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Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort

Biodiversity Eco Resort in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, with travellers looking to get away from the crowds of the cities and towns and other beach holiday locations. Those that are truly looking for a remote untouched tropical paradise turn to a Resort in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat is located off the Northwest tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula off of the Island of New Guinea and the region known as Papua. Raja Ampat means the ‘Four Kings’ and the 4 main Islands are Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo; it is an archipelago that comprises of over 1500 Islands, Islets and cays.  

The Raja Ampat Archipelago is part of the Coral Triangle which spans between Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia. The coral triangle holds the largest diversity of coral species compared to other coral reefs in tropical locations.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort

Eco Resort Raja Ampat
The Biodiversity Eco Resort in Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is nestled in a remote location on the Island of Gam neighbouring the Island of Waigeo which houses the main town of the regency; Waisai. Biodiversity Eco Resort has so much to offer the more adventurous traveller.  

The resort offers comfortable accommodation in Raja Ampat, in traditional Papuan style huts right on the beachfront. With a selection of three different cottages to choose from, there is a cottage to suit most budgets.

Biodiversity Eco Resort offers more comfort than the local alternative homestays and a more affordable budget than the other resorts in Raja Ampat. Biodiversity Eco Resort offers the best and most flexible all-round packages and full board accommodation for staying in a resort whilst visiting the area.  

Raja Ampat Places
Aerial view of Piaynemo in Raja Ampat
Unlike many of the other resorts in the area we have no fixed check-in or check-out days, allowing guests to arrive at the time that suits them the best.

All the cottages are on the beachfront and provide either a double or twin room in comfort, with plenty of areas in the cottage, or outside the cottage on the deck with a bean bag or hammock, or on the beach with a sunbed or pergola or even the sofas on the jetty to relax in.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort offers the opportunity to connect with Mother Nature both on land and under the water with daily dives being offered to certified divers. 

Raja Ampat Scuba Diving
Underwater landscape at Raja Ampat
It offers the opportunity to try scuba diving for the first time and even complete the full open water diver training for those that aren’t certified. Diving in Indonesia is a unique experience for divers that are looking for unique biodiversity in the world.

With dive boats heading out to different dive sites every day to explore the wondrous marine life that Raja Ampat has to offer there are 2 to 4 dive trips available every day and the opportunity for snorkelers to join the boat and see the different reefs here in Raja Ampat.  

Raja Ampat is ranked in the top 10 dive destinations but it’s still the world record holder for the highest count of different fish species counted in a single dive on Cape Kri, just a 20min boat ride from the resort.

Carpet Shark Raja Ampat
The famous Wobbegong or Carpet Shark in Raja Ampat
For that time not spent underwater, there are opportunities to join treks into the jungle to see the rare Birds of Paradise, walks along the beach and join a boat to the local villages to see the true native Papuan lifestyle.

There is even the chance to rent a Kayak and explore the winding waterways between Gam and Waigeo and venture into secluded bays and beaches uninhabited by man.


Biodiversity Eco resort has been established with a family feel at its core, welcoming all travelers, be it couples, Families or Single travelers.

The diversity of the travelers to the resorts reflects the diversity of the area and offers this special and amazing experience for all to enjoy.

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