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Best or Good Place to Buka Puasa

Buka Puasa Places in Malaysia

Come the fasting month in Malaysia, most of my friends would ask me - Where is the best place or a good place for Buka Puasa?

To be honest, every year it is the same thing when it comes to the fasting month of Ramadan in Malaysia.

Buka Puasa Places in Klang Valley

Buka Puasa translates from Malay as the breaking of fast, and hotels will compete against each other in offering the best selections for Buka Puasa.

Buffet prices will always be one of the main concerns, and several people will most probably end up putting on some weight.

So, is there a best or good place to buka puasa? No, there is none. Each place has it's own speciality catered towards different people.

Hotels, Ramadan Bazaars or Malay Restaurants are the main places to buka puasa, therefore, there are many choices available nowadays.

Since Malaysia imposed the 6% Goods Sales Tax or GST, this created a domino effect where food prices were increased across the country.

This, however, was a huge topic and eventually, people got used to it.

But for the hotel industry, it is a dog-eat-dog world here and many are trying their best to outdo one another and offer affordable buka puasa buffets for the locals and even foreigners.

Malaysia buka Puasa Photo
Vascos offers some mouth-watering dishes during the fasting month in Malaysia (File photo)

Who goes for Buka Puasa Buffets? 

Nowadays in Malaysia, going to a hotel for a buka puasa buffet has become a very normal event during the entire fasting month.

Socialites, politicians and VIP's are known to host these sessions while the general consumer would be visiting with family and friends, and many times too during Ramadan. 

If you ask me, my personal opinion about buka puasa or breaking fast started as a corporate trend in the country where companies and corporations would take advantage of this time and host a buka puasa session at selected hotels around the cities.

They would then invite suppliers and clients to attend the buka puasa session and this is a good chance to do additional networking and business. It is all in good intentions mind you, hence it caught on well.

Things have changed over the years where it has become normal for just about anyone to participate in breaking of fast here in Malaysia.

For the tourist visiting Malaysia in May, June or July, be sure to go for the Buka Puasa experience at any of the hotels or even at the local Ramadan Bazaars. This would be a very interesting experience for you.

Malaysia Buka Puasa Food
Local Malay food variety found at most hotels - Image DiscoverJB

Buka Puasa at Hotels in Malaysia

While most hotels would look forward to these corporate clients, there is a huge growing pool of general consumers that would personally go on their own for the buka puasa buffets.

Again, I know some friends or acquaintances that attend hotel buka puasa buffets, simply because they like it and can afford it. 

Prices? Well, in most popular hotels around the cities, the price range per person is anywhere from RM80++ to 120++ and some even above RM150. Yes, quite a steep price if you ask me, but society seems to have no qualms about it.

I remember back in the day, buka puasa prices were around RM35 to RM50 and many thought it was expensive. Much has changed in the last decade, where consumers can now spend easily, for the sake of lifestyle.

Good place for Ramadan Buffet
Some of the selections from Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Buka Puasa Choices

So, what is it that you will get to the hotel buka puasa buffets? Well, if you have attended some of these, you would most likely know that the hotels sometimes go all out to impress the guests.

I have to be utterly honest here as I have attended some invitations to see what food choices are being offered and in most cases, they are just on a normal level for me. 

Some hotels shout highly about their traditional Malay kampung menu offering mouth-watering local delicacies prepared by their chefs, but as I have tasted them, they are just averagely edible. Not kidding, especially if you know your Malay dishes.

Why I'm saying this is that many people have not tried the authentic Malay kampung food from the real places hence do not know how to pass judgment, especially when doing reviews.

Buka Puasa Malaysia
You can find all sorts of traditional Malay dishes at Ramadan Bazaars

Buka Puasa Foodies

To be a good foodie in Malaysia, you need to have vast knowledge, taste and experience for the local Malay Kampung foods found all over the country.

Not going to some cafe or restaurant claiming that they are the original thing and passing judgment based entirely on that. Again, this is a highly subjective and sensitive matter to some. 

Let me give you an example - Let us use Beef, Lamb or Chicken Satay, served in the hotels, it is always average though they claim the chefs have learned and mastered it, when you compare it to the real satay served on the streets, it is miles apart.

This is a catch 22 situation and my point is that most hotels can never get their satay right. In many cases, they cook the satay and leave it for guests to take, and most of the time, the satay is hard, cold or under average.

Malaysia traditional buka puasa food dishes
Terengganu traditional buka puasa food dishes

Anyhow, in my honest opinion when I write this, the best or good place to buka puasa is always where you like to have it. Home, your favourite hotel or restaurant, it is very subjective.

