting combined together, this will definitely make Genting the place to visit in Malaysia. 

When is Zouk Genting Opening? 

Zouk Genting Highlands
Clubbers at Zouk Singapore. (Photo by Zouk Singapore)

No official date has been announced, but from other lifestyle sources, it is stated that Zouk Genting will open in mid-year around June of 2018. Again, this is not official and as of 15th December 2017, there has been no official news on this. 

While Genting Highlands is touted to be one of the top entertainment destinations for tourism and leisure in 2018, the opening of Zouk Genting is definitely adding strong credibility to this highland resort destination. 

Zouk is a household name in the youth circle, namely for bringing in world-renown DJ's to perform and for some of their incredible events.

With the opening of Zouk Genting, you can be sure that they will be bringing in some of the Top 10 DJ's in the world for the grand opening. 

Stay tuned for official announcements of this as when I get the information, I will share it here. One thing is for sure, you can expect Zouk to bring the 'Dare to be different' concept to Genting. 

What is Zouk Genting?

Zouk is a well-known brand when it comes to nightlife and entertainment in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2015, Genting Hong Kong bought over the Zouk brand in a tactical move to incorporate the brand into their lifestyle and entertainment business. 

Zouk Genting is slated to be one of the classiest clubs created, offering a 4-in-1 concept for clubbers, with a special day club area that has a swimming pool facing the 20th Century Fox theme park. 

For sound and lighting, you can expect the best in the world as Genting has brought in the top sound architects and lighting specialist people from Las Vegas. 

In a bid to strengthen themselves with the opening of the first 20th Century Fox World theme park in Malaysia and the world, Zouk Genting will be one of the highlights targeted toward the millennial traveller visiting here. 

Bar RedTail Genting
The announcement by RedTail Genting

RedTail Bar Genting

Another supporting concept by Zouk is also the Red Tail Bar, which is a unique gaming concept bar that is scheduled to open on 19th January 2018 here at Genting Highlands. 

RedTail Bar in Genting will provide not only drinks by a series of entertaining games such as beer pong, X-Box consoles, arcade games, pool, Jenga, electronic darts and live sport with occasional live music. 

This concept bar is targeted towards the lifestyle consumers that head up the highlands. RedTail Genting is sized around 4,300 square feet and can accommodate around 150 people. It will also be located just next to the Zouk Day Club Pool. 

Genting Dream Zouk at Sea
Zouk at Sea, on Genting Dream Cruise Ship (Photo by Genting High Life Magazine)

Genting Owns Zouk 

Yes, if you did not already know, Genting Hong Kong bought over Zouk in late 2015 in a very interesting acquisition. With that, they have incorporated the Zouk brand into some of their businesses. 

Zouk at Sea is one of them, which is on their latest cruise ship called Genting Dream. They have incorporated Zouk into the 18 decks, 3,352 passenger ship that promises a cruise to remember. Imagine going on a cruise with some of the top DJ's in the world. One word - Epic! 

Zouk Genting Location
Lower Ground, Sky Avenue
Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia

Sky Avenue Genting Zouk Club
A scene inside Zouk. Photo by Zouk

To find out more about what is happening in Resort Worlds Genting, you can check out the High Life Magazine by Genting. They have a digital version of what is happening in terms of entertainment and lifestyle.


Zouk is also set to venture into international countries with more outlets to open. One of the much talked about is Zouk Las Vegas, while the other being Zouk at Sea, which is operated by Genting Dream.

Till then, we can all wait for the Zouk Genting opening in 2018 which is scheduled for somewhere in June. For lifestyle and partying tourist to Malaysia, this will be one of the must not miss places to visit.

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