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Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor is one of the latest tourism attractions in Malaysia, but you should know that this attraction only happens twice a month during the full moon and new moon period. This means, if you plan to visit Sky Mirror, you need to check the moon timings before going there.

The location of Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor is at Sasaran Beach and is off the coast of Jeram fishing village. There have been many names for this place since being discovered and some call it Mirror in the Sky, Salt Flat of Malaysia or even Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia.

Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor

Currently, only local Malaysians are heading here to experience this new tourist attraction in Selangor, while some bodies have organised FAM trips to Sky Mirror, hoping to attract neighbouring countries to visit this place.

Tours are offered by the locals and also via Facebook (you can search for them), and the price for a day trip here is around RM65 to RM70 per person.

This includes the boat trip, packed local lunch, ice-cold water and some snacks. Usually, you are done by around 2.00 PM.

Malaysia Sky Mirror
Sky Mirror at Sasaran, Selangor. Photo by Ayuh Travel (https://twitter.com/ayuhtravel)
What is Sky Mirror?

Sky Mirror is a name given to reflect a mirror image of the sky on an island that emerges during the full and new moon periods every month.

A sandbank emerges creating an island which is shallow with a few inches of seawater that happens from mid to late morning.

The effect creates a mirror image of the sky and any subject standing there and this has attracted thousands of locals here to snap those epic shots.

The size of this sandbank island is huge, but you should always check with the tour operator on where it ends, as you would not want any unforeseen incidents by exploring too far away.

What to Expect at Sky Mirror?

Well, like anything new will attract people, you should expect tons of people on weekends and school holidays during the peak period.

This means, there will be loads of people around Sky Mirror, trying to take photos and so on. If you want your clean shot without the people in the background, you need to find a spot away from everyone else. Speak to your tour operator to find out how far you can explore around here. 

How to Go to Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor?

For those driving, Sky Mirror Selangor is located near the fishing village of Jeram, Selangor. You need to drive there and contact the locals about taking a 30-minute boat ride out to Sky Mirror.

From Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, it takes about one hour to one and a half hours to drive to Sasaran in Selangor. 

A tip is to get here just before 8.00 AM, as the light is best before noon. Use Waze if you are driving and you should pass Kapar after Klang before heading to Jeram.

This is also before you reach Kuala Selangor. The trick is to book your boat operator before going here as it can be full when you arrive here, wasting your trip.

Selangor Sky Mirror
Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor - Photo by Sue Thang of http://blinkthasn.blogspot.my/
Sky Mirror Tour Packages

With the hype of this place on social media, there are also companies organising Sky Mirror Tour Packages in half or full-day trips.

An average price for an overnight trip including a night at a local homestay will cost around RM350.00 while for a day trip for those self-driving, it will cost around RM70.00 per person.

For the boat trip from Sasaran to Sky Mirror, it generally takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the sea. If it is a choppy day, expect 30-40 minutes boat ride.

The boats are also the local medium-sized boats that have life jackets and operated by the locals at Sasaran Village.


You can also read about places to visit in Selangor which shares some of the many tourist attractions in this state. And for those heading to Kuala Selangor, do check out the Bukit Malawati Hill in Kuala Selangor for a historical adventure.

Selangor is the hub of Malaysia where Kuala Lumpur is located inside the state of Selangor and if you fly into Malaysia, you will land at KLIA or KLIA2 which is located in Sepang, Selangor. And for the latest tourist attraction in Selangor, it is no other than the Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor.

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