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Hornbill Valley (Lembah Enggang) at Taman Negara

Lembah Enggang Taman Negara

One of the new locations for bird watching is the Hornbill Valley (Lembah Enggang) at Taman Negara, Pahang. Well, the location is just outside the national park, but most people know this area as Taman Negara Pahang. 

Hornbill Valley was introduced back in 2012 by the Taman Negara Bird Lovers Club. Since then, only a selected few local bird watchers have been frequenting this place.

Usual suspects are the Rhinoceros and Wrinkled Hornbills, which are often spotted. The star bird here is also the Helmeted Hornbill. 

On a recent trip here in April 2017, my objective was to do a product update on the facilities, trails, tours and bird watching spots.

Chance was on my side as I met a local birder Roslan, who introduced me to Hornbill Valley as it is still considered a new place, for non-locals.

Bird Watching at Hornbill Valley

Pahang Lembah Enggang
Locally called Lembah Enggang, this is what it looks like in the morning
Generally, the location of this place is along with one of the village roads that connects Kuala Tahan to Kampung Pagi. It is a decently wide road that hardly anyone uses, and because of this, the avian life finds it peaceful. 

The 22-kilometre road is beautiful for sightseeing, especially if you love bicycling or riding and it bends left to right with up and downhills.

There is nothing along the roads, except for a few huts that farmers may use during the season. 

Hornbill Valley is located at one point of this road, and there is no signage or anything that indicates it.

Therefore, you need to engage a local bird guide to bring you here, and Roslan, a local birder and photographer brought me and my guide here at 7.30 AM. 

Taman Negara Bird Guide
My bird guide Roslan leads us to Hornbill Valley in Taman Negara
From Kuala Tahan, it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to drive to the exact spot of the Hornbill Valley. And when I got here, there were already birds perched on some of the trees here. Our car stopped at the side of the road and we parked by the road dividers. 

Armed with my 300mm lens, it was not good enough as the trees were clearly about 500 meters away and the birds high on the canopy. My bird guide Roslan was armed with a 500mm lens and he could easily photograph them. 

Unfortunately, there were no hornbills that morning, but there were other interesting species around, so that was a pretty good indicator. 

Pahang Horn Bill Valley
Pristine rainforest at the Hornbill Valley in Pahang
It is recommended that you come here before 9.00 AM, as the birds are most active at around 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM.

I arrived a little late to catch the hornbills, but I did get to spot around five or six species of birds within 20 minutes. Reason for this is that I was just here to see the location and head back. 

I was informed that on a good morning, a team of birders managed to spot 173 species around here, which is quite fascinating for any birder.

Included were about 9 species of Hornbills, and this is how the place got named Hornbill Valley. 

Taman Negara Hornbill Valley Bird Watching
Not the best shot, but it was really far and this was photographed with my 300mm lens
Contact For Bird Watching at Taman Negara

There have been plans to turn Hornbill Valley into proper conservation, and studies have been conducted of lately.

However, there has been no official news to date, but I am hoping that by 2018, Lembah Enggang will be turned into birding conservation or even an IBA (Important Birding Area).

After experiencing this, I have made plans to make another visit here, just to see what numbers and species of birds I will come across.

For anyone who wants to visit this place, I recommend you contact Ivy Holidays at +6 010 900 8699 or email them at transport @ ivyholidays.com as they can arrange the proper local bird guide who is one of the best in Taman Negara.

Birding Hornbill Valley Taman Negara
I really need to go back to Hornbill Valley again with my 600mm lens
You can also read about my other bird watching articles in Malaysia to find out about the other recommended places around Malaysia.

I am not a professional bird watcher, but due to my nature of work, I often travel around Malaysia and other places. When I have some free time, I will do some birding as one of my hobbies.


I also wrote another article about bird watching in Taman Negara with tips on the bird locations and species to be spotted. Birders may find that handy if you are planning to visit here for some birding.

If you have been to Lembah Enggang or Hornbill Valley in Taman Negara, do share your experience in the comment form below.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask below. Otherwise, just contact Ivy Holidays to arrange your trip.

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