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AirAsia X Restarts London Flights this Summer

London AirAsia X Flights

More good news for travelers as AirAsia X restarts its London flights this Summer after suspending the flights in March 2012.

Originally, the long haul budget airline launched the direct Kuala Lumpur to London flight in March 2009 and was doing really well with full load passengers both ways.

Update: There has not been any updates on the AirAsia X London Flights.

AirAsia X London Flights

The main reason for AirAsia X to suspend the London flights were the high operating cost, possibly due to the high fuel prices back then, but after axing the route, there was much talk of the long haul budget airline getting back the route.

Many speculated that it was a temporary halt, and expected the airline to resume the London route in a couple of years. That did not happen and speculations were high. 

During the last four years, AirAsia X has launched a series of new destinations, but in return, also suspending other routes that were shared by the Malaysian national carrier.

 AirAsia X discontinued its Christchurch route in May 2012 after successfully operating that route for a year.

But in January 2016, they connected New Zealand with new flights to Auckland via The Gold Coast, Australia.

The airline also launched their AirAsia X flights to Mauritius in May 2016 and a series of other interesting destinations.

Update: AirAsia X has discontinued the Mauritius direct flights.

AirAsia X London Flights Plan

Returning to London in the summer of 2017 with direct flights out of KLIA2, this is great news for both, Asians and Europeans. The news was also announced by CEO Tony Fernandes in Switzerland in mid-January 2017. 

Tony had also mentioned that Frankfurt was one of the new AirAsia X destinations which would operate directly from Bangkok.

The CEO also mentioned that he would hope to have the flight tickets as low as Euro 150 (RM 715.00) to attract Europeans heading to Southeast Asia and vice versa. This is also great news for budget travelers as flight ticket prices are really competitive nowadays. 

The AirAsia X KL-London flights have yet to be confirmed by the airline, but speculations during the summer period would estimate it to be around June or July in 2017.

How many flights a week or what aircraft they are using, is also awaiting the official news from AirAsia. 

In recent developing news, the long haul budget airline has also announced that the will soon be AirAsia X flights to the US.

The airline received their approval from the FAA in early January which makes AirAsia the first Asian budget airline to fly and land in the US.

Update: AirAsia flies to Honolulu via Japan.

This route, which has not been officially announced, will see Hawaii as the first destination that AirAsia X will fly to. This is purely due to the connectivity from Haneda Airport in Japan, which the airline flies too.


As for AirAsia X restarting their London flights this summer, many are pleased with the news, especially for Asians who have their children studying in the UK. This would be a cheaper alternative for them to visit their kids there.

And for the Europeans traveling to Southeast Asia or even Oceanic, this flight will make their connectivity easier by landing in Kuala Lumpur and connecting to the next destination. 

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