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Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia

Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2017

One of the countries largest anime events called Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia will take place in December at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center or KLCC. The dates are from 16-17 December and will see over 50,000 people attending this event. 

The Comic Fiesta 2017 in Malaysia has also been running for many years and has attracted a lot of anime, manga and comic fans from all over the country and region.

This event is also touted as the largest comic and pop culture market to date.

Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2017

Malaysia Comic Fiesta
One of the halls at the Comic Fiesta 2016 Malaysia
This unique event not only showcases comics as the title says, but there are many other sub-genres available at the entire event.

Most of the vendors there will be selling fan merchandise from popular comics, anime and manga characters. 

Retail business will also be at its best as collectors and fans wait for this one massive event to get their desired items. In total, there would be over 300 vendors at the Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia.

At the event, there are dedicated areas for different genres and divided into halls. Consumer merchandise is allocated in one hall where the suppliers and importers will have their large booths selling items.

Cosplayers from Malaysia at the Comic Fiesta
You can find replica items from your favourite characters, costumes, accessories, stickers and many other items from the vendors here.

At the last Comic Fiesta 2016, there was one area dedicated to gaming, and they had the live game playing on a super huge screen where spectators could watch. Around that area, game developers and distributors are seen at their booths.

As for food, usually, there is a special area dedicated to food and beverage. There is also a seating area with tables and chairs for visitors to sit and relax. Usually, people who attend this event will spend the entire day here.

Earthbound Papas at Comic Fiesta 2017
Earthbound Papas concert and show at Comic Fiesta 2017
Live Events at Comic Fiesta 2017

Great news for Final Fantasy fans as legendary Final Fantasy Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu will be there with Earthbound Papas performing.

This will take place at the main stage area and special tickets are required to be purchases for this showcase.

Tickets are in three classes which are Novice RM50, Expert RM100 and Master RM150. Tickets are limited too so get them as soon as possible if you are a massive Final Fantasy fan.

Malaysia Cosplay Event
Cosplayers in action at Comic Fiesta Malaysia
Cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2017

One of the main highlights at this event where you will see the best of Malaysian Cosplay at one event. This is quite unique as fans dress up all the way, and showcase themselves all over the event.

From the main entrance all the way into the event, you will definitively see cosplayers in full action. Guys, girls and even kids take advantage of this event to dress up as characters.

Collectible Card Games (CCG) at Comic Fiesta 2017

Another popular genre is the collectable card games (CCG) or trading card games (TCG) that are featured in one special area.

Last year, Magic The Gathering or MTG took the opportunity to launch MTG Commander 2016 Edition at the event with a huge turnout of fans.

There are also many other CCG and TCG available, especially new ones which have been introduced into the market.

They also see Comic Fiesta as one of the excellent platforms to gain popularity and branding fro their card games.

Some vendors are also selling cards games which come in a box. Alternatively, you can also talk to them to pre-order certain up and coming games.

Bazaar at Comic Fiesta Malaysia
Probably the largest single bazaar in Malaysia, the Comic Fiesta Bazaar
Comic Fiesta 2017 Bazaar

Probably the largest single pop culture bazaar in Malaysia, there will be over 200 bazaar vendors that will be in a special dedicated area for this. You will find all kinds of everything related to comics, anime, manga and pop culture.

This bazaar is open to vendors from the public who sell their own creations, costumes, accessories and collectables. Prepare to spend a couple of hours at this bazaar if you are a huge fan.

Tickets for Comic Fiesta 2017
Early bird tickets for this year's Comic Fiesta 2017 in Malaysia
Comic Fiesta 2017 Tickets

The tickets for Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia are available online for the early bird tickets which are RM60.00 for two days.

What is so special about getting the early bird tickets? If I were you, I would get them because you will be entitled to;

1. Early Access to the event (30 minutes earlier than the general ticket holders)
2. Shorter queue for entering the event halls

This means early bird ticket holders are like hot seat passengers where they get priority access to the event. And no, this does not mean you are getting a backstage pass, only the priority access.

The normal priced tickets are RM30 for one day and RM60 for two days.

Special Magic Cube Ticket for Comic Fiesta 2017

This is a special ticket where it includes exclusive limited edition items with your ticket. Items include a special mystic magic mug, Touch 'n Go card and a special limited edition pin. This is recommended for serious collectors and fans.

Cosplay Event Malaysia 2017
Inside the event, lots of vendors selling all sorts of things
Where to buy early bird tickets for Comic Fiesta 2017?

There are selected retail outlets that are selling the Comic Fiesta 2017 early bird tickets, and you can also get them from the selected roadshows listed further below.

For foreigners, there is a dedicated page where you can pre-order the tickets and pay via PayPal.

Tickets Counters On Event Day

You can purchase these tickets on the event day at the entrance to Comic Fiesta. However, you should note that the ticket counters are only open at 10.00 AM after the early bird queue is cleared. And entry to the event is also after the early bird queue.

Tickets are also in the form of wristbands, therefore please do not lose them or it will be difficult to get back in after you exit.

2017 Comic Fiesta Event
Some of the vendors at the recent Comic Fiesta in Malaysia
Children Below 12 Years Old

Entrance is free for children below 12 years old, but they must be accompanied by a parent or adult. This means the parent or adult must purchase a ticket to bring the child in.

Remember, if you are bringing your child or children, the place can get really crowded. Please keep an eye on your kids and take regular breaks at the F&B area or other open areas.

Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia Roadshow

The organisers have also created a series of roadshows for the event which will take place at three main locations around the Klang Valley and Melaka. The places and information are;

Evolve Concept Mall
21 & 22 October (Concluded)

Elements Mall, Melaka
28-29 October 2017 (Concluded)

Publika Comic Play 2017
Publika Shopping Gallery
18-19 November 2017

Comic Fiesta 2016 Video

Below is a video of last years Comic Fiesta 2016 taken by me, and showcasing an overall view of the event. Last years event was held at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur and in a few different halls.

If you have never been to this event, just take a look at the video and you will know what to expect at the Malaysian Comic Fiesta 2017. It shows cosplayers, booths, events and overall what you can expect here.

Visitors coming from out of Malaysia for Comic Fiesta 2017

If you are from out of Malaysia and planning to travel to Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia, I strongly recommend you make your accommodation bookings fast.

This is because during the year-end, Kuala Lumpur tends to be busy and hotels can be fully booked.

I recommend also trying AirBnB for lodging if you cannot find any hotels. For transport, there is the main LRT train line that stops at KLCC and you can walk about five minutes to the convention centre.

If you want convenience, I recommend you try some of the hotels located around the KLCC area.

Those wanting the four and five-star hotels, you can try booking Impiana KLCC Hotel as this is located just across the main road from the convention centre.

Alternatively, there is the Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur which is about five minutes walking distance to the event.

Those who want to stay at a luxury hotel, you can try the Mandarin Oriental Hotel or even the new Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur as they are both just next to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

For those who need other transport, you can take private car services like UBER and GRAB, which is quite easy and economical to use.

Many cars are running these services in the city area and are reliable and cheap.

Malaysia Cosplay
A local cosplayer at Comic Fiesta

If you have been a huge comic, anime or manga fan, this is the one event that is highly recommended to attend or visit.

Comic Fiesta 2017 Malaysia just gets better year after year and because of events like this, more people are finally getting into this genre.

If you have any questions, please contact the organisers at their Comic Fiesta 2017 Facebook Page or through their website. You can even leave them in the comment form below and hopefully, someone will help answer it.

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