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Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok

The new Talad Neon Night Market in Bangkok recently opened in December 2016 and is currently the talk of the town. However, this new Bangkok attraction adds on to the number of shopping and entertainment places in the city and is not a permanent attraction.

The Talad Neon Night Market currently opens from Thursday till Sundays and from 4.00 PM till midnight only.

The good thing is that the night market in Bangkok is located in the main Pratunam district and caters to the hipster and younger generation travellers.

And no, this is not your Chatuchak Market or Asiatique Riverfront Market where you can find a wide range of items for sale.

Talad Neon Night Market Bangkok

Talad Neon Night Market offers more lifestyle stalls, booths and containers that sell drinks, snacks, food, trinkets, homeware and trendy fashion.

You can find a lot of trending items here and for food, you will encounter the best of Bangkok in terms of street food, fusion and good old Thai food. Think of Art Box Singapore, it is generally the same kind of concept.

Neon Night Market in Bangkok
The scene at Talad Neon Night Market. (Photo by Richard Barrow/Twitter)
In total, there are plans to have over 1000 stalls here when it is fully operational and due to social media and wide media coverage, Talad Neon is gaining popularity fast, especially to the Southeast Asian youth.

One of the reasons is the location, where many travellers prefer to stay around the Pratunam area of Bangkok and getting to the night market is just 10 minutes walk from Platinum Fashion Mall in Pratunam.

Apparently, Talad Neon is also part of the Platinum Fashion Mall group hence there is a special tuk-tuk shuttle service from the mall to the market and back from 7-9 PM. But you need to check if the service is still running.

The name Talad Neon also means Downtown Night, hence the name. The place is well organized and clean, which is fantastic for tourist.

Talad Night Market Pratunam
Live entertainment at the night market (Photo from Talad Neon Facebook)
What Can You Find At Talad Neon Night Market

At one glance, it looks like a massive flea market but catering to the hipster lifestyle fashion which includes retro fashion, fusion food and drinks, chill out areas, quick massages and some obscure decorative items.

Beer is easily available apart from some festival style foods. The night market is also open from 4.00 PM till around midnight, offering another avenue to continue shopping with a little leisure time.

Live music performances are also lined up at selected areas where visitors can just lay back with a cold beer, fusioned juice or the good old iced Thai tea.

Bright neon lights literally cover the area making this a festival and lifestyle area. No, this is not the Asian Coachella.

Some of the local drinks and desserts (Photo by Talad Neon Facebook)
Photos of Talad Neon Downtown Night Market
There are many photos of this place which are circulating on social media. Go here to see more photos of Talad Neon Night Market.

Talad Neon Market
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 17:00 - 24:00
Location: Petchaburi Road, Pratunam
BTS: Ratchathewi or Chit Lom (10-minute walk from the station)
Tel: +66 (0) 2 121 8000
Website: https://www.facebook.com/taladneon/
Use: Waze or Google Maps to get here by foot

Map to Talad Neon Night Market
Map to Talad Neon Night Market

Bangkok has been one of the favourite destinations for many travellers and over the years, there have been many new attractions coming up here.

If you are headed up north, do pay a visit to the Chiang Mai Night Market as that is also one of the must-visit and recommended places.

The next time you visit Bangkok, do explore this place in the evenings after your shopping or sightseeing. Who knows what you will discover at the Talad Neon Night Market in Bangkok.

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