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18 Nature and Outdoor Retreats in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Nature Eco Retreats

Are you looking for a nature retreat for a weekend getaway in Malaysia? You came to the right place as I have compiled a master list of the best retreats out of Kuala Lumpur.

This list caters to everyone, especially locals who have little time but need an escape from the city life to somewhere near. 

If you are a traveller or tourist that has a couple of free days in Malaysia and want to have an experience for a rainforest retreat, this list will provide you with some valuable information.

Overall, some these nature retreats are located near Kuala Lumpur or just a short drive or flight from here.

The retreats listed here are also based on price, for entire villas or bungalows or by persons, therefore, you need to double check when booking. Weekends and public holidays are always priced higher than weekdays. 

Ultimate Nature Retreat Getaway Guide From Kuala Lumpur

Below is a list of 18 rainforest and nature retreats that are built in the lush tropical rainforest of Malaysia.

The list is also for Peninsular Malaysia only, as it is not easy to find resorts or retreats in this genre for this part of Malaysia. They are also in no order and varies from state to state around here. 

Malihom Private Estate Penang
The Thai style Malihom Private Estate Resort in Penang. (Photo by http://grauboat.jalbum.net)

1. Malihom Penang

One of the much talked about rainforest resorts is the Malihom Private Estate in Penang. This is a luxurious retreat set in the lush rainforest of Balik Pulau on the island of Penang (Pulau Pinang). Malihom is made up of eight Thai style rice-barns which are converted to modern-day resort living.

Malihom feels more like a private estate resort with a 16-acre hilltop property that has an infinity pool overlooking the lush scenery. For those seeking something different, can expect quality over quantity when you stay here.

Slightly on the pricier side, but well worth it for anyone wanting a bit of luxury away from the mainstream tourist places of Penang, but still in reach. 

Malihom Penang
Address: Kiri N/T 168, Bukit Penara, Mukim 6 Balik Pulau, 11000 Penang, Malaysia
Price: From RM520+ per night
Website: http://malihom.com/
Booking: Book Malihom

KL Weekend Getaway
Luxury in the Rainforest at Sekeping Serendah (Photo by https://www.sekeping.com/serendah/)

2. Sekeping Serendah

A very popular weekend escape from Kuala Lumpur is no other than Sekeping Serendah just outside the Rawang area of Selangor.

This Eco retreat has been the talk of social media for many years and attracts all walks of life, namely millennials, hipsters and the occasional corporate group or family. 

Surrounded by five acres of rainforest, Sekeping Serendah brands itself as a luxurious escape with a strong minimalist design that plays with glass and rustic designs. The seclusion is nature perfect with a lot of greens everywhere.

There are a total of 10 units available and a lot of companies use this place for group retreats or events. Avoid long holiday periods here as it can get crowded or booked up fast. 

Sekeping Serendah
Address: N3.368050 E101.631150, Malaysia
Price: From RM300+ per night
Website: https://www.sekeping.com/serendah/

Nature Retreat Awanmulan
The beautiful natural scenery at Awanmulan. (Photo by http://www.goasiaplus.com)

3. Awanmulan

In neighbouring Selangor, you can find Awanmulan which is one of the nature escapes that provide a peaceful and quiet experience.

This rainforest escape is located in Negeri Sembilan and provides eight individual homes with unique names to them. Six of the units cater to four or six people while the remaining two villas are for couples only. 

The highlight of Awanmulan apart from the beautiful lush scenery are the two salted swimming pools, a jungle pool and a sky pool, that provides an ultimate relaxation in the rainforest. Nothing beats lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand and nature surrounding you.

Nature activities like hiking are available for those who want to explore the area and there are transport options available for those needing it to get here. 

Address: Kampung Baru Pantai, Jalan Jelebu, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Price: From RM774 - RM2,445 per night
Website: http://www.awanmulan.com/

Penang Fig Tree Hill Resort
Penang's Fig Tree Hill Resort (Photo by http://www.figtreehill-resort.com/)

4. Fig Tree Hill Resort Penang

The Fig Tree Hill Resort in Penang is another luxurious nature escape which is located in the Sungai Ara area, far from the main tourist and commercial areas.

This beautiful rustic property offers six beautiful wooden villas which are suitable for couples or families. 

Each of the villas come with their own names and are themed accordingly, with a spacious living room, a dining area and a private balcony area.

