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International Aborigines Festival

Malaysia International Aborigines Festival
While festivals in Malaysia have been mushrooming, a new unique addition which is the International Aborigines Festival, will take place right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The location - Titiwangsa Lake Gardens in KL and everyone is invited to witness some of the fascinating cultures from the various aborigine tribes from around the world. 

For three days, the International Aborigines Festival 2015 will showcase rich culture and heritage from each individual group along with unique presentations of dance, music, traditional attire and manifestations.

Here, visitors will learn about the indigenous tribes which include Malaysia's own Mah Meri and other Orang Asli tribes found throughout the country.

International Aborigines Festival

As for Malaysia Asia, we have been traveling around the country visiting some of the unique indigenous tribes of Malaysia over the past few years and documenting them for our stories.

There are also over 50 different tribes and sub-tribes found all over Malaysia too, so to see them all would be a challenge, but to date, we have seen about half of them which a majority are found in Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo Island. 

Sarawak Kelabit girls
Kelabit girls of Bario, Sarawak
Indigenous tribes participating for IAF2015

• Maori from New Zealand
• Aborigine from Australia
• Aborigine from China
• Zulu from South Africa
• Aborigine from Papua New Guinea
• Samoas from Samoa Island, Pacific
• Orang Asli from Malaysia

International Aborigines Festival 2015
Date: 23 - 25 October 2015
Location: Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kadazan Dusun people of Sabah
Kadazan Dusun people of Sabah
National Department For Culture & Arts (JKKN)
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Fax: 603-2697 0786
E-mail: noraliza@jkkn.gov.my / rosnan@jkkn.gov.my

This event and festival is clearly catered to those, local and international visitors who would like to know more about the various aborigines from around the world.

The objective is part of the Tourism Ministry where numerous festivals have been held in Malaysia, and the International Aborigines Festival being one of unique festivals here. 

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