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Summer Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Summer Shopping

There are actually many people that want to do summer shopping in Dubai and on my last visit here in May 2017, I was introduced to some of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

As this was my first time in Dubai, I have heard raving reviews of the Dubai shopping scene, and this was an interesting indoor adventure for me.

Apart from my normal window shopping spree, I was actually very tempted to shop in many places. One of the reasons was that on my last weekend in Dubai, they were having a three-day massive sale at the malls, and prices were really attractive at some of the shops.

So, if you are planning on transit in Dubai, I would easily recommend you change that into one or two-day stopover to experience Summer shopping in Dubai.

Summer Shopping in Dubai

Outlet Village in Dubai
A popular place for Summer Shopping in Dubai is at the Outlet Village
If you did not already know, Dubai is known as one of the ultimate shopping destinations in the world, and for any family or couple travelling here, you should take note of the shopping sales periods, especially the Dubai Summer Surprises Sale.

Anyway, let me share with you the list of shopping places I visited during my inaugural trip here.

Dubai Mall

This is the world's largest shopping mall and the number one place to shop in Dubai. The entire mall has a total floor area of 5.9 million square feet, therefore, can you imagine walking the entire mall? You would need three days to do so.

I stayed at the Address Hotel Dubai Mall and on occasion, I would take an hour or two to explore the massive Dubai Mall.

On one of my visits there, the management was kind enough to take me around on a buggy tour of the mall and that alone took about two hours, so you can imagine how huge this place is.

Summer Sale Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping mall
For shopping, you would most probably go into shopping-shock as the number of brands found here is beyond your imagination. There are over 1200 retail shops found here while they have a special concourse area just for luxury brands.

Places of interest around the Dubai Mall include Burj Khalifa, Kidzania Dubai, SEGA Republic, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai fountain, a luxury hotel, massive cinema, 120 restaurants and cafes.

Don't forget to visit the Souk in Dubai Mall as it is something out of the ordinary and very interesting. If you have kids, this is one of the perfect places for your family.

Overall, I would recommend you take your time to explore the Dubai Mall as it is so huge, chances are you may even get lost here. However, the mall planning is very good as there are information counters found throughout the mall.

Here is an interesting fact - A total of 92 million people visited the mall in 2015, surpassing many other world-class attractions.

Where: Downtown Dubai
Website: The Dubai Mall

Mall of the Emirates in Dubai
Mall of the Emirates, one of the top shopping places in Dubai
Mall of the Emirates

Another mega mall in Dubai is called Mall of the Emirates where you will find 630 retail outlets, over 100 restaurants and cafes, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores. In total, a whopping 2.4 million square feet is available in retail space.

This three-storey massive shopping complex combines Arabic and Mediterranean elements and is well laid out plus beautifully designed. For those who indulge in serious shopping, this mall is one of the highly recommended places to do so.

As I explored the mall, I could not help but notice that in one section, they had an area, especially for designer kids clothes.

Yes, we are talking about Versace Kids, Armani Junior, Burberry Children, D&G Kids, Roberto Cavalli Junior and many more.

Dubai Shopping Branded Kids Clothes
Branded Kids Shopping in Dubai
Anchor stores include the Apple Store, Marks&Spencer, Carrefour, Debenhams and a few others. While the spouse is busy shopping, you have the opportunity to bring the kids to Ski World Dubai, which is housed in the mall. A massive snow park is available for you to experience winter here.

Food and Beverage are amazingly interesting, with selections of the best cafes and restaurant chains in the world.

Even Asian restaurants like Din Tai Fung is found here while for American fast food, the Shake Shack is also available, and everything here is Halal.

Where: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha
Website: Mall of the Emirates

Outlet Village in Dubai
Outlet Village in Dubai, one of the best places to shop during the summer
Dubai Outlet Village

For the serious shopper, the Dubai Outlet Village is the place to be at. Imagine, international designer brands on 50% discount!

Yes, shoes, clothes and accessories from the previous season are knocked down to half price, or even more and this single floor factory outlet in Dubai.