The size of each villa is around 150 to 200 square meters in size, with king-sized beds, LCD television, complete bathroom and coffee amenities.

The showers are quite cool as they provide open-aired bathrooms with outdoor showers. Only breakfast is provided, so you need to get your other meals arranged.

The property can also be rented for private events or photography, but avoid booking during the rainy season. 

Fig Tree Hill Resort
Address: Jalan Kenari, mkm 10, Sungai Ara, Balik Pulau, 11900 Penang, Malaysia
Price: From RM500+ per night
Website: http://www.figtreehill-resort.com/

Orchard Farm Stay Penang
Green Acres is a luxury orchard stay in Penang (Photo by http://greenacrespenang.com/)

5. Green Acres Penang

One of the more unique and interesting weekends escapes is Green Acres in Penang. This getaway is located in a Durian orchard, so if you are a durian lover, this can be considered a heaven for you.

Green Acres is an organic farm which has over 500 fruit trees with a selection of unique spice plants and perfect for the green traveller. 

Created with an organic and Eco theme, the resort sits on a 16-acre farm property which has been around for the last 50 years.

The villas are styled towards a very Malaysian 'Kampung' home and are 250 meters above sea level.

Green Acres is suitable for groups, families or even couples and the property is nestled away from commercialization. Oh, and if you love durians or local fruits, this is your mecca and very highly recommended. 

Green Acres Penang
Address: Batu Itam, Balik Pulau, Penang
Price: From RM500 per night
Website: http://greenacrespenang.com/

Caameron Highlands Treehouse Hotel
Back to basics at Terra's Treehouse in Cameron Highlands

6. Terra’s Treehouse Cameron Highlands

This natural experience is well suited for the adventurous traveller or family where you need to take a 4WD into the lush rainforest of Cameron Highlands in Pahang. After reaching your stop, you continue to trek 400 meters to Terra's Treehouse. 

An experience suited for the serious outdoor and nature lover, this treehouse accommodation is not your luxury escape, but more of an experiential tourism getaway.

Terra's Treehouse is located in the cool climate of Brinchang in Cameron Highlands, and you can expect the best of nature here.

A total of six treehouses are available with a common kitchen and an activity hall. Electricity is powered by a generator from 6.30 AM to 10.00 PM.

Here, you can expect temperatures from around 14-25 degrees Celsius in a natural and organic kind of retreat. If you are looking for something totally different and back to basic, then this is it. 

Terra's Treehouse Cameron Highlands
Address: Address: Jalan Sungai Mansion, Brinchang, Pahang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 39010
Price: From RM160+ per person
Website: http://www.terrafarm.com.my/2013/02/tree-house.html

Johor Rainforest Treehouse
Gunung Pulai's Rainforest Treehouse Accommodation (Photo by https://www.facebook.com/rainforest.treehouse.johor/)

7. Rainforest Treehouse Gunung Pulai Johor

One of the raw-styled nature retreats in Johor is the Rainforest Treehouse at Gunung Pulai. Just like Terra's Treehouse, there are six treehouses available for nature and outdoor lovers.

Four of the treehouses cater to six people while two of them can accommodate up to 12 people. 

Very natural but a little modern, there are electrical outlets, proper bedding, mosquito nets, common bathroom and activity area.

All of this was built by the owner who was filled with passion and determination. He worked with the locals in the area to create this amazing place which uses all-natural resources. 

Again, this is not your luxury escape, but more of an experience in the rainforest of Johor. Please do not bring your wheeled luggage as you need to trek up to the treehouses. 

Rainforest Treehouse Gunung Pulai
Address: Gunung Pulai, 81000 Kulai, Johor
Price: RM250+ per person including food
Website: https://www.facebook.com/rainforest.treehouse.johor/

Jungle Retreat Selangor
Bali Villa at Dusuntara Jungle Retreat in Batang Kali. (Photo by http://dusuntarajungleretreat.com/)

8. Dusuntara Jungle Retreat

In Batang Kali, you can find the Dusuntara Jungle Retreat which is only about an hours drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

This retreat is more of a modern resort with wood, brick and mortar villas, saltwater swimming pool, Jacuzzi and facilities. 

Camping is available, provided you bring your own tents and for activities, there is trekking, fishing, bird watching and anything outdoors. Otherwise, its swimming and just taking a break from the fast city life.

