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How to save money before traveling

This article focuses on how you can save money before you travel and there are several ways to do this. Basically, the biggest chunk of your money always goes to the airline tickets and accommodations, provided if you are not backpacking.

Well, in this current lifestyle day, many Malaysians and also Asians tend to travel more compared to ten years ago and nowadays, there are many ways you can cut corners before going for your trip.

How to Save Money Before Travelling?

So, how do you save money before travelling? This is probably the trickiest question asked by everyone and let me just share with you my personal experience in this as I have been travelling quite frequently over the last ten years, especially around Malaysia, Southeast Asia and Greater Asia.

Gone are the days of walking into a travel agent and booking your holiday or trip where nowadays, with technology in your hands via smartphones, you can simply check and book your flight tickets or even hotel accommodations at your fingertips.

This means, there is no more 'I'll do it when I get home', and when you get a good deal, you can instantly do it.

After going through many different travel applications or apps, in short, I have found that one company has created everything at ease for consumers like me and they fully understand how Asians travel where the price is one of the biggest factors.

Traveloka App is helping travellers find the best deals and cheap rates for hotels and flights, no matter any time of the day and hence, I use this to book the two most important matters in my travels. And the most important part - there are no hidden fees when you book anything, so what you see is what you get.

Traveloka App
By using the app, I have saved quite a bit of money and to be honest, who does not want to save money before travelling?

Everyone nowadays is looking for travel promotions or good deals online and there are several new online travel agents or OTA's in the market, but which one will give you ultimate savings?

Some of them may give you a good hotel deal but not for flights, while another may offer you the reverse.

So, after going through many of these apps, I have found the Traveloka App the most practical where I can get a good deal for both, hotel and flights.

The trick in getting good deals is by downloading and signing up with the company and when they run any promotions, they will send out an email informing their subscribers about the promotion and then you can get first-hand information on these travel deals.

End of the day, I want to travel and save money booking my flights and hotel, and I know that many out there also want the same thing, so finding the Traveloka App is one of the best discoveries that I have found to date.

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