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20 Things To Do At Avillion Port Dickson

Things To Do At Port Dickson

Many may have heard about this beautiful resort located in Negeri Sembilan, just next to Selangor but did you know that there are easily 20 things to do at the Avillion Port Dickson Spa Resort?

Yes, in terms of activities for couples, kids, families or even business travellers, there is quite a lot of things that you can do at this multiple award-winning spa resorts in Malaysia.

Things To Do At Avillion Port Dickson

Having been around for over two decades, the Avillion Port Dickson Spa Resort consists of 300 rooms, suites and water chalets.

They also range from the Water Suites, Water Chalets, Garden Chalets and Garden Seaview Chalets which are sea facing, offering superb views of the Straits of Malacca.

This is also the pioneer luxury resort in Port Dickson having been the fist back then and still manages to impress guests.

Avillion PD Resort Spa
Amazing views from the Avillion Port Dickson
For anyone heading to Port Dickson, you should not miss this opportunity to stay at one of the best resorts in PD, suitable for just about anyone and below is the list of things to do at the Avillion Port Dickson.

1. Avillion Pet Farm
For animal lovers and those with kids, the Avillion Pet Farm offers a large number of animals and birds such as rabbits, baby chickens, peacocks and peahens, tortoises and more.

PD Bird Watching
A peacock at the Avillion Aviary
2. Aviary at Avillion 
Housing an amazing collection of various species of birds from South African peacocks to resort-hatched hens, the Aviary at Avillion Port Dickson is a great place for kids and adults.

3. Beach Volleyball
Anyone who loves sports and beaches is definitely in for a treat as you can have fun participating in some beach volleyball while giving yourself a good workout.

Pantai Riau PD
Riau Beach at Avillion PD. Photo by www.mypeaceofheaven.com
4. Caklempong Music
On weekends, music lovers can experience listening to the Caklempong which is a traditional Malay music gong instrument. This is part of the traditional and rich Negeri Sembilan culture which was brought to Negeri Sembilan in the 14th century by Minangkabau people from nearby West Sumatra.

5. Cochin Pool (Adults Only)
Specially made for adults who want peace of mind is the exclusive Cochin Pool, which is a lap pool located at the Northern wing of the Avillion Resort. The pool is surrounded by day beds and sun lounges, it is really the perfect refuge for a tranquil afternoon for anyone seeking some self-pampering.

Avillion Port Dickson Photography
View of the villas at Avillion Port Dickson
6. Fishing and Crabbing at Avillion Resort
When the tides are low, this is when the crabs come out and guests can experience crabbing along the beach here. When the tides are in, give fishing a try, from the luxury of your sea villa balcony. Alternatively, you can ask the resort to arrange a fishing trip for the serious anglers. 

7. Bird Watching at Avillion Port Dickson
Over 30 different species of birds are ready to be spotted around the resort for bird lovers. You have the opportunity to spot Kingfishers, Purple-backed Starling, Black-Naped Orioles and many other birds. At the resort, there is a bird feeding platform where you can watch some of the birds feeding. For bird watchers, you should bring your own equipment as the resort does not provide any.

8. Avillion Gymnasium 
Fitness travellers can utilize the Avillion Port Dickson's innovative gym, which is fitted with world-class fitness equipment, including a range of cardiovascular machines, treadmills, recumbent bikes, weight machines and free weights.

Swimming Pool Avillion Port Dickson
One of the many swimming pools at Avillion Port Dickson. Photo by www.mypeaceofheaven.com
9. Village Pool at Avillion
A free-form 1.2-meter deep swimming pool which is open 24 hours a day is the place to be for any swimming pool lover. The Village Pool is also set in the midst of the resorts tropical greenery and is suitable for just about anyone. The pool has sections that offer whirlpools for kids. 

10. Kids Cabin at Avillion
For families travelling with kids, the Avillion Kids Cabin is not to be missed as it offers a large array of fun features which includes video game consoles, paint supplies, books, DVDs, and toys. A safely padded outdoor playground is also available for those energetic kids.

