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Jalan Malioboro Street Shopping in Jogjakarta

In Jogjakarta, Jalan Malioboro's street shopping is probably Indonesia's answer to Bangkok's street shopping scene where you can find traders of all sorts in every possible corner of the main street in the city center. Every tourist visiting Jogja would or should at least make a visit here due to the high popularity of the area. Personally for me, this was my second time here in one year too. 

The location of Jalan Malioboro Street is smack center of Jogjakarta where the length of the street is around 1.3 kilometers long, so walking along this street is pretty easy. Along this street, you will come across many shops, restaurants, some malls and loads of roadside vendors or traders. In the side alleys of Malioboro Street, you will find many hotels, restaurants, more shops, tour agencies and massage places.

Walking along the main street is an experience by itself as there are a number of items that will catch your eyes, usually it is the price factor as the items sold here are relatively cheap. Most of the regular items seen sold here are apparels, jewelry and tons of souvenirs and great for those wanting to get some. Again, use your bargaining power for the street vendors as there is always room for a discount.

An Andong or Horse pulled carriage, commonly seen on the main roads here
Becak riders waiting for passengers in Malioboro
A local version of a food truck, a drink truck selling local coffee
The thrill of Jalan Malioboro is to walk the entire length of the street and then take an Andong (Horse Drawn Carriage) and Becak (Trishaw with rider at the back) which are the main traditional transportation around here. On weekends, the place gets jam-packed with thousands of locals and tourist who are seen all over the shopping streets here.

For food at Jalan Malioboro street, you have quite a number of options where if you have an iron stomach, I would easily recommend trying some of the very local Jogja dishes from the restaurants at the side lanes. You can also get other Indonesian foods like Nasi Padang, Rawon, Pempek and so the famous Lesehan. For those wanting some proper restaurant food, try the Indische Koffie Cafe at the end of Jalan Malioboro where the Fort Vredeburg Museum is located.

For coffee lovers, fear not as you can easily find cafes serving all kinds of local and international coffee and if you are a fast food lover, you are saved as there is KFC, McDonald's and some others along the main street, some even in the shopping malls here. There are various ATM machines along the way and some money changers are available on the main road.

Below are random photos taken along Jalan Malioboro Street. Click on them to see a larger photo.
Locals shopping at Jl. Malioboro
Street vendors along Jalan Malioboro at night
Typical daily scene at Jalan Malioboro
Horse art sculptures along the main road here
The side roads of Jalan Malioboro
Some of the accessories being sold by the street vendors
Mal Malioboro, where you can get fast food and other items
Inside the Mal Malioboro, very new and modern
A 'Becak' rider takes a moment to relax by the main road
What some of the shops look like along Jalan Malioboro
Ramai Mall, a popular place for gadgets,smartphones and IT stuff
Rianty and Janoko Batik shops along the main street
A toy vendor pushing his cart along the main streets
International Village in Jogjakarta
Street food in Malioboro
Lesehan, a very popular style of local dining
Terang Bulan Malioboro, a famous food dish here
Malioboro Inn, located at one of the side roads
For those visiting Jogjakarta in October, you should know that they have the Jogjakarta Street Parade which also celebrates the independence of Jogjakarta. This street parade is filled with characters and lots of color, so if you love local cultures, don't forget to catch the parade in October. Please check with the local on the exact day it takes place.

A tourist information center is located in the half way point of the street, for those seeking more information or there are many travel agents who will act on their behalf to sell you other places to visit in Indonesia. At the end of the day, those visiting Jogjakarta will most likely stay in the city area and when you have some free time, Jalan Malioboro Street Shopping will be one of the thins you will be doing.

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