Taking a Bus to Cameron Highlands

I think it would be safe to say that most Malaysians have gone to Cameron Highlands at least once, right?

Well, in this article, I would like to share my experience on taking a bus to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur and how easy it was for a traveling couple. 

On that day when I was to depart at 10.30 a.m, 15th September 2015, I think I got a little over excited and arrived considerably early which was around 10.00 a.m, therefore, we headed to departure gate 14 and waited for the bus to arrive for our trip to Cameron Highlands.

Taking a Bus to Cameron Highlands

I was glad to see that the Unititi Express bus was on time, and after storing my bags in the spacious luggage compartment, I hurried to grab the window seat because when I booked my tickets from Bus Online Tickets, it was mentioned that the journey on the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands would be filled with beautiful views of the surrounding nature and landscapes.

Platform 14 where Unititi Express Bus departs
When taking the bus from KL to Cameron Highlands, it takes about four hours one way and the journey ends at the Tanah Rata station, which is next to the Unititi Express office.

From there, we took a taxi to the Copthorne Hotel in Brinchang, which cost about RM25 one way and was a mere 20 minutes from Tanah Rata.

When the friendly taxi driver mentioned that Copthorne Hotel is currently the highest hotel in Cameron Highlands, I got even more excited.

It is true that the journey on the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands was very scenic, but it does not beat what it really felt like being there - the cool air, the peaceful atmosphere… That is enough to make the entire trip worth it.

Cameron Highlands amazing view
During the check-in process, the hotel’s receptionist told us that our room was upgraded to the highest floor, which meant we got the best view from the top of Cameron Highlands and I am not lying as the view was simply breath taking and stunning. 

The room was picture perfect and it felt so homely that I wanted to unpack and just live there, but there was no time to waste so we headed out to get some lunch nearby as it was well past lunch time.

The walking distance to the famous Kea Farm is just about five to 10 minutes, but we took a taxi to Brinchang town to have our lunch as there are many restaurants and cafes there. 

The Cameron Highlands Steamboat
We had such a good time that day that we did not even notice how fast time was passing by, we had to head back to the hotel for some rest before dinner.

And that night, awaiting us was a mouth-watering steamboat at a place called Millennium Garden Restaurant.

Steamboat meals are very popular in Cameron Highlands simply due to the cool weather and you can find them at most restaurants or hotels. 

Strawberry Park in Cameron Highlands
I have to say, the highlight of the trip is definitely visiting the beautiful Strawberry Park where we each paid RM25 to get inside the park.

At the Strawberry park, visitors can have a pick at some of the fresh strawberries growing in the green house, which turned out to be such an amazing experience for the both of us.

We also managed to grab a number of souvenirs for our friends back in Kuala Lumpur.

Cameron Highlands has quite a number of tourist attractions where staying here for around two to three days is a recommended option.

Some of the must visit places are the beautiful tea plantations and flower gardens up here. 

The Unititi Express Office in Cameron Highlands
After we went back to our hotel at 2.00 p.m. to rest and prepare to check out, we could not stop talking about our experience at the Strawberry Park.

The bus was already waiting for us outside the hotel by the time we checked out and I remembered feeling relieved that I chose the Unititi Express bus service because they made my trip so easy.


Taking a bus to Cameron Highlands has changed my perception on coach rides in Malaysia as over the years, so much has changed.

Even the website for booking the bus tickets was very impressive, it looked like I was booking an airline ticket as it is modern and easy to use for anyone.

I had such an unforgettable experience and I would absolutely visit Cameron Highlands with Unititi Express again in the near future or perhaps some other destination around Malaysia.

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