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Get travel promotion discounts with MyDigi App?

Digi Application

By this day in time, most of us would already have a smartphone and have gone through several different network providers. As for me, I have been using a smartphone since the launching of the 1st iPhone. 

It was back in early July of 2007 when I got my iPhone 1 shipped one day after its launch in the USA and I still remember that I was on Digi back then.

After all, I had been using Digi since the early 90s and it hasn’t failed me in the 20 years since and one of the reasons why I’m still a Digi loyalist is because of all the promos and discounts you can get from the MyDigi app. 

My work requires me to travel around Malaysia, the region of Southeast Asia and also around the world, and DiGi has always served me well with their data roaming and other services while abroad. 

This article was written to share what is new with the smartphone provider and why I am still a loyal DiGi user after all this time. It also shares information about how to get travel promotion and discounts by using the MyDiGi App. 

DiGi phone app
MyDiGi App
Getting Travel Promotions via MyDiGi App

Since Digi launched the app in March 2017, I thought little of it, as normally you would see the same old boring discounts and offers up for grabs, which is of not much use for someone like me. 

But around Aug 2017, I was actually surprised when I saw that there were some pretty interesting travel promos and discounts in the app. 

Some of the exciting promos I discovered were for international brands like Agoda, DoubleTree by The Hilton and even local tourism players like Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World. 

One of the interesting places that I visited in Bangkok, Thailand
Once I spotted these, I started scrolling through one-by-one. After my research, I conclude that it IS. Here are some of November 2017 promos that you need to get now. 

Agoda 10% OFF

So, on my recent travel to Bangkok, I actually used the Agoda travel promotion as it allowed me to get a further 10% off my hotel room booking. So instead of paying RM285 for three nights hotel stay, I paid only RM256.50 and saved RM28.50. 

Sunway Lagoon 32% OFF

Good for families, this is a real jewel for the coming school holidays. If you’re planning to visit Sunway Lagoon theme park, then claim the 32% discount. 

Sunway Lost World Hotel 60% OFF 

For those who want to escape the Klang Valley, there is a fantastic offer from Sunway’s Lost World of Tambun where the Lost World Hotel is offering a 60% discount for hotel room rates. Not only that, there is a 35% discount on the Lost World Theme Park tickets. 

Triip Travel RM420 OFF

And if your next hols needs to be somewhere unique and exotic, Triip is offering a 5D/4N travel promotion to Bhutan with a USD 100 discount. Convert that and it’s RM420.00 off your trip to Bhutan! 

Promotions for MyDiGi App
Some of the promotions available on the MyDiGi App
What else can you do with MyDiGi App? 

Generally, as a MyDigi user, there are quite a several things that can be done using this application.

One of the best functions is that you can actually reload prepaid credit for family and friends, and this lets you unlock cash vouchers to be redeemed. 

The minimum reload is RM15.00 and every reload earns you a badge which is redeemable. Generally, this is best for parents with kids, because you can keep track of your child’s internet usage and spending, and in return get rewarded. 

Inviting friends and getting rewarded is something many users should also use. The steps are pretty simple and straightforward, you can refer to the method here: MyDigi App,. Also, do not forget to read the terms and conditions for this.

MyDiGi Monthly Rewards
MyDiGi Superdeal and Monthly Rewards
In your MyDiGi App, there are two main sections available, which are;

1.MyDiGi Superdeals
2.MyDiGi Monthly Rewards

MyDigi Superdeals - This is for the lifestyle user where there are many different promotions and offers available for your everyday use.

You can choose from food and beverage promotions to entertainment and even buy Android Internet Security for promotional prices.

MyDigi Monthly Rewards - This is the one that I prefer, where you can get some really great deals and savings, especially if you are travelling or shopping. There are quite a several promotions available and it changes from month to month.

There is additional information about MyDigi App if you’re interested, and if you are an existing Digi user, I would simply say that it is a free app with nothing to lose. Just like me, I installed it out of curiosity and found that I could get some travel promotions and discounts from the app.

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