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Petra Jordan Photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Part 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera Review Jordan

A continuation of my Petra Jordan Photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 5, this is part 2 of the photo story featuring the historical ruins in this UNESCO Heritage Site. For those planning to visit Petra, you should know that there is quite a bit of walking to do around here. For me, if I recall correctly, I walked about 15 kilometers in total when I was here in September 2015. So, it is highly advisable to bring proper walking shoes, lots of water and some snacks. 

At Petra, there are shops and cafes along the way if you need a break and also a proper restaurant managed by a five star hotel at the half way point. If you look at some of my photos, you will see camels, horses and donkeys and the locals offer visitors rides to certain checkpoints, for a small fee too. The main attractions here is the Gorge, The Treasury and The Monastery which is very impressive and has to be seen in person to truly appreciate it. Below are photos after the Petra Treasury. Click on them to see the full photo.

Camera Review for Galaxy Note 5 Malaysia
A unique rock formation seen along the way to the Monastery. This one resembles elephants. 
Petra Kings Tombs Photo
Part of the Kings Tombs
Samsung Note 5 Pictures Jordan
Camels are very popular with the tourist here as one of the main modes of transport in Petra
Photo of Petra Jordan with Note 5
A guard poses at an arch half way to the Petra Monastery
Note 5 Camera Review Samsung
Donkeys are used for the uphill walk towards the Petra Monastery, for a fee
Photo from Samsung Galaxy Note 5
The Petra Kings Tombs seen at a distance
Malaysia Note 5 Review Photo
Camels are everywhere, operated by the local Bedouin people of Petra
Pictures Galaxy Note 5 Malaysia
This is one of the hikes uphill to the Monastery, but with me taking the photo going downhill
Petra Monastery Photos 2016
The Petra Monastery, similar to the Treasury but located on much higher grounds
Horse Riding Petra Jordan
Heading back after 15 kilometers of walking, I decided to take a horse at the last mile
Map of Petra Jordan
Map of Petra
As for staying in Petra, our team from Southeast Asia was put up at the Movenpick Resort Petra, and this is the closest hotel to the main entrance of Petra. Technically, it is right smack in front of the Petra entrance so it is highly recommended for those wanting a bit of luxury and convenience. Again, after all that walking, you just want to get back to your hotel and relax. 

You can read the first part of my Petra Jordan Photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as there are more photos and information there. I split the articles in two simply due to too many photos taken with the smartphone therefore having one article would be really long. Anyway, the first part is about the walk to the Treasury while the second part is the walk to the Monastery of Petra.

Overall, this has been the best smartphone camera I have used to date as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is totally amazing when it comes to taking photos during my travels. I would highly recommend getting this smartphone, especially if you travel for leisure of business. 

Do check out my other articles about Jordan, namely Aqaba, The Dead Sea, Bashra and Amman as I will be gradually posting them over the next couple of months. I will also be posting some videos on Jordan on my YouTube. Once again, a huge thanks goes out to the Jordan Tourism Board for making this trip possible and I hope you enjoyed my Petra Jordan Photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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