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Longgang National Geological Park

Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot

The Longgang National Geological Park is also called the Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot (重庆云阳龙缸景区) in Chongqing, and this is one of the most popular tourist attractions here which opened to the public in late 2013.

For those visiting Longgang or Chongqing, you will be in for an amazing historical and scenic experience as this spectacular attraction also carries a 2300-year-old history of ancient China apart from the beautiful landscapes.

Longgang National Geological Park

Among the latest tourism attractions at the Longgang National Geological Park is the very unique Glass Sky Walk or Cloud Bridge of Chongqing which opened up in May 2015.

Apart from this, there is much walking to do around here as most of the attractions are far apart. In other words, the entrance starts at one point and ends about three to five kilometers at another point. 

The Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot includes five other interesting touristic spots which are;

1. Glass Sky Walk or Cloud Bridge (云端廊桥)

Longgang Cloud Bridge
The amazing Cloud Bridge or 云端廊桥
The number one attraction of Longgang National Park is this unique and scary glass sky bridge. All tours coming here will make a stop at this point but take note that there is a lot of walking to do here.

From the bus drop point, you need to walk uphill for about 500-700 meters before you reach the entrance to the sky bridge.

Once inside, you will be treated with spectacular views of the national park and also views of the river which is over 700 meters below where you stand.

For those with weak knees or fear of heights, you should reconsider visiting this place. For the adventurous, this is one of the top 10 scary high places in the world.

2. Mirror Lake or Qingshui Lake (清水湖)

Chongqing Mirror Lake
The beautiful Mirror Lake in Chongqing
Located way down below of the Glass Sky Bridge, the Chongqing Mirror Lake is a must-go place here and one of the best times to visit is during the Autumn period where you will see the stunning landscapes of all colors.

Tour operators package this Mirror Lake Cruise where traditional Chinese wooden boats take you along the river and to the lake. At certain places of the lake, you will see postcard-perfect mirror images of the scenery on the lake. 

3. Road of Love (爱之路)

Longgang Park Hand in Hand Cliff Walk
Hand in Hand Cliff Walk
The Road of Love is the beginning section of the Glass Cliff Walk at the national park where couples would walk hand-in-hand here.

This section is 1000 over steps or estimated to be about 1.5 kilometers long too. It is justly famous for namesake due to the many locals coming here and holding hands while walking along this part. This road also leads to the Glass Cliff Walk. 

4. Glass Cliff Walk or Cliff Gallery Road (绝壁栈道)

Longgang Glass Cliff Walk
Glass Cliff Walk - Check out the view below
Known as part of the Hand-in-Hand Plank Walk, this breathtaking walk will surely impress anyone who loves a little bit of adrenaline.

A total of 660 meters long, portions of the walkway are made in glass allowing visitors to see below. Why they call it hand-in-hand is because if your loved one is too scared to make that walk, the partner will take his/her hand to complete the journey here.

Along the way, you will pass the famous Moon Cave and also see various Chinese styled gazebos in the distance.

These beautiful gazebos serve as resting or stopping points of the Glass Cliff Walk here. Again, this walk will test your fear of heights and is a must to attempt.

5. Longgang Heavenly Pit (Xiaozhai Tiankeng 小寨天坑)

Longgang Heavenly Pit
Longgang Heavenly Pit in Chongqing
The Xiaozhai Tiankeng is one of the major attractions as you do the Glass Cliff Walk of Chongqing where the path will take you to this place which is a huge sinkhole or Tiankeng which translates as a Heavenly Pit.

This massive place is 626 meters long, 537 meters wide, and around 662 meters deep. Visitors exploring the national park will make a stop here to take photos and so on.

Recently in 2015, a group of Base Jumpers did one of the first Sinkhole Base Jumps here. Just further up is the Dragon Cave, another beautiful cave structure that is lit up with lights.

Photos of Longgang National Geological Park in Chongqing

Below are random photos taken around the park during a trip here and all of these places are accessible by foot.

At the end is also general information of the Longgang National Geological Park in English and also in Chinese.

Longgang National Geological Park Dragon Cave
Dragon Cave, after the Heavenly Pit
Longgang National Geological Park Moon Cave
Moon Cave, this is the exit of the cave
National Park Longgang
One of the spectacular views of the national park
Hand in Hand Plank Road Information
Longgang Heavenly Pit Information
More general information - Click to enlarge
Map of Longgang National Geological Park
Longgang National Geological Park Map
Additional Information for Longgang National Geological Park

Please note that the national park here requires some serious walking so you need to be prepared with a good pair of walking shoes.

For the elderly people, if you really need to come here, please tell your tour guide that you need time to walk, if not they will be rushing you.

I would recommend for those with walking issues to engage in a special or private tour guide that allows you to take your time.

If you take the general tours with a large group, they are most definitely going to be rushing you and this alone would ruin your holiday.

Best Time To Visit The Longgang National Geological Park

The best time to visit this place is also during autumn simple because of the cooling weather and the overland landscape changing colors.

During the summer, this place can get really hot and humid and is not recommended. Safely, the best times to visit would be Spring and Autumn when the weather is perfect and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.


AirAsia X has direct flights to Chongqing weekly and also via Bangkok through Thai AirAsia X and this place is very suitable for those wanting to experience one of the beautiful scenic parts of China.

There are many amazing places like this found around China and the Longgang National Geological Park in Chongqing is just one of them.

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