Recommended Travel Guide For Japan

Japan Recommended Travel Guide

Many times, I have been looking for some recommended travel guides for Japan, and most of the time, I end up with brochures from the airport or just information from the internet.

There are both bad and good in this kind of travel information. The bad is that you are getting general or outdated information, or you need to print the information from the internet and carry it along with you.

Recommended Travel Guide For Japan 

Most Malaysians love to travel to Japan as nowadays as it is reasonable and easy for just about anyone to visit Japan, especially with all the flight promotions that budget airlines offer during promotions, even more so during travel fairs like the Matta Fair in Kuala Lumpur.

For those under RM5,000, Japan is easily accessible with AirAsia X, and you can visit places like Tokyo, Osaka, and even Sapporo. Still, having the flight and accommodations booked, you next need a good travel guide for Japan.

Malaysia Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide
Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Tokyo Title.

So, where can one find a recommended travel guide for Japan? I have always depended on those brochures that you see at the airports with the standard city map and places to visit, and after numerous visits to Japan, those could have been more informative. 

Eventually, I had to do some homework for my previous trip to Tokyo, and there is a lot of information available online, but is it accurate? Plus, did you need to print all that information and carry it along? No thanks. 

Applications on smartphones or tablets are sometimes no better because there are too many in the market, and everyone puts the same old general content. It would not be beneficial if you asked me.

Therefore, a friend of mine told me to check out the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide, which is sold at local bookstores here in Malaysia, so I went to one of the bookstores to pick up a copy of a Tokyo travel guidebook.

Going through the guidebook totally changed my perception. It was incredibly complete and updated with all kinds of required information. It is like having the ultimate Tokyo travel bible in my hand, with anything and everything in there, including those local popular places to eat and shop.

Malaysian Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide
A selection of sweet shops around Tokyo is featured in the book.

When I arrived at my hotel in Tokyo, I just took a brief glance at where to have breakfast and in the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Tokyo title were a few pages dedicated to a variety of world breakfasts with reviews and details on how to get to each of these places.

There are also special sections for all kinds of sweets and snacks that are very popular in Tokyo, so you will get all of them.

With this, my food adventure was quite complete, trying the many specials that Tokyo offered. One of my favourites is the Miyazaki Wagyu Chili Sauce with Sunny Side Up and Bacon Pancake from the Rainbow Pancake Shop in Harajuku.

Omotenashi Travel Guide Malaysia
A list of popular restaurants in Tokyo is also featured in the guidebook.

Apart from food, the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Tokyo title highlights each district, such as Shibuya, Omotesando, Ueno, Asakusa, Ginza, Odaiba, and the famous Tsukiji Market.

There are even areas around Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland with showtimes, parades, and even little details of where to get what kind of souvenirs and food and snack places.

For example, in Harajuku—Omotesando, the guidebook details everything from a handpicked selection of the best foods and popular shops to a breakdown of Takeshita Street's famous spots and the unique Cat Street review in Harajuku.

The Tokyo guidebook also includes a section on famous landmarks, lunch spots, shopping malls, museums, and art places.

Omotenashi Travel Guide Harajuku
Harajuku and Omotesando information from the guidebook.

Shopping in Tokyo

If you are a huge Japanese fashion fan, then Shibuya is the place you need to visit as it is the capital of fashion in Japan, where you can find the latest trends and so on.

While shopping, you can also check out the many trendy cafes and restaurants, which are also reviewed with photos in the book, which also shares which department store has what items and what speciality.

Photo of Harajuku
Exploring Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Book for Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide
The guidebook also lists the Best 10 for Tokyo Gourmet.

Food Rurubu Omotenashi Guide
Very detailed information on Takeshita Street.

Book on Omotenashi Travel Guide
There are three bonus mini-books when you get the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Tokyo book.
Suppose you are wondering where to go sightseeing in Tokyo. The guidebook also narrows down the best places to visit, including which subway train to take, which station to get off at, and what else there is to do around each of these areas.

One of the must-visit places is the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, which is the tallest structure in Japan at 634 meters.

From up here, you can get a fantastic view of Tokyo city and around the tower, there are so many exciting things to do. One of them is to visit the largest Daiso outlet in the world.

Guide to Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree information from the book.

Overall, the title of the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide Tokyo is perfect for Malaysians and anyone who reads English because everything you need to know about Tokyo is in this guidebook.

For foodies and food lovers, you will be in for a treat as there is so much Japanese food and snacks reviewed in the book, too.

As for maps, there are complete maps based on areas in Tokyo, as well as the entire Tokyo subway map.

Honestly, the book's design is perfect for Malaysians as it gets straight to the point—popular places to eat, shop, and see.

       The five titles or Japan travel guides from Rurubu Omotenashi (click on the image to enlarge).

Apart from the Tokyo title, there are four other titles, including the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide, which are for Okinawa, Kyoto, Kyushu, and Hokkaido.

So if you are planning to visit any of those places in Japan, I recommend getting the travel guides as they will make your travels much more fun and exciting.

As for me, I am planning a trip to Kyoto and Okinawa next, and I have already got those books, and I am using them to plan my travel itinerary.

If you are looking for a recommended travel guide for Japan, the Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide is priced at RM49.50 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM50.50 in East Malaysia.

This Japanese travel guidebook can be bought at local bookstores like Popular & Harris, MPH, Borders, Times and Kinokuniya.

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