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KL Big Kitchen 2016

After a successful inaugural event, KL Big Kitchen 2016 is back again and being held from 29-31 May at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur city. This three day Kuala Lumpur food festival is also being organised by Kuala Lumpur City Hall in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture where it will showcase a range of over 60 food counters serving up the best of the Malaysian gastronomic. 

Branded as Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen 2016, this KL food festival has one aim which is to promote Kuala Lumpur as a food destination to not only travelers, but also to locals, and if you are a true food lover, this is the event to attend. Apart from food being highlighted, many other activities are included which range from;
  • Celebrity gastronomic personalities and chefs appearances
  • Live cooking workshops
  • Food talks and gastronomic challenges
  • Demonstrations of contemporary and traditional culinary techniques
  • Cultural performances
  • Dance and musical shows that truly portray the melting pot of cultures in Malaysia
View of last years KL Big Kitchen
A sign that shows where everything is
KL Big Kitchen Chefs, Celebrities and Presenters

An impressive line up has also been arranged for this years event and they include presenters, chefs and special invited local and international personalities which are;
  • Her Royal Highness Tengku Puan Pahang - Princess of Pahang
  • Chef Norman Musa - UK Based Malaysian Chef & Kuala Lumpur Food Ambassador
  • Chef Adu Amran - London-based Malaysian culinary expert, author
  • Chef Andrew Nutter - Celebrity Chef & Owner of Nutters Restaurant
  • Chef Anis Nabilah - International Celebrity Chef & Media Personality
  • Chef Christian Mittermeier - Member of the Jeune Restauranteurs d’ Europe Association
  • Chef Claire Ptak - Pastry Chef and Owner of The Violet Bakery, East London
  • Chef Cyril Rouquet-Prevost - French MasterChef Finalist 2011
  • Chef Darren Chin - Chef de Cuisine & Proprietor of DC Restaurant
  • Chef Dr. Ezani - MasterChef Winner Season 1
  • Chef Firdaus Hanan - UiTM Culinary Lecture, Host of Astro Maya’s Makan
  • Chef Florence Tan - Celebrity Chef
  • Chef Isadora Chai - Chef / Sole owner of Bistro à Table
  • Dato' Chef Ismail Ahmad - Celebrity Chef & Owner of Restoran Rebung Chef Ismail
  • Chef Izyan Hani - MasterChef Winner Season 2
  • Chef Jochen Kern - Director – School of Culinary Arts at Berjaya University College of Hospitality
  • Chef Kamarul Hasni - Celebrity Chef
  • Chef Malcolm Goh Sok Siong - Culinary Executive / Supervising Chef at Berjaya University College of Hospitality
  • Datuk Chef Wan Ismail - Celebrity Chef
  • Chef Will Meyrick - Indonesian TopChef Judge & Owner of Mamasan Restaurant
  • Bondan Winarno - Indonesian Food Reviewer & Television Presenter
  • Prof. Dr. Halijah Binti Ibrahim - Professor, Institute of Biological Sciences & University of Malaya
  • Datin Nik Radiah Nik Hassan - Editor-in-Chief of Gardenasia Magazine
KL Big Kitchen 2016 Program (Click to enlarge)
A Dim Sum stall participating at the food festival in KL
KL Big Kitchen Contest

One of the highlights is the competitions which come various types. A signature dish competition, signature mocktail competition and also a race.  The competitions are;
  • KL Signature Dish Competition
  • KL Signature Mocktail Competition
  • KL Big Kitchen Race. 
The winners of the KL Signature Dish and KL Signature Mocktail Drink will have their creations recognised as the official dish and drink of the city and also receiving trophies from the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur together with sponsored gifts.

KL Food Trucks on display at the event
KL Big Kitchen 2016 Objective;
  • To showcase Kuala Lumpur as the gastronomic destination for South East Asia
  • To create a festival for chefs, local and foreign foodies to get-together and share their passion of gastronomy
  • To promote eateries experiences in Kuala Lumpur from street food, cafes, best of states cuisines, casual to fine dining restaurants at one festival
  • To offer visitors the opportunity to learn cooking technique and tips from the best chefs and listen to the food talks
  • To be used as a platform to launch the KL Signature Dish and KL Signature Mocktail
What the event looks like
Interesting displays of all kinds of food at the food festival in KL
KL Big Kitchen 2016 Information
Venue: Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur
Date: 29-31 May (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Time: 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM
Website: http://www.klbigkitchen.com/
Photo Credits: All photos are taken from the KL Big Kitchen website. 

For any foodies visiting Kuala Lumpur at the end of May, this would be an excellent opportunity to attend and savor the many unique Malaysian cuisines and street food at this event. It has been a very long time since there was a fun outdoor food festival where the other notable event is the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2016 or MIGF2016 which takes place on 24-25 September at the Berjaya Times Square in KL.

This outdoor KL food festival will attract many locals and travelers as it is strategically located in the heart of KL city and walking distance from almost anywhere. I had also recently returned from visiting the Qatar International Food Festival 2016 in Doha where that event saw over thousands of people attending the renown Middle East food festival. It would be good to see how the Kuala Lumpur event does, so see you at the KL Big Kitchen 2016 this end of  May.

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