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AirAsia X Flights to Istanbul and Barcelona

Istanbul and Barcelona AirAsia X Flights

Great news for budget airline fans as in late October, there will be AirAsia X Flights to Istanbul and Barcelona, providing everything works out well.

The unofficial news has been public in August where the award-winning long haul airline has been working hard to connect its Europe route since it pulled out in 2012.

AirAsia X Flights to Istanbul and Barcelona 

With the news of AirAsia X Flights to Istanbul and Barcelona in October 2016, many travellers are quite excited from both continents, Europe and also Southeast Asia as this will make budget travel between these two continents affordable.

Europeans can now connect to Southeast Asia while Southeast Asians can easily travel to Europe with low fares.

Currently, the plan is for AirAsia X to fly to Istanbul, Turkey and then connect to Barcelona in Spain.

In other words, if you are planning to go to Barcelona, you will transit in Istanbul for about 90 minutes and the same thing when flying back from Spain to Kuala Lumpur and the plane used will be the Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

The beautiful Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
AirAsia X Istanbul and Barcelona Flight Schedule

Air Asia X has filed to operate a daily service linking Kuala Lumpur with Barcelona via Istanbul. The daily flight would be operated by a modern A330-300 and the planned flight schedules are:

· D7001 departs Kuala Lumpur 1000 - Arrives Istanbul 1500
· D7001 departs Istanbul 1630 -  Arrives Barcelona 1920
· D7002 departs Barcelona 2050 - Arrives Istanbul 0120
· D7002 departs Istanbul 0250 - Arrives Kuala Lumpur 1930

If you did not know, Air Asia X last flew to Europe in 2012 with services to both London and Paris but withdrew from both cities four years ago due to unprofitably and other minor issues, despite the routes being very popular with almost full loads both ways.

Many have been speculating that AirAsia X will resume its flight back to London by the end of 2016, but for now, there has not been any solid news on this.

AirAsia X latest destination from Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius in October 2016
In terms of competition, Air Asia X will compete directly with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Barcelona and there are also no direct flights linking Barcelona with Kuala Lumpur, therefore the airline will also compete with both Emirates and Qatar Airways for this route.

The airline has also announced in May that they plan to start AirAsia X flights to Mauritius in October 2016 and also possible news of a direct flight to Hawaii in 2016 or 2017.


At the end of the day, consumers want choices and for the long haul budget airline to offer more destinations, it will always be good news for travellers.

There are many travellers, students, and businessmen who are looking forward to the AirAsia X Flights to Istanbul and Barcelona, regardless of when it starts. Once we get full confirmation, we will publish more information here.

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