Scuba Diving at Makassar

Makassar Scuba Diving

Scuba diving at Makassar, particularly around Samalona Island, offers an incredible underwater experience with its diverse marine life and fascinating wreck sites.

Due to limited publicity, only a little is known about diving here, and as for me, I only went snorkelling as time was off my side.

Scuba Diving at Makassar

My trip to Samalona Island was with a group. We explored this beautiful island for photography. After snorkelling there, I told myself that one day, I would scuba dive there.

Makassar Diving
A local dive boat around Samalona Island.

Here's a bit more detail about scuba diving opportunities around Samalona Island:

  1. Samalona Island Coral Reefs: The coral reefs surrounding Samalona Island are home to a wide variety of tropical fish, both large and small. The beautiful coral landscape makes it an ideal spot for beginner divers.

  2. Wreck Diving: For experienced wreck divers, Samalona Island and its neighbouring islands and atolls offer a treasure trove of wreck sites to explore. Here are some of the wrecks you can find in the area:
  • Samalona (Maru wreck)
  • Kodengareng Keke (Gunboat wreck)
  • Tin-Tingan Atoll (Cargo vessel wreck)
  • Takabakan Atoll (Japanese Submarine wreck)
  • Samalona Island (Michell-Lanchester bomber wreck)
  • Tanakeke (Cargo vessel and the Nikko Maru wreck)
  • Labutung Atoll (Cargo vessel wreck)
  • Lai Lai Island (Hakko Maru wreck)

The wreck sites above provide a unique opportunity to explore sunken ships and witness marine life thriving in and around them.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, diving at Makassar promises unforgettable underwater adventures. Just ensure you dive with a reputable operator for safety and guidance.

Dive Centres in Makassar

Below is a list of active scuba diving centres in Makassar, which were checked in early May 2024. You can look them up on Google and contact them for more information about prices.

  • Nemo Diving Makassar
  • Sangkarang Dive Makassar
  • Makassar Scuba World
  • Bubblemakers Pro Dive Shop & PADI Dive Center
  • GGI Scuba
  • Cahaya 32 Dive Shop
  • Dolphin Diving Club
  • FDC UNHAS (Fisheries Diving Club)
  • Deco Dive Trip
If you will also spend extra days exploring this part of Sulawesi, here is an article I did on where to go in Makassar.

Diving in Makassar
A couple of scuba divers were seen around the jetty of Samalona Island.


For more information, you can also visit the Malaysia International Dive Expo, or MIDE, which occurs yearly in Kuala Lumpur.

Anyone planning to go scuba diving in Makassar should make prior arrangements with a certified and licensed dive operator.

There are direct flights into Makassar from Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta with budget airlines such as AirAsia, Wings and even Batik.

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