Avillion Kids Spa
Kids Spa at Avillion Port Dickson. Photo by www.mypeaceofheaven.com
11. Avillion Kids Pool
For the kids who love water and swimming, a special Kids Pool is located right beside the Village Pool which is surrounded by abundant greenery. The step-accessible pool features a variety of fittings to ensure that kids are safe while the pool is only 0.9m deep, suitable for toddlers.

12. Kids Spa at Avillion Resort
Even kids get to experience a spa experience like adults, but in a very fun way. Choose from massages, hair grooming, makeup, manicure, pedicure and some fun henna body artwork where they are supervised and conducted by the resort staff.

Lookout Point Avillion Port Dickson
The lookout point where you can catch the sunset
13. Lookout Point at Avillion
For the single or couple guest, the Avillion Lookout Point is the place to be at. Here, deck chairs are placed on the beach where guests can just sit and absorb the beautiful scenery in the Straits of Malacca. Order a cocktail to complete the experience during sunset. 

14. Avillion Nature's Walk
Nothing beats taking a nature walk and here at the Avillion, you can easily do this at the resorts walking path. Guests can follow the footsteps trail that starts from the bullock cart area and take a relaxing stroll while learning about traditional village life of before.

15. Avillion Orchid Hut
Flower lovers will be thrilled to learn that the Avillion Orchid Hut offers a wide variety of tropical Malaysian orchids. See different types of orchids that grow in the rainforest or even the famous Malaysian hybrid orchids that are cultivated here.

Beach Avilion Port Dickson
Beach at Avillion Port Dickson
16. Visit Riau Beach
A must visit is Riau Beach which is the main area where you can do all your water sport activities. Apart from that, couples or even families can take off those shoes or slippers and walk the beach in the evening looking for shells and catching the beautiful Port Dickson sunset. 

17. Avillion Spice Farm
If you love cooking and flora, the Avillion Spice Farm is the place to be at. Here, you can see and learn about the many traditional herbs and spices used for cooking and healing purposes. Spices you can see here include the world-famous Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Pandan Wangi, Setawar Halia and Kunyit Sutera.

18. Eat, Drink and Be Merry
With six F&B outlets, guests will be spoiled for choices at the Avillion Port Dickson. Choose from the aVi Lounge, Crow’s Nest, Jungle Fringe Karaoke, The Galley Lounge, The Verte and Village Court as all of these places have their own speciality from drinks to food. 

19. Water Sports at Avillion Port Dickson
Most resort guests love water sports and here at the Avillion Port Dickson, guests can try the non-motorized and environmental friendly water sports offered. Get those muscles working with activities like kayaking and windsurfing. Sorry, there are no motorized water sports like jet skis available.

Avillion Port Dickson Spa
aVi Spa at Avillion PD
20. aVi Spa Avillion
Nothing beats getting a spa treatment during your vacation or business trip, and at the aVi Spa Avillion Port Dickson, you will definitely be pampered all the way. This multiple award-winning spa offers an experience where stillness, simplicity and silence are fused to create an optimum balance of aura and peace.

Avillion Port Dickson Sea Villas
One of the sea villa units at Avillion Port Dickson

The above are the many things that you can do at the resort and I am pretty sure that if you look harder, there could be even more things to do at Avillion Port Dickson.

However, these are just the main 20 things and just thinking of staying here for the weekend, it could be a pretty busy and productive weekend. 

In general, there are quite several new hotels and resorts in Port Dickson, but the Avillion Spa Resort has been the pioneer properties here since the nineties.

With years of experience under the resort, it goes to say that they have been doing an amazing job with their guests, who have highly recommended this place to others.

Beach Wedding at Avillion Port Dickson
A beach wedding setting can be arranged by the resort
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The next time you plan to visit Port Dickson or PD, as it is locally called, I would highly recommend you explore what the many resorts or hotels have to offer.

Most of them are just decent with less than ten activities to offer, but here, I found a total of 20 things to do at the Avillion Port Dickson Spa Resort. So far, no other property here has managed to top this list.

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