Getting into the resort takes you off-road, and Kamal the owner can arrange the 4WD drive if needed. In total, there are three acres of land here for you to explore the wilderness.

I would recommend coming here on a weekday due to the place being popular on weekends for groups and team-building activities. 

Dusuntara Jungle Retreat
Address: No.1, Dusun Drive, Batang Kali Estate | Kg. Sungei Kamin, Batang Kali 48300
Price: RM180+ per person
Website: http://dusuntarajungleretreat.com/

Weekend escape from Kuala Lumpur
Luxury in the rainforest at The Dusun in Seremban (Photo by http://thedusun.com.my/)

9. The Dusun

One of the old-timers in the rainforest retreats of Malaysia is The Dusun, which has been around since 1984 and turned into an Eco retreat in 2009.

In total, the resort sits in a 12-acre orchard which is 800 meters above sea level in the Berembun Forest Resort here. There are six different bungalows which cater to families, groups or couples. 

Operated by Helen and David, they have been living here since the beginning and sharing this beautiful retreat with passionate people who believe in responsible tourism.

Activities include trekking, bird watching, waterfall visits and even a cooking workshop. 

Due to the higher pricing, you can expect quality service and accommodations here, and also privacy without mass tourism.

From Kuala Lumpur, it is only an hour and a half to get here and this would be one of the closing weekend retreats from KL. 

The Dusun Negeri Sembilan
Address: 3437, Kampung Kolam Air, Mukim Pantai, 71770 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Price: From RM400 - RM900
Website: http://thedusun.com.my/

Shorea Resort
Two of the beautiful villas at The Shorea in Seremban

10. The Shorea

Around the Berembun Forest Reserve, you can find The Shorea Resort, which is one of the new players for the weekend getaway category.

They are branded as a boutique Eco-resort with eight bungalows and a total of 15 rooms. 

The Shorea is divided into two sections which is the Shorea Estate and the Shorea Resort, which is built-in line with the rustic and Eco theme surrounded by the lush rainforest.

Swimming pools face the beautifully landscaped forest where sunsets can be enjoyed. 

A full-facility resort, The Shorea provides fine dining, Asian dining and private dining hence this is an excellent choice for a romantic getaway for couples.

Activities around here include trekking, waterfall visits and good old nature walks. 

Need a family retreat? Book a villa of your own at The Shorea, an architectural wonder built within the tropical forest reserves of Berembun.

Set on natural terrains, meandering paths are leading down to a jungle stream, and even a waterfall. The resort is also constructed using recycled timber, so you know it’s a real Eco retreat.

The Shorea
Address: Village Kolam Air, Mukim Pantai,, Jalan Jelebu, 71770 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Price: RM530+ per night
Website: http://www.theshorea.com/

Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya Eco Resort
Farrah Soraya villas by Tanah Aina in Raub, Pahang. (Photo by http://www.tanahaina.com/farrah-soraya/)

11. Tanah Aina - Farrah Soraya Eco Tourism Resort

Located in the Raub area, one hour away from Kuala Lumpur is the Farrah Soraya Resort which is under the Tanah Aina brand of retreats.

Yes, the name sounds confusing as many people seem to think it is Tanah Aina Resort, which is actually the group name. 

This multiple resort concept is created by Puan Sri Sharifah Sabrina Syed Akil, who is passionate about protecting and conserving Malaysia’s rainforests and natural environment.

She has also branded this as an exclusive Eco resort which sits 1,700 meters above sea level. This equals a cooling and private getaway in the rainforest of Pahang. 

Activities are abundant with nature-related experiences as they boast of three private waterfalls, trekking and a flying fox through the lush tropical rainforest here.

For accommodations, there is villas and camping available. Based on reviews, Farrah Soraya Resort gets really busy on weekends and long holidays, hence I recommend visiting this place on a weekday. 

Tanah Aina Resort (Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya)
Address: 8, Jalan Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
Price: RM100+ per night per person
Website: http://www.tanahaina.com/farrah-soraya/

Rainforest Retreat Templer Park
The stunning pool at the Templer Park Rainforest Retreat (Photo by https://www.pinterest.com)

12. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

The closest rainforest retreat in Kuala Lumpur is the all-new Templer Park Rainforest Retreat which is only about 40 minutes drive from the city. This urban rainforest escape sprawls over three acres on a hilltop of the Kanching Rainforest Reserve here. 

