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Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

A new tourist attraction in KL is the Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House which opened its doors in June 2016.

This fun attraction is also located in the KL Tower or Menara Kuala Lumpur vicinity and is currently the talk of tourist here. Locally it is also called Rumah Terbalik KL in Bahasa Malaysia. So, what is an upside-down house attraction in KL all about?

KL Upside Down House

Generally the KL Upside Down House is actually a house that has been constructed upside down, with everything inside fitted... you guessed it, upside down.

This gimmick has been the rave of locals and also tourist visiting Malaysia in the last three to five years where there have been many attractions like this mushrooming all over Malaysia and finally, Kuala Lumpur having a piece of the cake.

The upside-down garage with a car outside as the attraction
The first upside-down house was constructed in Tuaran, Sabah in 2012 followed by one in Penang, one in Melaka and also the recent Upside Down Gallery in PD or Port Dickson.

As for those mentioned in this list. only the Upside Down House in Sabah resembles an actual house while the others are all located in shop lots, which is not up to quality tourism standards.

I am guessing that those were done cheaply, therefore, the owners did it in a shop lot versus building an actual house on the land. 

Anyway, the latest upside-down house in KL claims to be the first in Kuala Lumpur and the tallest Upside Down House in Malaysia? Seriously, the tallest in Malaysia?

No offence but why even bother to claim such a title like that, because if you have a good tourism product, it should sell by itself, not by strange accolades.

A weird example is like saying that Kuala Lumpur has the Tallest Museum in Malaysia... isn't that totally weird?

Inside one of the rooms of the Upside Down House in KL
This new attraction in KL is suitable for just about anyone - locals, tourist, families with kids and even couples as the plus point of this is that it is a fun attraction.

Meaning, you go there, take lots of photos outside and then inside and you are done. In total, you simply need about an hour at most to complete the attraction before moving on to possibly the KL Tower. 

Inside, everything is upside down where you start from the main living hall, kitchen and then stairs that take you up to the rooms and so on. Outside the house, there is an upside-down open garage complete with a car.

Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House Logo
Tickets for the KL Upside Down House
Promotion Period: from 8 June – 4 August 2016
Adult: RM15 (MyKad)
Kids: RM10 (MyKad)
Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm daily
Location: KL Tower

KL Upside Down House Address
Menara Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Puncak, 50250
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6 03 5523 0840 or +6 010 802 7547
Inquiry: klupsidedown@yahoo.com
Website/Facebook: www.klupsidedown.com

KL Upside Down House Map 
How to go to the KL Upside Down House

As this is located at the KL Tower or Menara KL, it is on the same premises at the tower, so just head to KL Tower and you will see the upside-down house next to it.

All taxis and most Malaysians would know where the KL Tower is located at too. Another landmark - Behind the Shangri-La Hotel KL and it is also a 15 to 20-minute walk from KLCC or Petronas Twin Towers.  

*All photos here are from the official KL Upside Down House Facebook Page.

A visitor poses in the dining area of the  KL upside-down house 
New Tourist Attractions In Kuala Lumpur

There are a number of other new attractions found around the Upside Down House in KL which are, of course, the KL Tower or Menara KL, Mini Zoo Menara KL, Blue Coral Aquarium, Sky Box KL Tower and the all-new KL Forest Eco Park. All of these places are very short walking distances too.

Well, with this unique house being added to the many tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, this has to be one of the quickest ones too.

A tip would be to come here as early as possible, when they open to beat the huge crowds, especially if you don't want loads of people in your photos, and then make your way to the KL Tower for a birds-eye view of Kuala Lumpur City before heading to the other places nearby.


For those wanting an adventure at a rainforest in the city, head to the new KL Forest Eco Park which is just outside the KL Tower area where you can explore this place with some trekking and even trying the new KL Canopy Walk here.

If you are visiting the Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House, you should be pleased to know that you can take photos and videos inside here so do take lots of photos and hope you have a fantastic time there and also in KL, Malaysia.

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