Borneo Tattoo Expo 2016 Kuching Sarawak

Sarawak Borneo Tattoo Expo

If you love all things tattoos, you should not miss the 4th Borneo Tattoo Expo 2016 in Kuching Sarawak which will be held at Damai Central alongside the Rainforest World Music Festival 2016. this August.

This unique and interesting event will also take place from 5-7 August and will showcase some of the best traditional tattoo artists from Sarawak and also the world.

As the RWMF 2016 happens at the Sarawak Cultural Village, visitors can explore Damai Central in the day, which is located just across the cultural village.

Here, there are restaurants, bars, convenient shops and even an interesting hawker centre that serves some amazing local Sarawakian food and also other local foods.

Borneo Tattoo Expo in Sarawak

Damai Borneo Tattoo Expo
Some of the traditional motifs on a poster for the Borneo Tattoo Expo
As this tattoo event takes place for three full days here at Damai Craftworld and Events Center, you will see many tattoo artist performing works of art throughout the day.

Most of them will be using modern tattoo practices while you will be treated to some traditional ethnic tattoo practices which are called hand-tapping.

As the location is about one hour from Kuching city, a number of visitors will be staying in town but there are shuttle buses that head to the RWMF 2016 so you can easily hop on one of the buses to the tattoo expo.

For those staying in town, here is a list of what to do in Kuching if this is your first time there. It is highly recommended that you do a self walking tours around here.

Tattoo Artist in Sarawak Borneo
List of Tattoo Artist attending the Borneo Tattoo Expo 2016
Borneo Tattoo Expo
Date: 5-7 August
Venue: Damai Central, Santubong
Time: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm


For any tattoo lover, this would be one of the best events to attend in the region as the last Borneo Tattoo Expo took place here in Damai was in 2013.

Moreover, the Rainforest World Music Festival is also taking place on the same dates, so it would be a perfect two in one event to attend.

If you love traditional tattoo's and motifs, this would be a great place to see or even get one done here during the 4th Borneo Tattoo Expo in Kuching.

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