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Visit Miri Year 2018

VMY 2018

If you have already been to Kuching, then you should consider your next destination to be Miri as the Visit Miri Year 2018 will be quite interesting for anyone visiting Sarawak. 

Miri is located in the north-west of Sarawak bordering the kingdom of Brunei, which is only two hours drive and also one of the main gateways to the Mulu National Park. Miri is also home to the international Borneo Jazz Festival and country music festival. 

This article will provide you with general information on what to expect for the Visit Miri Year 2018 which is quite exciting for not only for foreigners but also local travellers.

Miri Resort City
Miri Resort City
Visit Miri Year 2018

For the entire year of 2018, a total of 30 events have been proposed throughout the year for Visit Miri Year 2018. The largest of the events being no other than the Miri Mat Fest which takes place n the month of May. 

The official launching of the Visit Miri Year 2018 (VMY 2018) will also take place at the Miri Central Park on new year's eve, which is the perfect opportunity to brand VMY 2018 to the many people that will be here. 

The re-opening of the Miri Handicraft Center is also scheduled for VMY 2018. This is a new building that is revamped to showcase the traditional cultures of the Miri people and its surrounding ethnic quarters.

Borneo International Jazz Festival 2018
Borneo Jazz Festival held in Miri, Sarawak
Proposed  and Existing Events for Visit Miri Year 2018

Below is a list of existing events that take place in Miri and also those proposed for VMY 2018.
  • Opening Ceremony of Mir Handicraft Center
  • Sarawak Native Festival
  • Miss Grand Miri Pageant
  • Miri Pet Expo
  • Miri Mural Art Exhibition
  • Malaysia Dragon Temple Krokop 5 - 40th Anniversary
  • International Conference on Sustainable Building Asia (SBE2018)
  • Southeast Asia Poet Convention 
  • Borneo Jazz Festival 2018
  • Miri Color Rush Run 2018
  • Afro Latin Conference
  • International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament
  • 11th Miri City Day
  • Miri International Marathon
  • Miri Country Music Festival
The Seahorse Lighthouse, one of the icons on Miri
VMY 2018 - Local Opinions

According to news reports, locals voiced out to the organisers that other events from outside of the Miri district should be also highlighted and promoted, not only those in Miri.

There are events from areas of Sibuti, Marudi and the nearby national parks of Niah, Lambir and Loagan Bunut. 

They want this to be a successful event since Miri was selected at the place to visit for 2018.

Miri is also a fast-developing resort city that offers quite a lot of tourism, only that the place is not promoted heavily at the moment.

Gua Niah
Niah Caves, just two hours from Miri
Miri Grand Old Lady
Grand Old Lady of Miri
I have been an avid fan of Miri, having visited this resort city yearly since 2010 and have seen the changes since back then.

There are international world-class hotels and resorts, modern shopping malls, rich local heritage and culture and beautiful places to explore. 

I have also done an article on what to do in Miri, for anyone heading here. The coastal city is unlike your normal city, where things are a little more laid back and peaceful.

Miri E-Mart
E-Mart in Miri is one of the very popular shopping spots
Luak Esplanade Miri
Sunset at Luak Esplanade in Miri
Just so you know, scuba diving in Miri is also one of the untouched tourism activities. Usually, adventure lovers tend to come here due to the three national parks in the area. 

For food lovers, Miri also offers some of the best local and ethnic foods in Sarawak, which is located in the main city area. Walking around Miri old and the new town is highly recommended for first-time visitors here.

Another new place to explore for food is the all-new Container City Miri which is in the main city area. This is a pork-free lifestyle place and there are Halal food restaurants available here.

Makanan Kelabit
Authentic Kelabit food in Miri
Miri Tamu Khas
Miri's Tamu Khas or Special Ethnic Market in the city
You can find services like Grab and Uber in Miri as taxis are not easy to get. Most visitors tend to book day tours from the various travel companies in Miri as travelling around requires a knowledgeable guide.


If you plan to visit here during the Visit Miri Year 2018, I recommend you wait for the official Miri calendar of events to be released, then you would know when is the best time to visit. If you have questions, please do ask them below.

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