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Lily Camera Drone in Malaysia

The most talked about new drone to hit the market is the Lily Camera Drone which hopefully, will soon be available in Malaysia, and the big question - when? After following some travel and tech sites, I have been planning to get a drone unit in Malaysia for my travels, but seeing this recently, I cannot help but to wait for the official sales of the Lily Camera Drone in Malaysia. 

The Lily Throw Drone as some call it, has received a shocking US$34 Million in pre-orders from over 60,000 customers in the US alone. This went viral after the news of the worlds first throw and shoot camera drone was introduced back in May 2015.  So popular that that people from all over the world, including Malaysia has sent inquiries about shipping to the respective countries. For now, they are only shipping to the US and the rest has to wait and see when they will officially open the Lily Drone for worldwide sales. 

Watch the Lily Camera Drone Official Video

I did a check on eBay in early January and someone is already selling this at pre-order with a starting bid of US$1499.00 and a Buy It Now of US$2045.00. This is what happens when consumers around the world want it so bad. 

The retail price for the Lily Camera Drone is US$799.00 (RM 3515.00) plus $20.00 Shipping in the US only. Well, what usually happens is that, consumers from most other countries will get their friends in the US to buy it and then have it shipped over to the respective country. These are lengths to what people would do to get it first and I do not blame them as this is truly a revolutionary gadget.

The cute and yet intelligent Lily Drone unit - Image from Lily.Camera
Overall, I think the Lily Camera Drone would be an awesome camera to have when you travel too, as it works perfectly well when doing outdoor activities, like water rafting, canoeing, skiing, running and anything else that the traveler sees fit. I would not mind getting one for my work as I have been actively doing a lot of outdoor activities in the last couple of years, so we will see how or when the Lily Camera Drone is available in Malaysia. Below are some of the specifications, and the one that blew me away is the fact that the drone is waterproof! 

Video Resolution: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps
Video FOV: 94ยบ
Video Format: H.264 codec, .mp4 file format
Photo Resolution: 12 MP
Digital gimballing
Image stabilization
Fixed focus

Three-axis Gyro
Front-facing camera
Bottom-facing camera

4GB micro SD provided
External memory card slot

Change camera settings
Create custom shots
Edit and share content
Available on iOS and Android

Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery
4-hour battery life
Charging via micro USB

Waterproof! What more do you need? Image from Lily.Camera
For those who cannot wait or want more information, check out the official Lily Camera Drone website. All photos here are taken from the main website of Lily.Camera, simply because no one has the unit to date! 

For me, I can only wait for the Lily Camera Drone for sale in Malaysia officially, as I am really psyched up about this new travel camera that would suit some of the things I do when I travel. I would also not be surprised if it could take at least three to six months from the launch date in the US, which is in mid February 2016 when they start shipping this product out, so Malaysians, either you get it from there or patiently wait for the official launch of the Lily Camera Drone in Malaysia. I am pretty sure someone will bring it in as the Southeast Asia distributor too. 


Anonymous said...

Hai, just read your entry, just in case u have been following lily drone sale in malaysia, is it here yet hehe

dasingleguy said...

Hi. Even as a buyer for the second batch, up until now no exact date when they will start commercial production on lily camera yet. As I've been promised to get myself on hand with lily camera on last February, but still I'm waiting as so many problem arise. So now I'm not sure whether I wanted to wait or just cancel my order and ask for a refund....so disappointed.j