There are only two houses located at this weekend escape, making this one of the most private retreats out of Kuala Lumpur.

One unit is a luxurious villa while the other is a container style unit and both a far apart. Activities include trekking and hiking to the Kanching Waterfalls and its surroundings. 

Generally, this place is suitable for large families or groups who want to do private gatherings, events, parties or just a massive escape from the hustle and bustle of the fast city life.

After all, if you desire to book the entire place for a romantic escape, that would work, but you need to pay the entire fees. 

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat
Address: 22, Jalan 3/2, Templer Heights, Templer Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor
Price: RM1,000 weekdays, RM1,500 weekends for 6 pax. 
Website: https://www.tprr.net/

Raub Casabrina Villa
The incredible views at Casabrina Villa (Photo by http://www.casabrina.net/)

13. Casabrina Vacation Villas

Another luxurious rainforest retreat is Casabrina Villas, which is located in the hills of Raub, Pahang and about an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. There are only two villas here with four suites hence you can expect privacy at its best. 

The theme is tropical-rustic, and fine details are not missed. The owners have invested quite a bit to ensure this falls into the luxury category in a rainforest.

Sabrina is perfect for small families or groups that seek a hidden and private property away from it all. 

As for activities, there are quite a bit to do around here, meaning trips out of the main resort area to popular tourist places around Raub, Lancang and Karak. I would just recommend staying here and absorbing nature by the pool. 

Casabrina Villas
Address: Lot 1460, Jalan Tras, Mukim Tras, 27600 Raub Pahang
Price: RM800+ per night
Website: http://www.casabrina.net/

Retreat Hulu Langat
Natural landscapes surrounding Tanah Larwina (Photo by http://www.tanahlarwina.com/)

14. Tanah Larwina Retreat 

A nature retreat in an orchard and animal farm in Hulu Langat, Selangor? Introducing Tanah Larwina Retreat which is a single unit getaway for families or friends who want to experience design in a rainforest. 

Overall this is a one-unit resort with four queen-sized beds in an open room concept that lets you be one with nature.

The unit sits just by a river while there is a special campfire site outside the unit. There is also a barbecue and cooking area and for larger groups, there is a campsite available.

The owner is currently in the midst of adding two pods which cater to couples wanting privacy. They are to be opened in early 2018. Extension plans are in the process for an additional villa in 2018 as well.

Tanah Larwina Retreat
Address: Lot 4075, Kg Paya Lebar, Batu 23,  Jalan Sg Lui, Hulu Langat, Selangor
Price: RM1,679 per night for 8 guests
Website: http://www.tanahlarwina.com/

Rainforest Retreat near KL
Kampung style villa at Selepas Hujan (Phot by http://selepashujan.com/wp/)

15. Selepas Hujan 

Deep in the Berembun Rainforest of Negeri Sembilan lies a retreat perfect for couples, very small families or groups.

There are only two bungalows or villas available here which is traditionally built in wood combined with modern designs and fittings.

Selepas Hujan means after the rain, and it is here that you will find one of the best private escapes to nature.

Consider this place as one of the premium luxuries escapes in a pristine forest reserve near Kuala Lumpur as it only takes about one hours drive here.

Activities include trekking, bird watching and simply doing nothing but relaxing. One of the villas is actually a honeymoon villa, which is perfect for the newlyweds with little time to travel.

Selepas Hujan 
Address: 43A (Lot 3154) Pantai Hill Orchard Resort, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 71770 Pantai Negeri Sembilan
Price: RM700 to RM1,500+ per night
Tel: +6012-931 5147
Website: http://selepashujan.com/wp/

Janda Baik Enderong Villa
The beautiful Enderong Resort in Janda Baik (Photo by https://enderong.wixsite.com/enderongresort)
16. Enderong Resort

Located 2000 feet above sea level is a retreat called Enderong Resort, which is in the Janda Baik area of Pahang. This means it only takes you no more than an hour to get here from Kuala Lumpur using the Karak Highway.

The Enderong Resort consists of one villa with eight rooms, a cottage with four rooms, an Annexe with 18 rooms, and a multipurpose function hall.

All of this combined and you get the perfect venue for small gatherings, retreats, weddings and anything else that says 'Out of KL, but near KL'.

The location is pretty close to Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands, making this one of the logistically perfect retreats for just about anyone.

