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Business Class Qatar Airways Review

Review of Business Class Qatar Airways

One of the experiences everyone should try when visiting the Middle East is by experiencing the Business Class with Qatar Airways, as the world's first five-star airline never fails to deliver.

During a trip to Doha in 2016, I had the opportunity to try the business class for this seven and a half hour flight from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and the experience alone has changed my perception of long haul flights. 

Usually, I fly around Southeast Asia on short-haul flights and this is the first time in years since I have taken a long haul flight, and on business class with Qatar Airways where I almost forgot how wonderful the experience is.

Not forgetting that the flatbed feature here made my experience complete after the long flight to Doha to attend the Qatar International Food Festival 2016 which is a yearly event here.

Review of Qatar Airways Business Class Flight

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in KLIA
The Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in KLIA
As my flight to Doha from Kuala Lumpur was early in the morning, the check-in process was a breeze at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport check-in counter at Row K.

The Qatar Airways check-in staff that attended to me was professional and very helpful when I was asking a number of questions about the flight and due to the limited time I had, I missed the opportunity to try out the premium lounge here at KLIA. 

The flight was on board a Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner plane as this was also my inaugural flight on this type of aircraft, though I have seen them before, never flew in one.

Looking at the aircraft from the waiting lounge, I already had a good feeling about the flight to Doha.

Business Class Seats on Qatar Airways

Business Class Seats Qatar Airways
The Qatar Airways Business Class Seats
As I boarded the aircraft, the friendly Qatar Airways flight attendant led me to my seat which was 1A and as she was a local Malaysian, communication was smooth and easy for both of us.

Introducing herself as Salina, she explained to me about the meals on board and also about the flight, indicating that if I needed anything, just look her up or any of her colleagues in business class.

Just so you know, this flight with the Boeing Dreamliner only offered economy and business class seating.

There was no first class on the flight and one of the specialties here is the honeymoon seats for those newly married couples that want some privacy.

Honeymoon Business Class Seats Qatar Airways
The honeymoon couple seat in business class
Qatar Airways Business Class Couple Seats
Privacy for couples at the honeymoon seats 
Qatar Airways Business Class Dining

From the welcome drink to the main course and desserts, everything was perfect and the level of service was exceptional.

This, of course, comes as no surprise knowing that Qatar Airways was the first airline to be branded as a five-star airline.

Qatar Airways Business Class Food
The desserts served at business class
Business Class Dining on Qatar Airways
A very localized fine dining meal in business class 
For me, the service part always comes first before anything and I think Qatar Airways staff did a fantastic job in this department.

The desserts were very impressive as it has been a long time since I tasted such fine quality for this, and I enjoyed them so much, I wanted to ask for seconds, but knowing I was attending a food festival in Doha, I decided to pass on it.

In-Flight Entertainment on Qatar Business Class

One of the things I loved about flying business class with Qatar Airways is the entertainment system and equipment provided.

For starters, the selection of movies and television shows are amazing, but to top it off, it is the noise cancellation headphones that made it complete.

Noise Cancellation Headphones Business Class
Noise Cancellation Headset in business class
This was that one toy that I kept testing to see how well it worked and let me just say, it was pitch-perfect.

Watching my movie was such a peaceful experience compared to my normal in-flight experiences as I could hear every little detail in the movie with all outside noise cut off. Now, this is what I call watching a movie in peace.

Qatar Airways Full Flatbed Seats

And for a long haul flight, I usually take a nap and with the all-new flatbed in the Qatar Airways business class, I just had to try this function.

The command console had a number of seating or sleeping functions and pressing the fully flat bed button, the entire seat slowly went into a totally flatbed position in about eight seconds.

Flatbed Seats Qatar Airways Business Class
Full flatbed on the Qatar Airways Business Class
When a flight attendant saw me preparing for my nap, she immediately came over to assist me by helping me with the blanket and other minor things.

Laying down flat at 30,000 feet felt as if I was at the comfort of my own bed. The extra pillow that the flight attendant gave me also made it even more comfortable for me and within minutes, I was in dreamland. 

Toilet Qatar Airways Business Class
The bathroom in business class, spacious and fully equipped with amenities 
Large Dreamliner Windows Qatar Airways
The super-sized large dreamy windows with dimming effect
Dreamy Windows

One of the things I would like to highlight about the Qatar Airways Dreamliner plane is the magical windows with dimming effect that are absolutely amazing.

Each of the windows is 19 inches tall and 65% larger than the standard airplane windows, which of course, enhances your plane views by letting you see more outside. 

The fading or dimming effect is something that most passengers will be thrilled by, just like me, who could not resist testing this function out.

How the dimming effect works is amazing - A special electrified gel is sandwiched between two thin pieces of glass and as the electric current increases, the gel darkens and as it drops, the gel lightens. How amazing is this technology? 

Photo of Qatar Airways Business Class
View of the Business Class onboard Qatar Airways
Window View Qatar Airways Business Class
Business-class view of The Pearl Doha, as the flight was about to land
After about seven hours of enjoyable sleep, I woke up to find that the flight was about to land at the Hamad International Airport in Doha.

I looked out the large dreamy windows and I could clearly see part of The Pearl Doha which is a massive man-made island catering to luxury living and also as an entertainment hub for Doha.

Why Did I Visit Doha? 

My inaugural flight to Doha, Qatar was provided by Qatar Airways and the experience onboard was surreal considering that this was my first business class flight to the middle east.

I was heading here for a five-day trip to attend the Qatar International Food Festival, which takes place in the early part of the year in Doha.

This assignment was arranged by Qatar Tourism who also allowed me to experience beyond the city of Doha as I explored the Qatari Desert and many other unique destinations here.


For those planning to visit anywhere in Europe, I would easily recommend flying business class with Qatar Airways as the experience will guarantee to be an amazing one.

And for those with connecting flights, you will transit at Doha, where you will be spoilt with choices for some amazing duty-free shopping here.

Who knows, you could even be a winner of one of the many luxury cars from the famous Qatar duty-free shopping contests. I hope you enjoyed my review of the business class flight onboard Qatar Airways. 

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