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Cabin Zero Travel Bag Review

Travel Bag Review Cabin Zero

Over the years, I have used quite several travel bags which came in small, medium and large units and from time to time, I would have a favourite bag until I met Cabin Zero.

Usually, I travel for short to medium trips as I am not one of those world nomads who travel from country to country forever.

I have done that over 25 years ago when travel was pure and original compared to nowadays, so this Cabin Zero travel bag review is to share my happiness in finding the perfect bag for all my travels.

Cabin Zero Travel Bag Review

Currently, my travels take me around Malaysia and Southeast Asia, occasionally to Japan, Korea or even the Middle East, but my style of travel is usually a to-and-from trip without jumping from country to country.

This makes it easier for me to bring either a backpack or check-in bag and backpack, depending on the duration on my trip.

Review Cabin Zero Travel Bag
Perfectly fitting into any aeroplane overhead luggage compartment
Also having to consider, most of my trips take me into the wilderness, especially for nature, flora and fauna, culture, bird watching or the general sightseeing.

So, depending on who my client is, I need to consider what type of travel bag to bring along on my trips.

Having said that, I always have a preferred travel bag which I use and on the last few years, I was using a sleek waterproof backpack, but to be honest, it was just normal but practical.

You see, I belong to the 40's club and travelling at this age group, you need a real comfortable bag. This means something easy to carry around and store on buses, trains or flights.

Cabin Zero Travel Bags

In 2016, a fellow traveller had introduced me to this new travel bag brand, which was considered new in my region, called Cabin Zero and I thought little of it.

So, as I got tired of my waterproof backpack, I got one of those massive 44-litre backpacks from Cabin Zero in the military green colour, and when it arrived, I had a shock as to how huge it was.

With a total weight of 950 grams, it looked really large and the whole concept of it being an aircraft friendly cabin bag really impressed me.

Yes, this means that the bag can be brought into any commercial flight as cabin luggage, hence the name.

Malaysia Cabin Zero Bag
Yes, that is me at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport with my Cabin Zero Bag
Since using it in 2017, this has been the all-time favourite bag that I travel with now. In March of 2017, I visited Tokyo in Japan for three days for a quick work trip and Cabin Zero was the only bag that I brought along.

This was really hassle-free as I did not have to wait for any checked-in luggage, speeding up my airport check-in process.

Then in late March, I visited Bario in Sarawak for four days to do some bird watching and trekking, and I used only my Cabin Zero bag for the entire trip.

Everything I needed was packed neatly into the bag and I still had extra space, so I even put in my trekking shoes.

My next trip would be taking one of those Taman Negara tour packages where I will explore Malaysia's largest and oldest national park in the state of Pahang.

This will see me exploring the rainforest, rivers and also trekking around the national park. Again, the Cabin Zero travel bag will be the perfect choice for my adventure here.
Cabin Zero Bag Shop in Malaysia
Cabin Zero Military 44L bags
Where to buy a Cabin Zero Bag in Malaysia?

This is the big question being asked to me whenever someone meets me during my travels. Well, they do not have an official retail store here in Malaysia, but you can buy a Cabin Zero online from the official website.

You can also visit Acquire Shop at Bangsar Village Two, as they are one of the authorized outlets to sell this brand, and have a very good collection available.

What's So Special About Cabin Zero?

Each bag comes built-in Global Luggage Tracker, powered by Okoban. That's pretty cool. And the shoulder straps are thick padded AirMesh which is really comfortable.

The outer composite material is actually made from military spec nylon, the real hard stuff. So, I have been using the bag several times and it still looks good.

Cabin Zero Warranty

Every Cabin Zero bag comes with a 10-year warranty, and to sweeten the deal, if you ‘like’ Cabin Zero on their official Facebook, they will increase the warranty to 25-years. Now, that's an awesome deal if you ask me.

At the end of the day, I am still using this bag for all my travels and so far, it has been a really good experience.


As a seasoned traveller for the last 30 years, I have gone through many different travel bags, and this Cabin Zero travel bag review is one of the very rare articles I do for travel products.

In other words, the Cabin Zero travel bag is awesome and I am actually happy using it especially when I travel abroad.


Unknown said...

For a 5 days trip, how do you pack and what do you pack? It is just a balik kampung to Bario.

I have the same bag as you do.

I have an issue to always bring too much for a short trip. An anxiety that i have.

Malaysia Asia said...

Heya, thanks for the comment. Well, actually I love to do the 'rolled' clothes and those go at the bottom of the Cabin Zero bag. Other than that, I use smaller pouches to keep toiletries and other items such as gadget chargers and so on. This way, everything has its own little bag inside the bag. for 5 days, I usually bring 6 days clothes, but light materials. I can even put in a pair of slippers in the bag. Generally, the bag will fit everything, unless you want to bring a rice cooker? hehe

Erica said...

Came across this blog when I was searching about this brand after I saw a shop in Bangsar Village 2, KL, selling it. So maybe you can buy this bag there.