The key factor is that it is only 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Tends to get crowded on long weekends and holidays, therefore for privacy, book on a weekday.

Enderong Resort
Address: Lot C21, Persiaran Enderong, Jalan Tanarimba Pine, Tanarimba, Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
Price: RM370 to RM4,200 per night
Tel: +609 2330533
Website: https://enderong.wixsite.com/enderongresort

Bukit Tinggi Waterway Villa
One of the villas at the Waterway Villas in Bukit Tinggi (Photo by http://www.thewaterwayvilla.com/)

17. The Waterway Villa

Another rainforest retreat near Kuala Lumpur is The Waterway Villa, which is also located in the Bukit Tinggi area of Pahang. This part of Bukit Tinggi is home to numerous retreats and resorts that cater to weekend escapes.

Waterway Villa consists of five different types of villas where each of them represents a different type of materials.

Choose from Balinese, Timber, Stone, Glass and Bamboo design villas as each one provides a different staying experience. The resort also comes with a common swimming pool.

The catch is that you either visit on a weekday when the retreat is less crowded or just book the entire place for your own function or event. Otherwise, you will be sharing the place with other visitors. 

Waterway Villa
Address: PT 21564,Bt. 7,Jalan Kuala Lumpur Lama, Bukit Tinggi, Bentong Pahang
Price: RM400 to RM1,920 per night
Tel: +60 3 3343 3888
Website: http://www.thewaterwayvilla.com/

Villa Plassid
Stand-alone Plasid Villa in Seremban. (Photo by http://gan-lifewalker.blogspot.my)

18. Plassid Villa

Located in the Pantai area of Seremban is the Plassid bungalow or villa, which is perfect for very small groups of travellers.

This villa which is owned by Patrick, and is a stand-alone unit that sits on a hill overlooking the beautiful natural landscapes.

The villa is designed after a traditional 'Kampung House' that is also modern contemporary and simple. For accommodations, the villa comes with two bedrooms, eight beds and two baths with standard amenities.

Privately owned, the owner takes the initiative to complete the villa with almost anything you can think off in terms of snacks or drinks.

Locals from Kuala Lumpur take a quick weekend break here with friends or family to escape the busy city life. 

Plassid Villa
Address: Lot 3173 Pantai Hill Resort, Jalan Pantai Batu 8, Kg Orang Asli, Negeri Sembilan
Price: RM1,200 per night
Website: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3399685

This is what some of the villa retreats look like inside. (Photo by http://www.casabrina.net/)

What To Bring For Your Retreat or Getaway?

Depending on which retreat you book, some of them only provide basic amenities while others will provide full service.

You need to double check when booking. Most of them provide breakfast only and you can buy your own food to cook there or barbecue.

Some retreats also provide fridges, complete kitchen utensils and storage spaces. As for snacks, it is always best to bring them as at nights, there are no places for you to buy them, so stock up if needed.

As for mosquito's, these places are located in the rainforest and some places may have mosquito's so best to bring insect repellent. And if you plan to swim or go trekking or hiking, please bring the necessary attire for them.

And finally, because these are purely nature retreats, please, I repeat, please do not throw your rubbish everywhere. Especially smokers, please use an ashtray or a makeshift one.

We all know this reminds you of a hotel, where you can leave the place in a mess, but please practice good ethics at these places.

Trekking at The Dusun
Trekking to a waterfall at The Dusun (Photo by http://thedusun.com.my/)

To be very honest, this list was specially created from reader request as many people want to know where they can find some nature resorts or retreats for a family getaway over the weekend from Kuala Lumpur. Personally, I am yet to visit any of these resorts to date.  

However, I have been to some of the most beautiful rainforest resorts in Malaysia since 2010 for my work, also for bird watching and wildlife watching activities.

For the serious outdoor and nature lover, I would recommend Sabah as one of the best places for this kind of activity. 

And if you are looking for something totally different, read about my experiences visiting some of the most beautiful private island resorts in Malaysia, which I have stayed at. And you should know that there are also many different types of resorts found all over Malaysia. 


Hopefully soon, I will have the opportunity to visit some of the nature retreats, resorts or villas listed here to fully review them.

Also if you know of any other weekend getaways that are rainforest or Eco related, do share them in the comment form below. I will look into them and list them here as long as they meet the criteria.

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