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KLIA2 New Passenger Service Charge Tax Rate 2018

New KLIA2 PSC Tax Price for 2018
For those traveling internationally out of Malaysia, you should take note of the new KLIA2 passenger service charge tax rates for 2018. Known as the PSC, the new tax rate may or is going to be increased from RM50.00 to RM73.00. 

The main reason for this is that KLIA2 needs to match that of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA. Malaysian Aviation Commission or Mavcom stated that the rate at KLIA was already one of the cheapest in the world, and the budget airline terminal needs to have the same rate. 

The new KLIA passenger tax may or will take place in January 2018, but the date has yet to be set, as of August 2017.

News of this was announced in mid August, where they are giving consumers to adjust and also for airlines to promote fair competition among the airports. 

What is the Passenger Service Charge (PSC)?

The Passenger Service Charge or PSC is a charge imposed by the airport operator, and it is for the passengers use of the airport and its facilities. 

The PSC also has different taxes for different regions. Asean (RM35.00) or domestic regions pay much less than long haul or international destinations. 

Malaysia Airport PSC Rates 2018
KLIA2 will see an increase of the PSC tax rate in 2018
Travelers Levy Tax at KLIA & KLIA2 for 2018

In other recent airport news, travelers departing any Malaysian airports will also be subjected to a levy of RM1.00 imposed by Mavcom in early 2018. This news was also reported by Channel News Asia on 15th August, 2017.

The airport levy will apply to all departing passengers for both domestic and overseas destinations except for rural air services in interior Sabah and Sarawak.

The purpose of the RM1.00 levy is to ensure financial sustenance and more importantly the independence of the commission.

Mavcom, said it expects the Malaysian air passenger traffic to grow between 7.8 and 8.6 per cent in 2017 with the number of air travelers expected to hit 99.6 million.

While airlines are competing for prices, the airports and Mavcom are increasing the taxes. For most travelers, the increase doers not matter much, but there will be those who are against this increase for the new KLIA2 PCS tax rates for 2018. 

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