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AirAsia recently announced in January 2016 that they have revised their baggage pricing. A newsletter was sent out to all its members announcing the AirAsia New Baggage Pricing where when you do your bookings, you will be subjected to the new pricing. 

This also comes in the first quarter and also just before the Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations therefore, you are advised to check and double check your baggage buying and also your add-on's. For any consolation, the consumers can hope that the airlines remove the fuel surcharge after this move by AirAsia. The new was released as below and also the new AirAsia baggage price is below;
"We would like to inform you, our valued guest, that we will be revising our baggage pricing. With the new pricing structure, booking your checked baggage at the time of your flight booking will guarantee you the greatest savings. You will still be able to pre-book your baggage via Manage My Booking later. However, it will be at a higher price.
Rest assured that pre-booking checked baggage online, be it at the time of your flight booking or later via Manage My Booking, you will still enjoy more savings as compared to purchasing last minute at the airport counter. Because of this, we highly encourage you to pre-book your baggage."
AirAsia new baggage pricing - RM 58.00 for 20 kg 

The AirAsia new baggage prices based on return flights
The rest of the AirAsia add-on's are as per normal as nothing has been increased. This new baggage pricing will come as a shock to many while it will get back to normal as always when consumers accept it after a while. Remember, the above baggage price is based on return flights. 

With the new prices, there is a small difference from 20 to 25 kg, where you pay RM 7.00 extra for that 5kg. A very important tip when you buy your AirAsia Baggage is to buy that extra before hand. Example is when you travel to Thailand, most people are going to shop there, so your return baggage will be much heavier than when you went to Thailand. And in this case, many get caught with excess baggage when returning back home, thus having to pay that RM40.00 per kilo at the counter. So, please plan your baggage buy well before you travel as with the AirAsia New Baggage Pricing, it can be quite costly if you do not plan well. 

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Henry Lee said...

Everything seems to be going up lately... now this. Anyway, the difference between 20kg and 25kg is RM6 instead of RM9 :)

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