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Magic of the Night 2016 Putrajaya

Putrajaya Magic of the Night 2016
Magic of the Night 2016 Putrajaya will take place during the Royal Floria Putrajaya flower and garden show this year from May 27 to June 4.

This spectacular night show features boats decorated with lights that parade along the lakeside and a nightly stunning fireworks show. 

States and tourism boards from Malaysia will be represented by their own floral and light decorated boats, most showcasing their own unique attractions.

For example, the Sarawak float will showcase the beautiful rainforest, hornbill bird and also the orangutan on their float.

For tourist or visitors to this floral boat parade, you will be in for an amazing time here in Putrajaya as Magic of the Night 2016 as this is one of the major events that showcase the many colours of Malaysia in one place.

Apart from catching the Royal Floria Putrajaya 2016, you can get to see two events in one place. 

Magic of the Night Photos 

Below are various photos taken during the last event and this is what you can expect at this years event in Putrajaya.

I just used a standard DSLR with kit lens for my photography, which was quite good enough. If you are using a smartphone, I would not recommend it as the photos may not turn out nice. 

The colorful float from Pulau Pinang
Performers take a pose before the show
The winner for Magic of the Night 2015 - Sabah Tourism Float
Performers during MotN
Tourism Malaysia's float
Magic of the Night 2016
Date: 27 May to 4 June 2016
Venue: Marina Putrajaya Lakeside
Time: 8.00 pm

You can take a look at last year's Magic of the Night in Putrajaya where a total of 17 floats took part, some from other countries as well.

This year, the same amount of floats are expected to take part for MotN. For those heading here, don't forget to hashtag #MotN, if you are active on social media. 

Our tip is to get here early to grab a good spot for Magic of the Night Putrajaya as you can catch the many colorful boats on parade and also the nightly stunning fireworks show that is at the same venue. 

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