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Matta Fair September 2017

Matta Fair Sept

Malaysia's largest travel market called Matta Fair September 2017 will take place from 8-10 September at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur. Over 1000 booths will showcase the best of tourism and travel in Malaysia and around the world.

The Matta Fair September 2017 is also the second travel fair for this year, as the first one took place in March, and at the same venue. In total, over 100,000 visitors will attend this travel fair over three days here in Kuala Lumpur.

Matta Fair September 2017 - What To Expect

September Matta Fair 2017
Visitors at the Matta September Fair
Visitors have become so accustomed to this travel fair, that many will wait for the Matta Fair to book their year-end holidays. Most of the consumers will survey the destination they want, before purchasing the packages from the various travel agents.

As the Matta Fair September 2017 is so huge, there are four main halls dedicated to individual travel destinations. For example, there is a Malaysian Hall, selling all kinds of travel packages around Malaysia.

At the Malaysia Hall, you will also find local theme park operators selling entrance tickets or full packages which include hotel stays. Some other tourist attractions will also be seen selling admission tickets.

September Matta Fair
Malaysia Hall at the Matta Fair September
The ASEAN Hall will feature all the tourism boards and travel agents from the ASEAN countries. You will find Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar and Vietnam booths here.

For those wanting to explore the ASEAN countries, this where you should head too. And with this year being Visit Asean 2017, there are sure to be a lot of special deals and packages available.

The following hall will be focusing on the long haul international countries. Here, you will find cruise companies, airline ticket counters and tourism boards promoting their destinations.

Matta Fair Malaysia 2017
One of the tour companies in the international hall
The main hall will be the largest hall promoting popular destinations like Japan, Korea, America, United Kingdom, Africa and so on. This is where you go if you have been planning that family trip to Japan or Korea.

And for the Muslim travellers, you can find some of the best travel packages for those wanting to experience another country and yet have Muslim facilities. Packages include Halal food and prayer rooms with stops for prayers.

At Hall 1M, which is the mezzanine floor, you will find the Umrah Packages sold by the Muslim travel agents.

This upper-level hall is where the main stage area and also the food and beverage area will be located. The hall is just above Hall 1, the international hall.

Promotions for Matta Fair September 2017
Promotions held during the Matta Fair September
Matta Fair September - Promotions

Most of the promotions offered are only available at the Matta Fair. This means, when you see a package being offered, you will most likely not find it after the event.

The most common procedure or tactic consumers will use is to do window shopping before actually buying a package.

Example: If you want to visit Japan on a budget, you will start going to the booths that sell Japan packages.

Matta Fair Malaysia
Visitors attending the Malaysia Matta Fair
You can also visit the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) booth to get more information about where to go in Japan. JNTO does not sell packages, but they provide information from all over the country.

They invite different prefecture tourism organizations to come and showcase tourism products for each of their areas. Let's say, you have the interest to visit Okinawa, you will have to go to the Okinawa Tourism booth to obtain information about the exotic Japanese Island.

Then after you have got the information needed, you proceed to any of the travel agents that sell Okinawa packages and buy it from them.

Matta Fair Indonesia Tourism
Indonesia Tourism at the Matta Fair Malaysia
Matta Fair September 2017
When: 8-10 September 2017
Where: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
What Time: 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Entrance: RM4 per person (Below 12 years old, free)
Website: http://site.mattafair.org.my/

Final Thoughts to the Matta Fair September

I have been going to the Matta Fair for many years and every year, the fair seems to be getting larger and larger. More people are visiting the travel fair where a majority are those aged 30 and above.

However, there has been a dip in travel purchases, due to the growth of the online industry. Many consumers are now turning towards online travel packages, flight tickets and accommodations nowadays and the numbers are growing.

Matta Sept 2017
A customer getting some quotations on a travel package at Matta Fair

There has also been a strong influence of foreigners visiting the Matta Fair 2017 to buy international flight tickets and also travel packages, as it is sometimes a little cheaper. This works well for those who are confirmed to travel on a particular date.

For anyone who has not been to Malaysia's largest travel fair, this is a good opportunity to visit the Matta Fair in September 2017. Who knows what you will learn or even buy there.

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