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Crocker Range National Park Photos

Taman Negara Crocker Range

Here is a series of Crocker Range National Park photos, provided by Cede Prudente and the Borneo Bird Club. This is also part of a build-up to the Borneo Bird Festival 2017 which will take place from the 20 to 22 October 2017.

The Borneo Bird Festival 2017 is also going to be held in two locations, one in Kota Kinabalu and the other at the Crocker Range National Park.

For the Sabah Bird Race, it will be held at the national park which is about two hours away from Kota Kinabalu City.

Crocker Range National Park Photos

Taman Negara Crocker
View of Crocker Range Park
Crocker Range is one of the highland areas of Sabah, which is rich in flora and fauna, but it is not as popular as Kinabalu National Park. However, in recent years, more people are heading here for nature, adventure and also bird watching.

The journey to Crocker Range is an adventure by itself as there are so much beautiful and scenic sights to be seen.

The winding road uphill provides views of the mountain range, local homes and random sightings of birds. The air up here is also nice and cooling, compared to down in the city areas.

Banjaran Crocker Sabah
The road towards Crocker Range National Park
Crocker Range National Park Photos

The photos here are provided by Cede Prudente of the Borneo Bird Club, as he and other avid bird watchers have been going to Crocker Range National Park over the years to spot certain endemic birds and also tar birds of Sabah.

In a recent trip to the national park, they managed to photograph some of the endemic and unique birds found around here. Below are some of the bird photos shared with me.

Crocker Range Bornean Ibon
A Bornean Ibon, photographed at Crocker Range National Park
The Bornean Ibon is special to Crocker Range National Park, as it is difficult for bird watchers to see at Kinabalu National Park. Usually, the bird is spotted near the Manis Manis Resort trails.

Mugimaki Flycatcher Sabah
The Mugimaki Flycatcher recently photographed at the national park
The Mugimaki Flycatcher is a migrant bird and during their migration period between September to March, the can be spotted at Crocker Range.

Crocker Range Birds
The male and female Asian Paradise Flycatcher spotted at the national park
The beautiful Asian Paradise Flycatcher is resident at the trails of Rafflesia plot, which is near the Manis Manis Resort at the national park. This is one of the birds that photographers love to shoot.

White Fronted Falconet Sabah
Smallest raptor in the world is the White Fronted Falconet, photographed at Crocker Range
The smallest raptor in the world is the tiny Bornean Falconet and is a resident at the Crocker Range Park headquarters. Usually found perched on treetops, this is one of the sought after birds to photograph by bird watchers.

Borneo Bird Festiuval
The Borneo Bird Festival 2017 takes place from 20-22 October
More information about the bird festival can be obtained from the official Borneo Bird Festival website. You can find the program, itinerary and other relevant information there, including contacting them.

For those interested in the Borneo Bird Festival 2017, contact the organisers for more information. This is also Malaysia's largest bird watching event and festival, which has been running for the last nine years.

Banjaran Crocker
A beautiful view of a sunset and rainbow from Crocker Range, the Keningau part

The Borneo Bird Festival has also been held at numerous locations all over Sabah, namely at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sandakan, as this is the home ground for the birding event.

It has also been held in Kinabalu National Park and now, for the first time at the Crocker Range National Park.

Once again, thank you Cede Prudente of the Borneo Bird Club for providing the Crocker Range National Park photos for this article. For those interested in bird watching in Sabah, this is one of the places closest to Kota Kinabalu city. Any comments, please leave them below.

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