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Asian Online Travel Infographics 2015

Travel Infographics Asian Online

A recent release of Asian Online Travel Infographics 2015 by eRevMex shows the latest travel statistics on Asian travelers and also social media statistics based on the Asian traveler and called 'The State of Asian Online Travel'. 

While social media has led the way in the last few years, there have not been many infographics related to this genre, especially for this region.

Most tourism industry players already know how impactful digital and social media has influenced the younger generation travelers and also the middle age travelers.

Asian Online Travel Infographics

This recent study in 2015 also highlights key insights on changing travel behavior, online travel penetration, usage of mobile, last-minute booking habits and social media usage of Asian travelers and to some, it comes as no surprise. 

Asian Travelers Changing Behavior 2015
The changing behavior of Asian travelers 
Asian Online Traveler Statistics 2015
Majority of Asian travelers choose online
Asian Traveler Online Booking Statistics
Many also do last-minute bookings
Based on eRevMax, they have done the study and this is their outcome - 
The rise of disposable income, high Internet penetration, growth of mobile phones and the desire to travel have positioned Asia as the largest travel opportunity area in the world. eRevMax, the leading hotel online distribution and channel management solutions provider has released an Infographic – ‘The State of Asian Online Travel’ highlighting key insights on changing travel behaviour, online travel penetration, usage of mobile, last minute booking habits and social media usage of Asian travelers.
Asian Smartphone Travel Statistics
Mobile, an important trend for the Asian Traveler
Interesting facts provided as mobile seems to be almost tripling since early 2012. Just take a look at the numbers below quoted. 
The mobile market in Asia had witnessed a double digit growth in gross bookings from $3.2 billion in 2012 to $6.4 billion in 2013. With 3 in every 5 bookings coming from mobile, the platform has taken center-stage and now being considered as a separate channel for revenue generation for smart hoteliers.   
Asian Travel Social Media Statistics 2015
Social Media - Game-changing for Asian travelers 
eRevMax also quoted;
Based on various market studies, the infographic shows that 71% travelers seek recommendations from family and friends for a leisure trip and 44% watch travel videos for inspiration.  46% travelers in this region prefer to book online with most trusting OTAs over hotel brand sites. The online travel market in Asia is projected to cross $155 billion by 2017, a 200% increase from $78 billion in 2012.
For more information, you can find the original article from eRevMax for the State of Asian Online Travel

The reality about Asian tourism industry players

This article is published here in Malaysia Asia to brighten the light at the end of the tunnel as there is still a huge number of travel industry players who still believe in conventional methods like print media and so on. 

It has been said over and over in the last few years that travel operators and tourism boards should embrace the new media in a proper manner to fully capitalize on the new markets. 

Is this your marketing department? 
We don't know how many times the dead horse can be beaten, but till this very day in July 2015, many are still stuck in the old era of conventional marketing.

Based on our own research, we found that quite a number of businesses are clueless to the new media and many think that since social media is free, they jump on board eyes closed.

The keyword is 'Free'. We are pretty sure by now you know that nothing is free in this world, even social media. 

Yes, almost all travel-related companies have a Facebook Page or even a Twitter account. But the truth is that they have no idea how to properly engage the digital age market.

Many think by doing similar postings like their personal Facebook Profile is the same thing. You think so? Think again. 

Social Media Classes in Malaysia
Social Media Coaching in Malaysia

Malaysia Asia is one of the pioneer companies in the digital and social media for tourism and travel and started in this field since 2010. This is, of course, way before other companies started to see the potential.

I have coached numerous travel companies in the new media while I have also spoken at many seminars and workshops around Malaysia.

Over the years, I have also worked with numerous tourism boards and travel agents in running promotional online and social media branding campaigns.

You may ask why? Simply because we fully understand the travel and tourism industry and how it has changed over the years and our mission is to guide companies that require coaching in the new media, digital media, and social media for tourism and travel.

Please do contact me for more information on this. With that, I hope that the Asian Online Travel Infographics will give you a better idea of how things have changed to date. 

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