Borneo International Beads Conference 2017

Sarawak Beads Conference 2017
Travelers who are into the Bornean arts and craft should take note the 5th Borneo International Beads Conference 2017 taking place this 13-15 October in Kuching, Sarawak. Held once every two years, this is the premier traditional beading event for Malaysia Borneo. 

Known as BIBCo2017, this years theme is called "Our Universal Beads" and the event promises even more exciting demonstrations, talks, workshops and displays of all kinds of ethnic beads from Borneo and around the world.

If you have a thing for beads or love the ethnic beading culture, this is not to be missed. 

Borneo International Beads Conference 2017 Itinerary:
  • Academic papers by world-renowned authorities on bead studies
  • ‘Borneo Traditional’ workshops
  • Borneo International Beads Award
  • Borneo indigenous bead-working techniques workshop
  • Beads Abuzz, the International Bead Bazaar
  • Contemporary Bead Design workshops
  • Exciting post-conference tours
  • Hands-on workshops covering a wide range of disciplines and techniques
  • Native American bead working techniques workshop
  • Natural fibre bead making workshop
  • Polymer clay workshop
  • Paper bead making workshop
  • Visits to Craft exhibitions and Museums in Kuching 
Borneo Bead Conference 2017
During the BIBCo workshop at the last event (Photo by Crafthub)
There are also special segments that will showcase a number of speakers from around the world. They have been specially invited to the Borneo International Beads Conference to talk about beads and their respective countries cultural beads.

Experts and speakers that are attending the BIBCo 2017 are from  Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA.

This unique and exciting event is also organised by Crafthub, a non-profit organisation that is based in Kuching.

Their mission is to promote and market Sarawak handicrafts in an economically viable way, with international-standard quality control. 

Rainforest Craft Bazaar 2017 Video

The craft bazaar video above shows one of the events organized by Crafthub called the Rainforest Craft Bazaar, which is a feature during the world famous Rainforest World Music Festival.

It is at this event where you can find most of the traditional Sarawakian handicraft and beads for sale and display.

Crafthub has been the main organizer for this even for the last 10 years and continues to keep this important beading heritage and culture ongoing.

With many promotions being done locally, people are seeing the importance of the traditional handicraft which is slowly fading away due to modernisation and technology.

Borneo Beads Workshop and Conference
Talks at the Borneo Beads Conference (Photo by Crafthub)
Borneo International Beads Conference 2017 Info 
Dates: 13-15 October 2017
Venue: The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching
Organizer: Crafthub Sdn. Bhd.
Phone: +6 082 421346
Website: Crafthub

The Borneo International Beads Conference 2017 has also received the support of several organisations, including the Sarawak Government, the Sarawak Craft Council, Sarawak Tourism, the Jabatan Muzium Sarawak, the Sarawak Convention Bureau, the Sarawak Cultural Village, Kraftangan Malaysia, and the World Crafts Council.
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