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With 40 years of production experience, IST Malaysia scuba diving products are now available as a choice of reliable equipment for all divers out there.

The brand which originates from Taiwan also has a strong presence in over 200 countries around the world, and now available here in Malaysia.

IST Malaysia provides brands such as IST Proline, IST Sports and Dolphin Tech which offers consumers a choice of the latest technology in scuba diving.

Some may say this is a new player in the scuba diving industry, but in fact, they are one of the seasoned international brands.

IST Malaysia

Recently launched in October 2017, IST Malaysia officially launched it's Malaysian office and also its online dive shop where consumers can buy directly with massive discounts being offered.

And speaking of discounts, the brand is offering a 35% discount for all IST scuba diving products till 31st December 2017.

Diving Raja Ampat 2018
A photo I took while diving at Raja Ampat in October 2017
Who Is IST Malaysia?

A little history about IST, a company founded in Taiwan in 1976 producing masks, snorkels and fins which has a 41-year history.

Over the years, the company ventured in more sport diving products and eventually catered from head to toe in diving equipment.

Not only for casual divers, but IST also produces other equipment such as freediving, technical diving and also commercial diving with a vast range of products.

The company has a simple and strict mission statement which is to produce safe, reliable, high-quality products, and at very affordable prices.

This mission statement is accepted well around the world over and now IST Sports is one of the top scuba diving brands around the world.

Products include general diving equipment, bags, BCD sets, gloves, gauges, torches, hard gear parts and many other related items. 

Rash Guard Malaysia IST
Selection of Rash Guards from IST Malaysia
IST Scuba Diving Products in Malaysia

With so many scuba diving products out in the market nowadays, divers have too many choices.

However, for those with a budget and who still want quality, IST diving products are one to consider. For those who dive regularly, they usually would want to have their own equipment. 

Just like me, I dive quite regularly and have been using my own dive equipment, and the main reason is purely for safety.

Divers would know about the general dive centre rental equipment, and how some of them are worn or not well kept. 

As many divers choose to have their own dive equipment, I will list down some of the popular items required by divers. 

IST Pro Ear Mask Malaysia
IST Pro Ear Mask
Diving Mask - This is probably the most personal dive equipment anyone must-have. A mask provides you with clarity underwater, and a good mask will not give you problems when you are diving.

As I use glasses, I choose a prescription mask with power and the mask is comfortable. IST Malaysia has a new technology diving mask which is a ProEar Mask that assists divers with equalization problems. You can check out the Pro Ear Mask by IST

Wet Suits and Rash Guards - These are also sought after by most divers, as a wet suit or rash guard is quite personal.

The best is to obtain your own personal-sized that fits you and you are comfortable while diving. You can check out some of the interesting wet suits and rash guards from IST Malaysia

Fins - Probably the least owned dive equipment, due to availability from most dive centres. However, more divers are getting their own fins nowadays, especially for personal diving comfort and probably for overall matching. 

Dive Combo Sets - These are a combination of mask, snorkel and fins for those who want a good deal in getting the set. They are usually matching colours and for the dive fashionistas, these provide the perfect finishing. 

Other Scuba Diving Equipment - IST Malaysia offers a very wide range of scuba diving equipment from head to tow and also diving accessories.

You can get BCD's, regulators, parts and many other items. Check the IST Malaysia diving catalogue for the equipment list and prices. 

IST Malaysia Video

Below is a video on IST Malaysia, highlighting the brand and its interesting scuba diving products. The video also shows the launching of IST Malaysia in October 2017. 

IST Malaysia Information
Megan Avenue 1,
Unit B7-5,189 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2164 3311
Online Shop:

You can also contact IST Malaysia via their social media platforms as listed below;
Dive equipment sale Malaysia
IST Malaysia is having a special sale till 31st of December 2017 on their website
Scuba divers out there, especially if you are a new scuba diver, IST Sport diving equipment is one of the recommended products which are affordable.

Some of the equipment sold is world-class and quite unique, and you can check out the 2018 IST dive equipment from their main website.


Again, IST Malaysia is offering a 35% discount for all their scuba diving equipment if you shop online and this offer ends on the 31st December 2017.

When it comes to diving, consumers have many choices and IST Malaysia scuba diving products are one of the new players in Malaysia.

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