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How to go to Mount Kelimutu?

Traveling to Mount Kelimutu

For those who want to know how to go to Mount Kelimutu, I have come up with a basic guide that will provide you with the much-needed information.

Mount Kelimutu is also located on the island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara, which is near East Timor.

Most travellers have been to Komodo Island, and Mount Kelimutu is on the other side of Flores. To get here, the best way is by flying to one of the smaller towns near the Kelimutu National Park.

The closest town to Mount Kelimutu is also Ende where the Bandar Udara H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport is located at.

How to go to Mount Kelimutu?

Kawah Kelimutu
The view of Mount Kelimutu from the bottom
There are a few ways to travel to Mount Kelimutu, and they will be explained below in the simplest way possible.

Again, they are just guides and for those planning to visit, you should thoroughly research your options.

For your added information, the only airlines that fly to Kelimutu are the local Indonesian airlines. No international airlines fly to Labuan Bajo or Kelimutu.

This means, your connecting city needs to be Jakarta or Bali.

The three main ways to get to Mount Kelimutu are;

1. Flights
2. Ferry
3. Land Transport (with ferry)

Wings Abadi Airlines Flores
Wings Abadi Airlines, a common way to fly to Ende and around East Nusa Tenggara
Flying from Bali to Mount Kelimutu

The best way is to fly in from Denpasar, Bali and two main airlines fly here. They are Garuda and Wings Abadi Airlines which have direct flights to Ende and Labuan Bajo.

The flight from Bali to Ende will take around two and a half to three hours via a propeller plane and will cost you about $USD200.00 per person one way.

You may need to check various websites for the best deal as several local airlines operate this route.

If you are already in Labuan Bajo, you can take a direct flight to Ende with Garuda or Wings Abadi, which is a 45-minute flight on the same type of plane.

A flight from here will cost you around USD 60 to $70 per person and one way.

From the town of Ende, the journey to Mount Kelimutu will also take you around 1.5 to 2 hours overland.

There are a few local hotels or guest lodges located around Kelimutu, so these are the best options for lodging.

Garuda Airlines Propeller Planes
Garuda's propeller planes that fly to the smaller islands and places around Indonesia
Flying from Jakarta to Mount Kelimutu

If you plan to fly from Jakarta, it will be a long flight with a few stops and this is not recommended. I personally think the best way is to fly via Denpasar, Bali.

Unless you have no other option, then this is your best way to do so. There are smaller local airlines that fly to Ende and Maumere which is a better option as mentioned above.

Travelling Overland to Mount Kelimutu

Well, some of you may be thinking of a cheaper way to get to Kelimutu and one of them is via road. However, this is one adventure that you will most likely remember for life.

The overland journey involves around 40-50 hours of travel via road and ferry. This is based on travelling from Bali through the many islands on route east.

You will have to take three different ferries in this journey through Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara before arriving on East Nusa Tenggara. This would be some serious travelling so you need to be prepared for it.

The cost involved here will vary on the different types of transport used like buses, ferries and so on. By saying this, I think it would be better to take the ferry, explained below.

Feri Pelni
Pelni Ferry seen docked at Labuan Bajo
Traveling by Ferry from Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores

If you are a backpacker or serious budget traveller, this is your best option where you can take a massive ferry from Bali to Labuan Bajo, Flores.

From there, you need to take the local bus overland to Ende, and then to Mount Kelimutu.

Let us get to the logistics for this incredible journey. From Bali to Labuan Bajo, the Pelni Ferry (https://www.pelni.co.id/) will take you a good 32 to 40 hours journey. Your departing port will be Benoa in Bali.

This cargo and the human ferry will make the port of calls at various towns along the way and this is a great way to see East Indonesia.

This is also provided you have the luxury of time. The ferry ticket will cost you only USD 18.00 per person, which is a very good price.

Most budget travellers or backpackers would take this option as it is the cheapest way to travel to Komodo Island and Flores.

Flores Bus Truk Kayu
The infamous Truk Kayu or Wooden Trucks that are actually local buses in Flores
From Labuan Bajo to Mount Kelimutu

For those who take the ferry or land in Labuan Bajo, the cheapest way to travel to Mount Kelimutu is via a local bus. This journey will take you at least 13 hours via road.

This would also be one of those epic moments of travelling, as you will get to see the real local way of life here.

There are two types of buses available here, one of them is called 'Truk Kayu' (Wooden Trucks), which are actually modified diesel trucks with a roof, and you get to sit with the locals on this adventure.

If you are up for a challenge, then this would be quite interesting. I know of some backpackers who actually did this, as an experience.

Flores Bus Service
The private company buses in Flores, which are recommended
The other is a proper bus company called Gunung Mas Travel (+62 385 21407) which uses big vans as buses. The bus service from Labuan Bajo to Ende makes one stop at the town of Ruteng.

From there, you change another bus to Ende under the same company. The price per person is RP260.000 per person or around $USD20.00.

The fastest way is to engage a private car (Supir) to shuttle you to Ende. This would cost quite a bit, around USD 40 to $50 per car.

So if you are in a group, this option would be very practical. Again, the price also depends on your bargaining skill and make sure you look at the car first.

Truck Kayu Labuan Bajo
The Kayu Trucks are a common sight around Labuan Bajo and Flores
Overall, the best way is still to consult with your hotel or guesthouse in Labuan Bajo as they would know the best options for travel within Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

Visiting Flores and Things To Do There

Though this may be one of those harder places to visit compared to other commercial destinations, there are actually quite several things you can do in Flores.

But if you are a luxury traveller or those short-stay travellers, I would just recommend visiting Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island, that is it.

Bandar Ende
When you arrive at Ende airport, this is what greets you
Flores is a large place and offers a different kind of travel and tourism experience, suitable for those who love nature, trekking, outdoors, bird watching and peace of mind.

For those visiting this part of Indonesia, you can read about what to do in Labuan Bajo, an article written by me. I visited Labuan Bajo three times in 2015 to late 2016 for my work.

Labuan Bajo Flores
A panoramic photo of Labuan Bajo Town in Flores

If you are planning to see the mighty Komodo Dragon, I have also done an article on how to go to Komodo Island with additional information there.

For any traveller out there, this is one part of the world that is truly amazing and less travelled, compared to your usual overcrowded destinations.

I would highly recommend visiting Flores as it is truly a natural tourism destination, with very little modernization. And I hope that the information on how to go to Mount Kelimutu will come in handy for you.

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