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Nikon P900 Review Moon Photos

Moon Photos Nikon P900 Review
To be honest, I have never done a camera review and this is actually my first time doing the Nikon P900 Review on Moon Photos taken in July 2015.

As a child, the moon always fascinated me and often wondered what it looked like with the naked eye.

And then through my teens, I have always wanted to photograph the moon but technology did not allow that back in the day and finally, when I got this new Nikon P900 camera in early 2015, my opportunity had come.

Nikon P900 Review Moon Photos

The Nikon P900 is actually from the CoolPix series and also the highest range where it comes with a whopping 24-2000mm single lens zoom.

Yes, you read correctly, 2000mm! It is also lightweight, as I assume it was heavy, but it is in fact lighter than my Nikon D5100 DSLR. Ok, to cut the story short, one of the functions in scenes is the moon mode.

It lets you choose different tones of color while there is a go-to 800 mm button and with one click, it takes you to that focal length. Check out the moon video I also did below. 

Nikon P900 Review Video on Moon Photos

More Moon Photos taken with the Nikon P800

Below are a series of moon photos taken with the Nikon P900 using various settings that comes with the camera.

Blood Red Moon Picture
Blood Red Moon Photo - Using the red tone in settings
Moon Photos in Malaysia
Black and White Moon Photo - Using the plain tone in settings
Photo of the moon in blue
Blue Moon Photo - Using the blue tone in settings
Orange Moon Picture
Orange Yellow Moon Photo - Using the tone in settings
Nikon P900 Moon Photos Review
Green Moon Photo - Using the green tone in settings
Overall, the quality was very impressive as you can see from the moon photos above, it captures most of the surface details and even the craters.

All I did was sharpen the images a bit and there you have it, a professional looking moon photographer at work. 

Again, these were all shot with the 800-1000mm focal length of the lens and I could still zoom in further.

In fact, when the digital zoom kicks in, you can even focus on the main crater of the moon. However, I did not have my heavy duty camera tripod with me so these were taken with a standard beginner tripod.


Again, my main purpose for buying the Nikon P900 camera was for bird watching or birding and to date, the camera has served me well.

I will be honest to say that this camera is a great camera for identifying, but not for bird photography, from my experience. Somehow, a proper DSLR with a good telephoto lens still get the job done.

I will be posting more photos in future on my Malaysia Asia Facebook Page or my Malaysia Asia Instagram, so do follow me to see updates and I hope you enjoyed my Nikon P900 Review on the moon photos.

Any comments or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comment form below and happy photographing.  

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