When you read reviews of buka puasa, you will always see writers or bloggers selling the event extra highly even though they are just bloggers or writers and not professional food critics.

However, for writing purposes, I have some examples of places to buka puasa below and just based on years of experience.

PJ Hilton Ramadan Buka Puasa
The PJ Hilton is a popular place to buka puasa

Best or Good Places for Buka Puasa 

Holiday Villa Subang is one of the popular recommendations during Ramadan where their variety is claimed to be one of the best in Klang Valley. I have tried it and I would agree on their selections. However, from time to time, the chef's change and quality can vary.  

Shangri-la Hotel KL is one of the old-timers in the buka puasa scene and most patrons would know that the feast comes at a price and also quality.

Usually, affluent people are seen here entertaining friends, families or even for business meetings. 

Concorde Hotel KL is one of the places where their food quality has been on par with many other places. They have been around for a long time and caters to a mixed crowd of locals and even hotel guests. 

Petaling Jaya Hilton or PJ Hilton is one of the oldest players in the buka puasa buffet scene as for many years, they have held high respect from locals on their choices of food. The place tends to get fully booked and it is recommended to book well ahead here. 

For the above, they are just based on my experiences at these places over the years and if you think other hotels make this list, please feel free to let me know by commenting in the form below.

Buka Puasa Buffet Sheraton PJ
Japanese selection at the Sheraton buffet

New Hotels to Buka Puasa in Kuala Lumpur

Since writing this article in 2015, there have been many new hotels opening all over the Klang Valley and some of them have offered outstanding choices for breaking fast buffets. I am yet to try them, and hopefully this year, I will manage to experience it.

St. Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur - One of the luxury hotels in KL City that has been highly popular among the locals. Five-star service with five-star quality is what you can expect from the St. Regis KL.

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur - Another luxury hotel that caters to the well-heeled consumers and you can expect some premium quality buka puasa buffet here.

Hilton Kuala Lumpur - A favourite among the lifestyle urbanites, you can expect this place to be pretty crowded during the buka puasa time.

Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya - Recently opened and being in the limelight of the recent Malaysia elections, this new hotel in PJ will live up to its standards, namely after Tun Mahathir choose this hotel as his base of final operations in the elections.

There are of course many other hotels that offer buka puasa buffet packages, and probably just too many around. However, as mentioned, the consumer will pass judgment and have their own personal favourite.

I also have another article that highlights the Ramadan buffet prices for hotels in Klang Valley. This will give you an indication of how much you need to pay to buka puasa at the various hotels.

Malaysian Ramadhan Bazaar
A typical scene at a Ramadan Bazaar in Malaysia

Buka Puasa in General

While the urban community favours hotels to buka puasa, the more common layman does their buka puasa at home or at general restaurants, cafes, warungs and coffee shops.

Ramadan Bazaars in KL or PJ are also a very popular place where locals flock here to get their fix of local Malay food dishes to take home for breaking of fast.

At times, you can find some of the best Malay foods at these food bazaars which are located at strategic places around the Klang Valley and also across every state in Malaysia.

Ramadan in Malaysia
Blue Rice for Buka Puasa

Some of these Ramadhan Bazaars have well known and famous Malay dishes where long lines are seen at these stalls. Sometimes, people wait for 30 minutes just to buy that one dish here.

My recommendation would be to pay a visit to these food bazaars and try the local experience as it is a fun and unique experience, especially if you are a traveller or visitor to Malaysia.

On a side note, doesn't mean that you have been to one, you know it all. Different bazaars have different experiences and different styles of food overall. It's like eating one type of pizza and passing judgment on all types. 

This is one of the festivals and events that make Malaysia Truly Asia where you can find all walks of life congregating in one area just for the sake of food.

Again, Malaysia is a multi-racial country offering all kinds of foods from the many different races here. Ramadan is just one of them.

Malaysia Ramadhan Bazaar Photo
Common Ramadan Bazaar in Malaysia - Image by JohorKaki


You may have contradicting views about my article, but let me just point out that this is a general overview based purely on my own experiences.

I may not be a professional foodie or food critic, but I have had my fair share of sampling local and traditional food from all over Malaysia as my job takes me to many off the beaten path places.

I also take the initiative to explore Malaysia's hidden culinary scenes, and you can read my article about the rare and unique Bario Food Festival or Pesta Nukenen Bario, held in the highlands of Bario in Sarawak. 

Overall, you may think that certain places hold strong values to their food and I won't agree or disagree as food is and has always been a very subjective matter to all humans.

End of the day, we all like to read and hear about the best or good places to Buka Puasa in Malaysia.

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