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RWMF Photos

Rainforest Music Festival Photos

The 18th RWMF 2015 started with an amazing ethnic performance where a traditional Miring Ceremony was performed on stage from the Sarawak Cultural Village staff.

This was something different compared to the usual traditional chanting which was done half way throughout day one. 

This year's lineup also included some pretty amazing artists and performers where for day one, Sangpuy, a Taiwanese ethnic musician opened the festival with his traditional music from his homeland in the Southeast of Taiwan in the Taitung area.

Photos of the Rainforest World Music Festival 

Below are various photos taken by me during the RWMF, and for your viewing pleasure.

Miring Ceremony Sarawak
The miring ceremony opening the RWMF2015 on day 1
Rainforest Music Festival Crowd 2015
The crowd on day 1 of the RWMF 2015
This was followed by a jaw-dropping performance by Kobagi Kecak from Bali where they did the Kecak ritual performance minus any instruments. 

Having seen the Kecak in Bali before, this one here was totally different and had the crowd plus the media in awe with their unique performance. 

Sangpuy from Taiwan
Sangpuy from Taiwan plays ethnic Taiwanese music
The following act was a Cajun Band called Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band all the way from Australia and New Zealand who got the crowd moving and dancing.

The night soon got into a more upbeat mood when Tunisian band Bargou 08 played an unusual cultural mix modern set. 

Below are various photos taken during the first day of the Rainforest World Music Festival here in Sarawak. 

Kobagi Kecak from Bali in Sarawak
Kobagi Kecak from Bali
Kobagi Kecak Photo
An incredible performance from Kobagi Kecak during the RWMF
Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band at Rainforest Music Festival
Le Blanc Bros plays the 3rd set on day 1
Sangpuy at Rainforest World Music Festival
Taiwanese ethnic performer, Sangpuy on stage
RWMF 2015 Guests
Visitors taking video during the festival
Rainforest World Music Festival Pictures
Another view of the crowd on the first day of the festival
Sangpuy at RWMF 2015
Sangpuy impresses the crowd with his unique music
Iban Girls Photos
Iban girls in traditional attire for the opening of the festival
The night ended with a returning band - Shooglennifty, who was also celebrating their 25th year anniversary and here at the RWMF 2015.


Overall, the mood and feel of the festival were in full swing this year compared to the previous years as the crowd was quite huge on the first day and there were more families seen here as well.

More to come for days two and three and hope you enjoyed my RWMF photos. Any comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment form and hope to see you at the next Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak. 

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