I recommend this place because there is no other factory outlet in Dubai, hence you are getting the best of over 100 international brands, ranging from high-end designer to world-famous brands in one place. 

Brands like Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Lanvin, Ermenegildo Zegna. Armani Exchange, Antonio Marras, Juicy Couture, Roberto Cavalli, Gianfranco Ferre, DKNY and many others.

Branded Shoes Summer Sale Dubai
Variety of branded shoes on sale at the Outlet Village Dubai
Food outlets are equally impressive with local and international cafes and restaurants available at the Outlet Village here.

As I walked around Dubai Outlet Village, I noticed a Godiva Cafe and many other lifestyle cafes like Affogato Cafe, Caffe Nero and Ca'Puccino, Chinese food is also available at PF Chang while  Middle Easter brands Awani, Grand Saray will satisfy your craving for local food.

The outlet mall is located near IMG Worlds theme park, therefore a great combination is for the wife to shop here, while the husband and kids explore the theme park.

Where: Dubai Al-Ain Road (Route 66)
Website: Dubai Outlet Village

Summer Shoe Sale in Dubai
One of the massive branded shoe stores at Dubai Outlet Village
Souk Al Bahar

Known as and Arabic style shopping mall, this souk offers a lot of traditional and local products. If you are looking for a local souvenir, this is the place to shop.

There are many jewellery shops, carpets sellers, fine antiques, Emirati art, traditional clothing, lakeside cafes and restaurants.

To get to this souk, you need to follow the lakeside and find the bridge that connects Souk Al Bahar. My personal tip is to have dinner at Thiptara, a Thai restaurant with an amazing view of the Dubai Fountain.

The Thai restaurant comes with a dining area that faces the fountain. There is also a bar area for cocktails, which faces the Dubai Fountain.

Where: Lakeside of Dubai Fountain
Website: Souk Al Bahar

Duty Free Shopping at Dubai Airport
Dubai's famous duty-free shopping at the airport
Dubai Airport Duty-Free Shopping (DDF)

Nothing else comes to mind but shopping when you are at Dubai Airport. The duty-free shopping here is known as one of the best places to shop in the world, and you cannot ignore this.

With three main terminals here, each of them has a dedicated duty free shopping area.

However, you should know that at Dubai Airport Terminal 3, you will find the largest and most modern duty-free shopping facilities here.

The main reason is that Emirates flights transit here from all over the world. The shops are open 24 hours and all year long, making it convenient for international travellers to shop anytime.

Duty Free Shopping Dubai Airport
Selection of champagnes on sale at the Dubai airport duty-free
Perfumes are the most sold items here at the Dubai Duty-Free and you can see the latest fragrances from any brand in the world being sold here.

Apart from that, alcohol and spirits, cigars and cigarettes, watches, jewellery, leather goods, clothes, electronics and many other duty-free items can be found here.

One of the highlights of the Dubai Duty-Free Shopping is the lottery that they run, where you purchase a ticket and you could be the winner of a luxury car or even a million dollars.

So, next time you transit at Dubai airport, make sure you dedicate some time to explore the duty-free shopping here.

Where: Dubai Airport
Website: Dubai Duty-Free Shopping

Summer Shopping Sale in Dubai
View of Dubai's Downtown area from The Address Hotel at Dubai Mall
The shopping places mentioned above were all personally visited by me, therefore this article is based on a real experience.

I am very sure there are many other interesting places for shopping in Dubai and with just one trip, I believe I cannot cover all the places. For more information on Dubai, you can visit the official Dubai Tourism website.

If you are planning to visit next summer, I also wrote another story on places to visit in Dubai during the Summer. The article features all the many things to do indoors for any kind of traveller, even you have kids with you.


I do look forward to returning to Dubai, perhaps in the Winter season to see how different the shopping scene is. Another area of interest for me is also the fascinating Jumeirah area of Dubai.

For now, this is my first-hand experience for summer shopping in Dubai and I hope it comes in handy for anyone visiting Dubai.

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